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2 - Our feelings are a desert of divine Love for the Holy Spirit

If the Holy Spirit is offered by God in Jesus Christ, He is much more than a simple "logic" since he is the third Person of God, who will be able to adapt the guide that he constitutes from the "heart" of the subject, to the vocation of his progress towards the divine nature. If the Holy Spirit thus comes to replace the old logic in the "heart", he is however not given in a vocation different from the basic spirit, because the divine purpose is not to let us deviate from our genetic vocation, but to bring us life in abundance, on the values of this genetic vocation.

This is why our Creator brought us the written translation of this genetic vocation, through the word of God in the biblical texts, because if the objective of these "logics" remains identical, they are their capacities to produce the real good results that differentiate them.

It is therefore important to look at their fundamental difference, because where the logic of the initial spirit has the primary objective of maintaining us at all costs on our genetic vocation and thus bringing us closer to the Lord God our Creator, it is the opposite in the second "logic". The purpose of the Holy Spirit is indeed to bring the presence of God to us: So that our freewill can voluntarily stand precisely, within the limits placed in our genetics by our Creator.

The Holy Spirit, offered by God in Jesus Christ, brings the divine presence into our "heart", as Jesus told us in John 14:23: "Jésus lui répondit: Si quelqu'un m'aime, il gardera ma parole, et mon Père l'aimera; nous viendrons à lui, et nous ferons notre demeure chez lui.” It is by this value of Love, lived in a permanent way, that the good limits of our genetic vocation can become perceptible to us with precision, so that we do not exceed them, but that we can usefully use any part of them. The one who is in the light of a projector and who is going to enter the darkness, perceives it very well, just like the one who is in the happiness of living the divine presence, can say no to the rupture which would occur if there were crossed the limits.

This, then, will be the abundant life that Jesus came to bring to mankind, for He did not come to crush anyone by duty to follow divine law, as is the case with that tutor called Satan or the devil, but He came to fulfill this law in order to be able to take us under his wing and cover the errors of those who want to sin no more, in order to offer them the ability to become like Him.

On the day when everyone's emotional system will have become similar to that of Christ in heaven, that will be the kingdom of the Priests that Jesus is preparing for God his Father, because everyone will then be able to experience divine bliss already on this earth, but we must above all not skip the steps if our desires carry us in this hope.

If this is not yet so, it is not because of the lack of sincerity of each one, but because, according to our vocation in the Body of Christ and our spiritual advance, certain stages are unavoidable, starting with the exodus from Egypt in which those who had not let in the exterminating angel participated, if we compare our spiritual journey to that of the Hebrew people.

Our exit from Egypt is today the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which comes to replace in the "heart" the old logic of the spirit, but which does not change in any way the programming carried out by this logic in the brain, of which use is essential for us to produce any form of action. Given that this programming was carried out on the values of egocentric love, it therefore places the Holy Spirit in a desert of divine Love for the finalization of all emotion in action, identical to that of the Hebrews when they left Egypt.

Each one is then called to allow himself to be guided by faith in the Holy Spirit, whose emotional perception in the "heart" is amplified because of his divine nature and becomes comparable to the visual perception by which the Eternal manifested himself in his people in the desert, through the pillar of smoke by day and that of fire by night. This period is thus fundamental to learn to discern the new guide that the Holy Spirit constitutes, within our emotional system, because as useful as it may be, we always have the capacity to ignore his influence on our action decisions and not to emotionally correct the old programming. The good learning to correctly discern this guide and the programming carried out in our feelings, will therefore lead the Holy Spirit to influence us towards an installation “as east of the Jordan”, whether towards the conquest of our Canaan, the holy land. If, on the contrary, we have smothered the perception of the Holy Spirit in favor of our knowledge of the word of God, or of any other rule, we risk turning in this desert, as was the case with the first generation that came out of Egypt, or to install ourselves in a vocation that does not correspond to ours according to God.

During all this time in the desert, if all followed Moses, all the Hebrew people visually followed the column marking the presence of the Lord God and the same goes for each one to be guided by the Holy Spirit today, by using correctly self-control (today called EQ, emotional quotient) to dominate one's emotions and produce an action that best corresponds to divine Love. During all this time in the desert, everyone's brain thus learns to apply a corrective coefficient to this part programmed on the values of egocentric love, to give it the correspondence estimated to be fair by the person concerned, in relation to divine Love. The more this coefficient is important in relation to the word of God, the more it will be able to be easily detected and highlighted by the Holy Spirit in them, while for others, it quickly becomes imperceptible in their conscious motivations. It is obvious that the weaker the correction of the programmed action in their emotional system, in relation to what they interpret as divine love, the more it will then be possible for them to confuse this correction with the rewriting of the spirit in the divine nature, whereas at this level it is not yet the case.

This then brings to some more than others the impression of the possibilities of the perfect use of what they have and of being divinely installed like at east of the Jordan, while others are called to become aware of this simple coefficient and to be led in the conquest of their Canaan.

If the programmed part, which are the spirit and the feelings, has remained on the same initial programming as before the baptism of the Holy Spirit and therefore does not correspond to the finality willed by God in Jesus Christ, it is nevertheless in that, a fundamentally useful and indispensable step. The EQ of each one learns to influence his actions according to the most correct coefficients possible in a similar way between the man and the woman, in order to make them together winners of the repressive tutelage of Satan. If this step is so fundamental, it is not because it is an aim, but because it constitutes access to it.

It is in this, that at the exit from the desert, the Lord God established part of his people at the east of the Jordan, so that it served as a reference for those whom he sent in the conquest of the holy land of Canaan, by establishing the best consolidated on their mode of functioning in the "desert", to serve as a reference for others in their sanctification in Canaan.

We find today the equivalence to this sanctification through the conquest of divine Love, because in Jesus Christ, God wants to use the woman and the church as to the east of the Jordan, but on the values of the Yesterday's Canaan, with the Holy Spirit as guide, while he entrusts the discovery of this divine Love to man and society deported from the church, which corresponds to their conquest of Canaan.