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3 - How to become little children again without going astray

If today the emotional system of man and woman has not yet been rebuilt on divine Love, it is because one day we must know how to let ourselves be led by the Holy Spirit to use our specificities spiritual alike in the desert, like seasoned adults possessing mastery of the knowledge of the word of God, although we must become again little children who have no knowledge. It is indeed these two imperative conditions, although ambivalent, which confer on Jesus the rights to rewrite according to divine Love, what the old logic, based on egocentric love, had programmed before birth in the brain of each one, to place in him the capacity to act.

Therefore, so that we can once again become little children who discover divine Love, without losing our way in this egocentric love, God asks us that the husband love his wife as Christ Loves his Church and gave himself for her. It is through the man/woman couple that the Lord desires to act, because the couple united by God forms only one entity, if everyone puts Him at the first place. Our Creator has placed the necessary specifics so that the couple can first resist Satan's tutelage, by both working identically, before calling them to erase what we have called "parental supervision" in the husband first, then in the wife afterwards, using them in a way of functioning different from each other, to get them out of this tutelage, without Jesus no longer having to cover their original nature.

It is therefore through "death to himself", as we evoked the spiritual necessity in chapter 1, that the husband will be able to be guided by the Holy Spirit in the same mode of functioning as the little child, while the specificities of the woman allow the Holy Spirit to use her to maintain both on the respect of the word of God. Our genetics indeed generate two great complementary emotional families in humans, which confirms more in-depth studies of the term "Ezer Kenegdo" in Genesis 2-18,  through which the interpretation had been established to define, according to the Lord God, the spiritual help that woman constitutes for man. Contrary to what had previously been interpreted as subordinate help, it now appears that the word “ezer” is never used in the Bible to define help by subordination to man, but on the contrary help of a divine character. In this, the woman therefore becomes spiritually for the man, a help against himself, or a help to save him from himself, which we can often observe in everyday life through the mother, then the wife. The submission of the wife then takes on a primordial value, so as not to make her a general, but to confer on her the role of spiritual sentinel over her house and guide the husband to enter into the respect of his responsibilities by love for her and God his Creator.

If the level of use of our man/woman specificities is changing somewhat today, this does not mean that the vocations of men and women are different under the new testament, because we find from the beginning from Genesis two complementary quotations relating the purposes of God concerning the creation of the human. First it is said that God created man and woman in his own image, while secondly woman is taken from a rib of man. If the first quote corresponds to the procreation of one and the other, the second corresponds to the development of each one in the couple. The rib of the man then corresponds to the love of the man for the woman, whose neurons, from which emerge the emotions that we generally call "of heart", take the form of the mentioned rib.

It is therefore no coincidence that the husband is biblically asked to love his wife as Christ loves his Church and gave himself for her. The key to love no longer only becomes self-centered, if he allows Christ to rewrite the emotional references of the one who agrees to become a little child again, in all personal truth, for love of his wife, while she- herself is led by the Holy Spirit on the Truth of the Word of God.

If the truth is the word of God, individual truth is just as important before God, to respond to God's call to come out of the tutelage of Satan. This individual truth carried by love for his wife, compared to the truth of the word of God, carried by this wife, then brings to the husband the comparison of the programming carried out by his initial logic to finalize any emotion in action, of which he will have to death the action by appealing to Christ before producing it.

If this is the opposite of what is required to properly manage feelings in the desert, it does not mean that it is a temptation to sin, but quite the contrary of divine confidence, brought to the couple whose two put God in the first place. It is then by love for his wife, who stands on the word of God, that the husband will have to agree to give death for himself what is not built in him according to the word of God and that Jesus will to be able to rewrite in the divine nature, the action corresponding to the good feeling.

This is how in the couple called to come out of the tutelage of Satan, the specificities of men/women can be used by God in the image of two mountaineers whose wife is left at the level of yesterday's Canaan, supported by the Holy Spirit, to assure the husband towards the discovery of divine Love. If the wife is used advantageously at this level, it is not because of her weakness, but on the contrary of her ability to better manage her initial logic, in order to assure the husband of the values of the word of God during the inevitable wanderings of the husband in all truth.

In all truth therefore does not mean to be only sincere, but on the contrary not to act on his EQ, in order to correct the act programmed in his feelings to obtain an approximation of it, in conformity with his interpretations of the word of God, but to want to receive from Jesus “The truth according to God”.  What God wants to highlight in this way is what self-control hides from everyone's perception, although he is willing to do the divine will. The man thus led by the Holy Spirit, is then directly confronted with his acts programmed in his feelings, not so that he sins, by not correcting them, but so that he wants to sin no more, by love for God and his wife. The Holy Spirit wants to make him aware that in the good feeling corresponding to the given situation, the act programmed in this one is not in conformity with the divine will, so that his free will refuses it while appealing to Jesus before producing it, during a true greatness of the temptation to sin.

It is because his free will refuses the act programmed by Satan's logic in him and he appeals to Jesus in the right emotion in relation to the circumstances, that Jesus can then come and rewrite the corresponding feeling, beyond of human abilities. If this human acts in what he considers right, by applying what he considers the correct corrective coefficient linked to his EQ, Jesus cannot help him despite his desires to do so, by respect for the free will of the person. If, on the other hand, he appeals to Jesus in the wrong emotion, Jesus cannot place a good action on a bad emotion, whence the importance of remaining in the truth and the humility of the child, although in respect of the word of God.

The act thus reprogrammed in this feeling then corresponds to an act built on the value of divine Love and if in the minutes or the years which follow the person is again confronted with the use of this feeling, to his great surprise, he will reproduce the good deed coming from God in him. From feelings to feelings, programmed in adolescence on the extension of the mind programmed itself at birth, a day comes when it is this mind that is rewritten. As we can read in Hebrews 10-16,  Jesus not only wants to put his laws in our hearts, but he also wants to write them in our minds.

Contrary to mountaineers who climb alternately to the summit, God waits until the husband has reached the maximum value of perseverance of each in the couple, to then allow the reversal of roles. Jesus does not want to make an idol of anyone, by placing the husband or the wife above the other in the couple, but wishes that we all become similar to Him, moved one and the other by an emotional system similar to its own, so that we may thereby become his "Wife".