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The curse of God

This last point, which we are about to look at, falling under this theme of the Christian's traps, might perhaps have merited a chapter in itself because of the subject he is dealing with. This trap of the curse is perpetuated because of our misunderstanding about it, mainly through the couple. It is besides in this that the subject could possibly become more extensive than the one we are about to treat, if we would broad our gaze to the formation spiritual "or" world "families, between the Church and Israel. Many consider the curse of God to be an immutable and almost logical thing, following a sin too perpetrated in pathways remote from God, but think that the same sanction of God is not plausible to the Christian world, especially if the people concerned are sincere and baptized with the Spirit. This sentence of God occurring on ourselves or on our ascendants, nevertheless, fall under the control and the traps that the enemy can bring to Christians only through the assimilation of their behaviors to their own will, as if Satan had no more rights over them, in relation to past sanctions. This leads them to struggle carnally in guilt against temptations, because of the fact that they consider themselves liberated for themselves and their loved ones from all the enemy's right-of-ways, even those they have not overcome with help of Jesus, on the pretext that a Christian knows to have not to commit such or such an error. If one of them falls into a behavior that he cannot overcome and which everyone considers being "sin", they accuse him of it and he blames himself as the only responsible without seeing the part used by the enemy. They thus refuse to allow themselves to be led humbly by God to the possibility of having to fight this part which remains fleshly in them, because they see the error as belonging to the person concerned. They may go so far as to disdain their own spouse by profound contempt, confounding him with the burden which is weighing upon him, without realizing that by this contempt and condemnation they accumulate a similar charge upon themselves. They then consider themselves betrayed by this spouse, and rather than fight hand in hand to help each other and get out of it, they support him on the head because of his shabby origin or his bad "will". They forget, however, that Jesus came for the sick and the infirm. This is their enormous trap of believing themselves to be freed from everything by their knowledge alone, for even if they have actually given reason to God, God will make sure that their carnal error is completely swept away with the purpose of a real birth of the spirit. How can this basic carnal construction be driven out, and their soul renewed, if they are never confronted again to it, not even to reject the corresponding spirit?

At the risk of repeating myself, it is for this reason that we treat this subject in this chapter of the traps of the Christian, when we could have attached to this verdict of God an entire chapter in the continuation of bonds and blindness.

God does not, of course, drop His curse by chance on one or the other, as if He were playing with men, but because of sin perpetrated and lived for too many years, or relating to a very particular fact of the life that the law reports. If it is relative to a situation of sin too much perpetrated, this curse will follow a stubbornness of the person to remain in ways remote from the will of God, in a progression that we have already seen: by simple sin, then the voluntary agreement to sin which leads to bonds, which are additional rights of the enemy, and then by the blindness which is already a sanction of God, to the curse which can be a sentence over several generations. This is the case of the story of Eli and his sons in 1 Samuel 1 to 4, but also in a more historical way, the history of the French royal families who married between cousins man and cousins woman and who had underwent the curses of the inbreeding.

If this curse is prior to our baptism in the Holy Spirit, when we sincerely come to Jesus, that we entrust to him our whole life, it will be completely bleached, but for how long? Do you believe that Satan will stick to a cause definitely settled, and will pack one's bags immediately and go?

On the contrary, it will remain to him our whole life to try to recover us, especially since it will need to us some day overcome him in a novelty of reactions to rebuild our soul according to God. Jesus, born of the Holy Spirit from his mother's womb was confronted with disobedience, how could we avoid this cycle? Our "Coach" will certainly be there to lead us, but if we follow Him only timidly and little more than our ancestors followed Him in regard to a peculiarity of our family, let us not be stupid to the point of believing that he will abdicate definitively of his rights of membership of him.

Satan would certainly restart his work at zero if our carnal dimension were completely shaved in our souls, but if our work is not a few percent close in God's tolerance in ANY field concerning us, it is of course in the area where we are the most vulnerable that he will be the most easily for him to take us again. From the first moments of our conversion, he will therefore gradually rework to our downfall, and especially to the sin that generated this curse. It is obvious that Jesus will be and remain our advocate, but shall we always accord confidence to Him on the enemy? He who from the very beginning of his conversion will begin to work in repentance throughout all the time of this work will be preserved from the assaults of the enemy, but what will happen to him on the day of the test of temptation? Satan knows that the majority of us will pass through the great door one day or the other with regard to one or the other of these "Camembert-shaped stones", which will inevitably re-emerge on our path. If the spirit corresponding to the stone is defeated, there will certainly be no problem, but how many will begin to wrong use the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the hoe on page 132 and then assimilate sin to themselves, even more readily, when they consider this sin more reprehensible, and therefore less acceptable to a Christian.

The real trap for the majority of Christians is therefore in their presumption to have exceeded this stage by their knowledge and believe themselves protected of it forever. In this case the resurgence of Satan's rights will occur more or less rapidly, but if there was only this simple camembert-shaped stone giving life to the curse and acting only on the bearer of the curse, this might not be the real trap.

With regard to this sentence of God, there is indeed not only the "bearer" of this curse, who finds himself subject to the difficulties in connection with this past sanction, but also the spouse entering the family through a common life. (Ephesians 5-31/32) For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.//

 This spouse is then immersed in this curse, given his entry into the family placed under the curse. The enemy will then use this newcomer in exactly the same way as if the incoming had always been an integral part of this curse. Having both become one flesh, this new incoming will find himself subjected to reactions which he will manage all the more difficult because he will find himself harassed by excessive behavior contrary to those he knew hitherto, to whom he will soon be possible to give reason, either by his agreement to the error, or by a too carnal struggle against this same error.

The renewal of the spirit that Jesus wants to accomplish in us will one day lead to the total renewal of our carnal psychology and thus become his Spouse without spot or wrinkle, for in a psychological dimension identical to that of Jesus on earth, so that its return can occur, without any anchor point left to Satan. What is true between Christ and the Church remains true between spouses, since the first of the churches begins in our own house. So it is the same with the husband in relation to his wife, and with Jesus to the Church, for beyond what the husband must be ready to leave everything to do the will of God, he must be equally ready to leave all the promises of God concerning him, to work to the salvation of his wife, his church, in the same obedience that Jesus fulfilled for us at the Cross. Otherwise, the carnal dimension of the husband will soon become dominant if he is a servant of God and will lead him to establish a conflicting authoritarianism both on his wife and on the part of the body of Christ that he has under his guardianship.

The bearer of the curse marrying a person, who at first would seem ideal to him according to his feelings, will see the behaviors of this one irresistibly slipping towards what he refused. As long as this bearer does not act in the sanctification corresponding to what God wants to make him victorious, its spouse will become the opposite of what it desires, folding under a weight that it will not understand and which it may feel guilty about itself. If the "bearer" makes its spouse fully responsible for the errors that it perpetuates, it will thereby condemn the victim of its own curse. Thus, the sanction will be perpetuated from generation to generation, as long as there has been no break in consequence of a total resetting of the counters to zero, by a real common victory of the couple on the temptation to the initial sin of one and the other.

God knows very well that as long as we are under the weight of a curse on His part, whoever we are, we will be unable to fully fulfill His will. That is why if the two persons concerned are baptized from the Holy Spirit, the remedy is simple when God shows this kind of peculiarity, we must humbly ask Him to release from it, in order to be able to accomplish all His will. This does not mean, however, that any sin that had until then participated in building our soul, or even continued to build it through marriage, will be destroyed. A little as we saw it for the strong string attached to the two ends in connection with the bonds, the rope encompassing all the sins that generated the curse will be untied, a bit like a bundle of sticks. All that it will remains then will be to become the victor of successive sins and not in its entirety at the same time, which will make the difference. This difference will be the image of climbing a vertiginous cliff smooth and without any anchorage point or any material, or climb it by a staircase with narrow steps with intermediate bearings.

In this area and especially in the couple, for many Christians the pitfall lies therefore in their misunderstanding to accept the error in the other. This incomprehension will be all the greater because, in external attitudes, this error will be equally perpetrated by long-standing Christians, even if they would wish act to the opposite. Suspicion, condemnation and doubt will have taken the place of the initial blind confidence that each gave to the other because of his Christian ideal. The trap is therefore in Christian pride to believe oneself better than others, for we then confuse our aim, our vocation, our desire, with our journey which leads us toward the Glory of God our Father.

We lived for ourselves the weight of this curse for many years, Marie-Claude and I, as a hold on our life and our conjugal harmony. We could not put forward in conjunction as it is important to advance in the couple, although we both possess the entire desire to walk according to God, but whenever one took a step, the other receded accordingly. God was, however, experiencing me in the practice of his will through this, but if things had remained there, it would have meant that one of the two was going to get lost for the other to be saved. It would not have made any sense! We had growing lack of understanding one another and did not wish to fall into reciprocal condemnation, but frequently slipped in, as though we had driven by an individual bad will. Marie-Claude often told me that she was feeling and sometimes "saw herself" as surrounded by the arms of one of my grandfathers, and knew at the same time that it would be my prayer that would free her from this hold. For many years she had often repeated it to me, but I did not have the right and effective prayer coming to my mind. I was therefore unable to act, and expected the revelation of God on this subject. I was waiting and willing to act, but what else could I do?

Two or three years ago, it was not I, but she who was taught by God, about prayer on this subject, and as I said above, I had to ask God that the curse resting on my family is lifted. This prayer seemed to me a little unusual in the matter and I did not do it before her, but the next day, alone before God. I was somewhat expectant the result and during the weeks that followed, even if our differences did not get worse, they remained as stationary. It was only a month later that I began to perceive some benefits and several months after that I informed Marie-Claude, our harmony having not ceased to grow. The misunderstandings that arose from this curse were not all regulated as by enchantment, but the understanding of our reciprocal mistakes began to produce a welding of our couple, which is still growing today. Provided we persevere in this direction!

If God revealed to us the prayer that we then had to do, it is certainly not so that everyone coming to God would do it himself, in order to avoid passing by this way. I do not mean to say that it would be too easy to avoid the corresponding pitfalls, but that this prayer might even have become harmful, since I did not have the understanding and still less the conviction of being in error in relation to sin, which was the key to this curse in my life. I would very quickly have become all the more responsible for my usual mistakes, that this curse would have been lifted. I want then to emphasize the fundamental importance of remaining attentive to the Holy Spirit and not acting religiously even by good prayers that would then come to the ill-advisedly. Before teaching us the way forward, God therefore waited patiently, for Jesus was at work in this long work of awareness of my psychological errors. So I remained all this time working on the continuity of my salvation, without worrying about certain excessive behaviors of Marie-Claude, according to my perceptions.

Somewhat as if I had been strayed into my sin, she became more and more intolerant towards me, sometimes even confusing some of my behaviors with those of her former companion. God allowed this situation, for he had asked him a few years earlier, if she accepted that He would harden her forehead so that she did not capitulate before my sin. That was also going to be used to test me in my desires to get us both out of this situation. The evolutions of Marie-Claude's behavior, which were understandable in this context, had made her become, in my eyes, something different from whom God had initially given me and I often felt hurt by her new attitudes. In my dialogues with the Holy Spirit on this subject, I often obtained for any answer that Jesus did not wait until we became perfect to give His life for us, but that I had to work first of all in my own sanctification if I wanted to help my wife in times when He had decided it. This task is certainly the greatest in the eyes of God, for it can ignore all possible carnal lusts to enter into great things and this just for the salvation of the first person whom the Lord entrusted to man: His own wife. This task often goes far beyond all the great public ministries, and that is why we will most certainly be surprised to see the first who will be last and the last who will be first. We must be soldiers of Christ, but not mercenaries.

We must remain clear, the person who receives baptism in the Holy Spirit, takes the dress of the soldier of Christ willing to advance in the liberation of his soul, but when we come to Him, everything remains to be done. From this moment the victory is certainly acquired, but in the only condition that we do not change paths, believing that we have already arrived. That remains true, that we have two days, fifty years or several generations of Christian life. The soul that sins is, and will remain the one who shall die!

Let us be and remain always attentive to the Holy Spirit and in His presence through prayer and sometimes fasting. Let us therefore live in the Cloud of God, letting us lead in His ways prepared beforehand for us and only to God recovers all Glory. Let us not be religious people who remain attached to a simple and unique "method", always giving reason to a religious communitarianism from which nothing can come out of good. We risk, otherwise not accepting soon those who will differ somewhat from us. Let us listen to the Holy Spirit our friend, committed to fulfill the will of God in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

White magic and black magic!

Now that we have treated a great part of idolatry and some of its direct or indirect consequences, you will probably understand a little better what I said on page 72, and already in the summary of this book, about the use of the white magic, against black magic, that it is six of one and half a dozen of the other, or that it is still to obtain protect of his house by the thief. The degree of camouflage of the enemy certainly differs, but the nature remains the same, which deceives many. This may give the impression that white magic fights evil, while they have the same and only master: Satan; in dimensions of carnal violence more or less disguised! I can assure you that he is never divided against himself. It does not matter to him that white magic got the better on black magic, for example, since he is the master of both. It is the perdition of our soul that interests him and as in one or the other we lose body and soul, it does not matter to him. Whatever magic practices may be employed, even though appearances on the body may be deceptive to better fool the weak, our soul is lost in these reprobate practices of the LORD.

He who releases is never Satan, but only the LORD, and by the only way He has given to men: By Jesus Christ His only Son! If it had been sufficient to put our education in the hands of the woman whom He had chosen to give a life to His son on earth, God the Father would never have given that part of Himself that was in Him since all eternity, until He gave His life on the wood. It would have sufficed to give us the law so that we fulfill it ourselves, for this woman was nothing different from the other women who lived and still live on Earth today. This is the reason why Jesus was "God made man". What value would have if not for us the victory of Jesus at the cross, if He were born extraterrestrial, because born from an extraterrestrial woman, and had been in no way a man? Then we loop the loop and are obliged to realize that ONLY Jesus could accomplish everything, because He was Himself born from God in His mother's bosom.

If we return to "Mary", it is precisely because various kinds of white magics are practised, by the usurpation of the name of her, of which we were witnesses Marie-Claude and I when we addressed to this young woman, who, according to her words, had made a miscarriage as a result of our visit on page 109. This search for protection had immediately led us to worse, as we also talked about this "monsignor" on page 110 and then on page 195. All these different magic are practiced from "divinities", Egyptians, Greeks, Incas, Buddhists, Christians or others, but they are no less true idols and thereby false gods, therefore true demons. For what had been our mistakes, when we addressed to this "monsignor", Marie-Claude and I, it was this "elephant deity", no doubt some Egyptian god.

Some may be surprised to find such idols within the framework of the traps that Satan may have for the Christians, but following a joke on my part concerning the origins of this "monsignor", a woman whose knowledge of the Law demonstrated well her Christian origins engaged, had sermonized me very severely, in the waiting room of this man. On the other hand, although Marie-Claude did not participate in a local church life, she nevertheless educated her children to pray to Jesus every night, addressed herself to Him regularly, and had put Christophe, her son in Catholic college. If she did not know that Jesus heard her, that did not prevented the Lord from answering to her prayers and those of her children.

The Christian is above all the one who prays to Jesus and who recognizes Him as the Only Begotten Son of the Living God, the LORD of Armies, who gave His own Son to the Cross so that anyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. Of course, the Christian is also the one who wants to do above all things the will of God, but if he does not know Him perfectly, he is not necessarily reprehensible. There are Christians somewhat astray, others a little more, and others still more, but our aim should never be to denigrate them. They are the first victims of the enemy, the first "foxes" to be caught the "paw in the trap". That is why we must love them all the more because they recognize Jesus as their savior. We must suffer from their moral sufferings, and join our efforts to theirs to hope to remove them from the jaws of the trap that who are shut again on them. We certainly can only give what others accept to receive, but the profound and inexplicable happiness that God puts in the heart of him whom He renews from His Holy Spirit must make us aspire to make them thirsty of Him.

Many of them can live in the error of idolatry in which they have been lulled sometimes since their childhood. If I criticized them and condemned them, would I do something better, I who know that they do not have the right to condemn? We must certainly condemn certain practices, but once again, never the sinner. How many people have never received other teachings than the one in which the prayer of the saints is an indispensable spiritual practice, respectful and good to make them grow before God, while the Baptism of the Holy Spirit did not even been taught; How will these sincere people not fall into even coarser mistakes, joining practices such as magic, occultism, witchcraft or spiritualism? The lack of contact with God, makes them a bit like blind people, who follow the immutable practice of their ancestors, under cover of the same religions, without asking themselves more questions. They are not to blame more than others, but their confidence in the received teaching has made them blind to the true nature of God. Everyone will be accountable according to his responsibilities, but also according to his faith.

At the risk of disappointing some, I will not go in comparison with the different practices, white magic, black magic, sorcery, not knowing them thoroughly in detail and being completely disinterested for myself. It have been enough for me to make the sad experience of their misdeeds in the past; or their paranormal manifestations, to realize now that this has nothing to do with what the Lord has since done in my own heart.

All these practices do not bring about the peace that Jesus can himself bring and the precepts He taught us to love one another. If we have just seen what may seem the best, the most spiritual, the closest to what the Word of God teaches us, and the closest to the Son of God in the person of the mother of Jesus; and to draw the conclusion that all this remains only a spiritual philosophy without any relation to the dimension given by God in Jesus, but a mere finer education of the flesh, then: WHAT MAY BE THE REST?

If indeed Satan appears as an angel of light, is only deceit, magic, domination, or other similar things, there where he himself truly appears according to his true nature of dressage through wickedness, vengeance, ritual sacrifices, without forgetting all the immense intermediate range of animist or other spirits: WHAT WILL WE FIND?

If we wish to open our eyes, we shall see that all these African ancestral practices led by marabouts or great sorcerers are only a vast search for domination over man by spiritual action. They arise mostly from fetishism and sometimes even use hallucinogenic drugs, but are never related to the teaching of Jesus, which represents the victory of good over evil, the victory of Love over hatred. In the one and the other of these characters, the transparency of the invoked spirits never exists, only the power is considered as attributed to them. If we look more closely at the proposals of all these magicians, do they serve the Love of God, the Love of others, the Love and Good of our neighbor? They serve, on the contrary, all the passions and hatreds that arise from the human being driven by his "flesh", and therefore by the enemy.

We find for example witchcraft practices in order to take back at a woman, the husband who left her, and that she still considers to be "her" property. The logic of the flesh is easily granted rights over others, under the pretext of its suffering, because constructed by egoism, this "program" is there to meet the needs of our body alone and in which cohabitation does not exist, has sole interest, only its own survival. This is the reason why after seduction, this logic feels crushed in defeat or goes over to domination with stronger than it, in a dimension in which vengeance and murder can become justice. It does not possess the questioning that we find in the logic of the Love of others in Jesus Christ, its love being egocentric and possessive. Thus, even the Christian, born of the Holy Spirit, may be trapped in giving reason to such practices for the protection of himself or protection of his own, especially if he has kept the custom of praying to the saints, the origin of the prayer of this practitioner will seem to him the same as his own, coming only from a person more powerful than him. Unfortunately that's what happened to my grandmother.

Do not believe that on the pretext that we have entered the third millennium after the coming of the suffering Christ, we have entered into a new area in which these practices no longer exist. On the contrary, look at how they all openly advance as "new sciences", when they have nothing but dust removed from ancestral practices dating from before Jesus and Babylon. It is our ignorance of the problem which leads us to consider them as new. Thus, he who has been lulled since his childhood into the idolatry of the saints, from a name like saint "so-and-so" that he is accustomed to praying when he gets into a car for example, of whom he often does not even know the history or the origins, to saint "such another" when he loses his sewing needle, what will he see changed? If I give the name of saint "such another", to my famous elephant deity, how will he make the difference himself? It will often be enough of a difficult circumstance, such as sickness or separation for example, for that a person as ignorant as the first says, "I got the healing, or I got the better of this one who had hurt me, by addressing myself to such character, such a marabout, do likewise and you will see: It works! "

And to take up the example of this woman, desirous of finding her husband, this rather naive Christian, she will then make a standing jump, and fall into a greater trap than in any other than she had never fallen. She will certainly have acted driven by her lusts of the flesh and not by the Holy Spirit, and will not have controlled in any way what the Word of God said of this act. She will obviously have remained Christian if she did not deny Jesus, but a Christian more and more deeply in error, acting more and more in a pagan way! So???

The role of her brethren, those of the Church of Christ, those who perhaps surround her and who have an understanding of her act, should not be to condemn her and reject her as a messy, as it is so often the case. If they act themselves according to the word of God, it will be, on the contrary, to love her at first twice as much, in order to be able to tell her the righteous words that will convince her of idolatry, of magic, or even many other pitfalls. If those who have knowledge reject her, how will she be taught?

Jesus tell us in (Luc 15-4/7) What man of you having a hundred sheep, and having lost one of them, does not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness and go after that which is lost, until he find it? and having found it, he lays it upon his own shoulders, rejoicing; and being come to the house, calls together the friends and the neighbors, saying to them, Rejoice with me, for I have found my lost sheep. I say unto you, that thus there shall be joy in heaven for one repenting sinner, [more] than for ninety and nine righteous who have no need of repentance.//

 It is not because a Christian man or Christian woman has received Jesus in his heart that he or she can not fall into any trap of the enemy whatsoever. If we condemn the individual, of his practices that are certainly condemnable, how can he see clearly between himself and his actions, how will he not feel condemned? In the case of this woman who had addressed to a healer or a sorcerer, or to some divinity on the advice of a third person; if she is actually attached to the supernatural results of the accomplishment of her will, how will she know if this supernatural comes from God or the enemy? Do you believe that in this, Satan cannot "bless"?

He can once again accomplish what in our human eyes appears as miracles, even see benefits, for if by this he makes our soul a little more captive, a little more dependent on him, it does not matters to him. In the example of the woman attached to the husband's return, apart from the fact that the husband will possibly be physically came back, do you think that will bear fruit according to God in the life and heart of one of them or in their couple? This is yet what we must look at to realize and understand if we are truly in God's ways on the right path. Know if we go through the small door and not the big one.

If, therefore, our motive brings up ascend in ourselves any desire for rivalry, vengeance, superiority, hatred, or any other evil fruit of the flesh which we have already seen in Galatians 5-19/21; if we then consider that this is only justice, then ATTENTION DANGER.

Take another example: "prayer against fire".

Certainly some of you will have seen it practiced, practiced themselves, or will have just heard about it. For others, know that it exists and that generally: it works! As far as I'm concerned, I remember that my maternal grandmother used it and to my astonishment, I had the opportunity in 1995 to see that it was still practiced, through a person of a twenty something that appealed to it. It is not only the elderly who are liable to do and to be trapped by the enemy of our souls. It will often be used nowadays, by an old lady or an old gentleman, by prayers mumbled in a low voice. I could not say that there are many, but at least for one of them, very practiced and probably the most "effective", it certainly speaks of Jesus, but who it is glorifying? Judas! Yea, you have read well, Judas Iscariot, the same man who sold Jesus for thirty pieces of silver and then went to hang himself. Whenever we resort to this kind of practice, we more and more bound our souls to Satan. So let's not be surprised to "get"!

Get by grace as with Jesus? Or to get by prostitution of our soul to the liar and usurper? This is indeed an example of blatant deception in which Jesus Christ is however quoted. So before going to seek the benefits from different practices, from different "miracles", even if the one who uses them tells us that they come from heaven, let us know what part of the "heaven" they come from. Let us see if they lead us to repentance of our evil actions, or simply to get the better over others or even evils caused by our bad behaviors.

This young man who had used the prayer against fire had used it as a "remedy" against sunburn. It was not the healing of a burn, but a remedy to remove the "fire". Through the relief of his suffering, it will not have been necessary for him to become aware that an overexposure to the sun could be dangerous for his organism, until eventually bringing him cancer of the skin. On the contrary, this providential relief will have led to neglecting this elementary precaution of protection. This lure will have led to the carelessness of sunburn, and then, as we have seen about the spiritual bonds, to the carelessness of many other situations, so that if possible all his life is infected with this carelessness.

The method used by drug dealers is known: They offer a free time, knowing that their investment is not in vain, and that it will bring back to them in time. On the day when the applicant actually begins to perceive a certain attractiveness, to feel a real need, from then on he will have to pay. These characters know that it will often be for the rest of the life of this unfortunate, and at least many years. If he has the chance of not going to overdose, he will have poisoned his life and often that of those he loved and will often have gone to the extreme, such as prostitution or theft to procure his daily necessities.

Continuation of chapter 14

Traps of the Christian

Maker of predictions and fortune-telling (Continuation)

If we had somewhat left idolatry to see some of the traps attached to it, there is one that we have not yet dealt with, and of which we have, however, tackled the fact on page 24, about that which was called "sainte Apolline", the so-called patroness of dental healings in the small village of my childhood. As I was telling you, the family of five that we were then,  was undergoing excessively difficulties at the dental level. The person that could have seemed the most spared was Mom, but in reality, even if she did not let see to us, her children, she would often suffer from it in secret.

Let's go no further for my only family. Nearly fifty years ago, dental practices, although numerous, were much less widespread than now. Well ! In this small village of five hundred inhabitants, we had the "advantageous privilege" of having a part-time dentist. This proves how much the needs were already great in our parish at that time. I believe indeed to have sufficient retrospective to allow myself to observe that as long as we remained in this village, we all had very painful toothaches. Since then, even if it does not disappear completely, as is the case for everyone, idolatry or not, we are all for our part, entered into a certain normality now that we no longer live there.

We have already answered the question of: Why this? The part of the saints, made holy by the blood of Jesus, is with God in Jesus Christ, why we speak to Jesus in our prayers because He is risen and now with the Father. Jesus is therefore motivated first to renew our souls in the heavenly nature of God, even if He sometimes demonstrates His power by earthly miracles, so that we may grant Him our faith; whereas prayer to the saints is, on the contrary, for the purpose of receiving earthly goods, such as dental cures for the case that interests us, without even leading us to repentance and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which Jesus alone can give, because of a celestial nature. If we draw a parallel of the two celestial and terrestrial parts, it is easy for us to understand that we are addressing ourselves to the carnal part of this saint, preserved in the kingdom of the dead under the tutelage of Satan, as an angel of light. God will not send anyone to us, of those who inhabit this kingdom today, to persuade us to follow Him. (Luke 16-19/31) There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day: And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores, And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores. And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence. Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.//

These unclean spirits, at least for the remaining carnal part of a saint, give the latter a dimension closer to that of the angel of light, but remain in the same ancestral logic. They then like to remind themselves to our good memories, and it will be the ills that we shall experience, which lead us to pray to them. The result will therefore be easy to obtain, since without questioning and elevating our soul to the superior logic of God in Jesus Christ, but the invoice will be paid by a necessity of an ever greater attachment to pray them, thus taking the place of Jesus more and more.

In this kind of prayers, we are going off more and more each day from the purpose sought by God, from the renewal of our soul in the divine dimension,  to the benefit of earthly benefits that we interpret as coming from a spiritual dimension superior to ours; but which one? That of God, or that of the enemy of our souls?

In some churches we see the representation of these saints by these statues of stone, before which many prostrate themselves in passing in front of them? These were certainly created for a more or less pedagogical reason, at a time when illiteracy forced some of our ancestors to create these representations for the education of all. We must, however, denounce these practices when we realize the perdition in which these precepts lead a great majority of Christians, who sometimes go so far as to make great processions behind the bones remains of these dead each year. These practices indeed infringe the very first commandment that God gave Himself to Moses on the Stone Tables, as we have just read in (Exodus 20-4/6), Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.//

At any level whatsoever, idolatry was and remains the gangrene of the Christian. It is already in the state of mind in which we can worship God when we are compelled to a Sunday presence when our heart is elsewhere. We then do it "to" be pleasing to God, as if, like an ordinary man, He could be motivated by the presence of a person whose mind is far from His own. Do you believe, then, that the one who is baptized with the Holy Spirit will escape from this, if he does not turn away from his acts and does not pass through repentance to the Cross? Certainly not!

If, to go to war, we give a rifle to a soldier, this will prevent him from being killed if he refuses to use it; or what is more, if he turns it against himself? Absolutely not! So when God sufficiently arms us by the Holy Spirit to defeat the enemy, and we prefer to do a few mischief with him, let us not be surprised that the Lord does not follow us in our sin, all the more responsible.

The spiritism or spiritualism

In the penultimate place of this chapter, we will address the effects of spiritism that is to say, the search for contact with disincarnated human spirits; or in other words, the spirits of the dead. We shall add very little, after what we have already seen on pages 62 and 71, and what had been brought to me by Lobsang Rampa's books, as a motivation for dialogue with the souls of the dead. I had already tried several times to get out of my body without success, but there, in the suffering of my father's death, I was going to seek to get in touch with his soul, as I told you. I did not perceive anything in words, what I expected to perceive on the moment, but I noticed in the hours that followed my changes of behavior that frightened me and against which I could not fight. I then accused myself, but what was leading me was stronger than me.

If only from this noticing alone, it proves that it was not with the soul of my father that I had come into contact, but with familiar spirits, unclean spirits. I will of course refrain from commenting on the level of impurity so much the thing was huge. With respect to the term "familiar", although this expression is self-explanatory, I must point out that they may not have been attached to my family for several generations, but that they were obviously at least on my father since a very long time. The starting point for my ascendants had probably been bonds leading to very characteristic sins, but could also have been as for each of the main thinking streams, as had been my case for the spirit of competition, very marking from the small bike in the shop window on page 20 and then in Chapter 3, page 23. For one as for the other, I was telling you from the very beginning, although Christian, my father was nevertheless in various errors. He was, on the one hand, idolatrous towards "Mary," but without going into details, many other things had been added to this.

What had happened to me then? These unclean spirits with whom I had come into direct contact without realizing it, had been careful not to express themselves orally in my ear as I myself had expected. That did not prevent them from leading me into reprehensible acts, therefore the best way they could had to answer me. What I had thought I never heard, I had always perceived as irresistible personal thoughts, since I had not ceased to obey them. I had obtained from Satan what I had asked him, without knowing that it was to him that I had addressed myself. From that day on, he had only to pass to his "bank" to receive his due, my forfeiture and my suffering. I can assure you that he did not deprive himself of my great despair, but what is more, to the great disappointments of my whole family.

Those who enter into this kind of practice, however, will not always realize it in the way such blatant as it was for me. According to the minds and the person itself, many will find in their changes of behavior an attitude all that is most justified. Let us take the example of someone, an ordinary man who has never succeed to manage only one penny and finds himself faced with a fortune, under the same circumstances as it happened to me. He will easily confuse greed and wisdom, and his new ability to raise money will perhaps demonstrate to him the legitimacy of his practice, even if at the same time to that he becomes grumbling, neurasthenic, depressed, irascible or ...

If for me sin was blatant, for others it will sometimes be much less. Those who fall into the net in this way will have more difficulty in detecting it, but sin will none the less be sin. This is also the trap that we have of easily condemning anyone who would be caught, without looking at ourselves.

Several years ago, Marie-Claude and I had been several months in the presence of a young boy of thirteen, who had suddenly become a street child, according to his mother. His father was certainly a vagrant of the streets, but this child had become a vagabond without anything having been manifested beforehand in his intentions. Unfortunately, we did not have the experience in this area at the time, but since we had talked to him a lot about Jesus, Marie-Claude and I, we nevertheless had a dialogue that had allowed him to confide himself to us. In the ingenuity of his thirteen years, he had been proud to reveal to us that he had participated only once in a spiritism seance. With a few more or less old kids, they had called the spirits with a glass around a table. That day, because he was "the troublemaker," that glass had burst in his face. After to cross-checking the periods of his life, this corresponded to the time when he had begun to live on the streets. Don't you find that strange?

If he becomes aware of such a deception of the enemy in him, the Christian can be very easily liberated from it, since he really gave his life to Jesus Christ, that he accepts to repent as something profoundly contrary to the will of God, and that after the Cross and his victory over temptation he no longer perpetuates sin.

The most important thing, however, is to become aware of it, for things can go very quickly afterwards, if we refuse to drink the cup of the enemy. Everyone who has ever had such practices may well be able to meditate before God in fasting and prayer, and they will no doubt discover a change in behavior resulting from this practice. It will then be up to them to take into account the way to go, for each one remains master of his destiny before God, but let us not forget that the freedom of the Kingdom of Heaven already on this earth belongs to the violent. He who refuses any forms of struggle, especially spiritual for his own liberation and that of one's loved ones, can claim no other destiny than to end his life with Satan as the sole master of a major part of himself, soul and spirit.

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