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Evolutions of the human emotional system through the ages

Highly schematized adult emotional system


For memory


The Small Brain of the Heart

Arranged like an antenna well protected by the rib cage, it is the engine of cardiac coherence and can provide feedback for a real examination of conscience, if it is endowed with the Holy Spirit.

This "organ" made up of 40,000 neurons, is in constant dialogue with our main brain, and we scientifically have a possible impact on it, through learning methods, for better management of cardiac coherence. This is the proof of his individuality in front of the cranial brain, but if human learning is important and often useful, the divine nature that God wants to put in him has nothing of a human learning, but all of a divine endowment.

Human magnetic field or biomagnetism

It is emitted at the level of the Small Brain of the Heart and centered on it, but does not come from the nerve impulse which is not an electric current in itself.

If the intensity of each photon is very low, it is however in the ultraviolet and could be at the origin of perceptions of well-being and ill-being between humans.


Embryonic state

15 days after fertilization

Top view of the tridermal disc,

between the 19th and 24th day

 after fertilization

The neural plate 3, (future brain) already extends between the somites 2, (future vertebrae) to form the spinal cord and the Small Brain of the Heart, before the establishment of the heart muscle, in order to ensure its management as soon as it appears


1 - Homo sapiens pre-Adam and Eve

No divine presence. Only the repressive tutelage of Lucifer, placed on the reward/punishment logic of the spirit, allows a certain respect of his genetics to the “human” pre-Adam and Eve, endowed with the only animal instinct.

2 – Birth of the Human under the Old Testament

The perception of the divine presence brings an attraction towards God, which is ambivalent with the reward/punishment logic of the spirit. Lucifer, not perceiving the Holy Spirit, takes the human hostage by insubordination to God and thereby receives the name of Satan. After the passage to the desert, the most respectful of their genetics are installed east of the Jordan, the others continuing their improvement of collective sanctification in Canaan. The feelings and analyzes of the brain make it possible to avoid the sanctions by domination of the EQ on the emotional system.

3 - New Testament until the restoration of Israel in 1948

Every human perceives the Holy Spirit externally to the tutelage logic, but the Holy Spirit is given to the church to lead society into a global consensus vindicating Jesus. The Small Brain of the Heart of the servant of God can be renewed in the divine nature, but the spirit and the feelings in his brain remain a desert of divine Love which must be dominated, for lack of access to renewal and to avoid the loss of values.

4 - New Testament from 1948 to 1968 idem to (3)

God validates the restoration of Israel, as before the crossing of the Jordan

5 - Since 1968 openness to the Holy Spirit on society

While the human endowment remains the same at birth, all have access to reconciliation through the baptism of the Holy Spirit if there is a desire for obedience to God in Jesus Christ. The church remains in its original function of resisting Satan, and is strengthened on its basic values. The society attached to Christ, outside the church, can access the divine Love by the individual renewal of the feelings and the spirit in its brain, until obtaining an emotional system corresponding to the Temple of the Holy Spirit, to the identical to Jesus, which generates the fact that Satan is bound for a thousand years.

6 - Jesus reigns on earth and heavens, Satan is bound 1000 years

Every human is born of the Holy Spirit without having to dominate his emotional system by his EQ, because entirely of divine nature, except the feelings polluted by the traditions resulting from the animal world of Satan, having to progress collectively towards the dimension of the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

7 – The Kingdom of the Priests on Earth

After Satan has been released for a short time, to evacuate animal pollution, the Kingdom can fully live in respect for its genetics and in perfect communion with God our Father of all.