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What is our aim ?

Our objective is to invest us to put forward the balance given by God to any person who places her faith in Jesus-Christ to guide her in her own questioning, in opposition to a simply religious approach with the respect of rules and still rules. That leads to a fanaticism and a more or less obvious racial segregation, that it is Christian or not, policy or not.

It was there, the attitude of the Pharisees, whose Jesus talked: “All things, then, which they give you orders to do, these do and keep: but do not take their works as your example, for they say and do not.

They make hard laws and put great weights on men’s backs; but they themselves will not put a finger to them”. Jesus did not come to abolish the Law, therefore these rules that are good, but to fulfill the Law. He wants to enable us to fulfill these rules of a sincere heart and to register them in our spirit. He wants, for that, to lead us by the faith to exceed the carnal logic that builds us initially, to do us to fulfill with heart what we were hitherto unable. He wants to rebuild us in a different logic, which then re-registers our heart and our spirit.

God did not ask us to create a large church, it is Him our Shepherd, and our vocation is not to attach us many believers but that God be Glorified by the esteem and the love growing in the heart of each one. In other words, we do not seek to work for the profit of our association, but so that each one feels liked of God and can share a close relationship and constructive with this God of Love, without putting itself under a human yoke. We do not want in that to dissuade anybody to invest himself and persevere near a church, quite to the contrary. The church is necessary and good, even if this one takes sometimes the space whose God would like to have in the heart of all human. No church is perfect, and many know the reason of it! It is enough indeed that an imperfect man like we are all, becomes member of it, so that it becomes imperfect.

GOD ALONE IS PERFECT and this is why we are happy to share the praises with any person of them, groups or church that is ready to follow it beyond its own prejudices.

As much as possible, we are therefore required to travel to everyone who sends us the request. Whether by telephone or physically, we expose according to our current scientific knowledge, the merits and the differences between a consecration of faith, in relation to a simple religious attitude.

That's why all our writings are freely reading on this site, whether through the introductions: "Spiritual" or "Scientist" on the themes "Science and Faith", "All life is born of knowledge and not the material "," Wonders of human procreation "," Synthesis of scientific data related to human spiritual structure "or by consulting books" The Boomerang Effect " and " France and God. ", The Liberator of Israel, The Successful Transition, Freedom is in Canaan, The Holodomor, this Holocaust that Saved Ukraine

Legal form of our association

Association governed by the French law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901, having for title: CHRETIENS DE L’ESPOIR. Created on April 28, 2002 - Appeared to the Official Journal of the French Republic (Federal Register) on June 15, 2002 - Page 2897 - Heading 2216 - Siret (company registration number) N° 444 684 427


To work at the regrouping of the Christian forces, by the valorisation of the life led by the Holy Spirit of God in Jesus-Christ, His only son, in any Christian confession or political circle or not that it is.

Our Ethic's code:

Various reasons led us to leave any activity in sleep during three years, and more particularly the fact of having somewhat dissociated the writings contained in the two books presented and association itself. We understood it during the weeks of the autumn 2005, and this is why, at the time of our general meeting of October 25th, 2005, we consolidated the directing axis of our association by adopting these writings as a code of ethics 1 and 2, like initially envisaged on our rules of procedure in the chapter RI-8 that we had left vacuum. The hour thus came for us to enter an active phase. This is why, we would be happy that a large number of between you adhere to the impulse of heart that God gave us to cover the Christian field of the balance of the Spirit of God in all field of the life that it is.

These two codes of ethics that you can consult while clicking on “France and God” or on “the Boomerang Effect”, are here in free reading so that each one can undertake by the faith a personal work of opening to the Love of God in him. They are not in themselves of the guides of rigor, but quite to the contrary a personal exhortation to the good management of the individual perceptions given by the Holy Spirit of God, in comparison with that brought by a carnal spirit. In order that our members can use it at home, we communicate some in the form of book, a specimen to the choice at the time as of the first two years of membership at our association. To have both it is thus enough to adhere one year for a couple, or to become member for two consecutive years for an alone person. We realize both by traditional work methods, this is why initially, we will ask for perhaps sometimes a few days to you of patience, that we will endeavor to reduce to the maximum.

The adhesion to Christian of the Hope opens various rights to its members, as take free part in the conferences, talks, seminars organized expressly by E.C. and to the free invitation of third people. It can also give right, on agreement of the board of trustees, to take part as lecturer under conditions expresses of the respect of these codes of ethics.

We will in addition try as fast as possible to answer, to any person wanting to dialog on the subject that we treat, either by uniting us by e-mail to the address, or by postal mail to: Christians of the Hope, 2 Impasse Saint Jean, 26110 Vinsobres.

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