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Because in the part of our soul, bound to the psychology of our carnal nature, we are again today subject to the prince of this world who is Satan. It is our human nature educated by the power of the misfortune that constructs in us bases of different references for each one. Who that we are, and our instruction be, we received therefore in our soul, a logic attached to a picture of the truth, that is personal to each one, bound in priority to the emotional character of the childhood.

It is therefore normal that our various confessions exist, because they allow us to improve us, in the hope to aim the very nature of our Lord Jesus Christ, without too to tear us one another.  What is less normal, although very comprehensible, is to make us the war because of these differences, whereas we should love ourselves one another, since our Lord said: At this, all will recognize that you are my disciples!

In a time where all signs given by our God confirm us the return close to our Lord Jesus Christ, we want to work to level his trails, and not to take into account our differences, but letting us transform by the faith, in some middle where we evolve, even and especially the political environment.

God wants to make us a torch, but we do not mislead in flame, the only true one is that which resembles to Jesus who gave his life for the forgiveness of our sins. The Holy Spirit of God is the only able one to lead us to the true peace, because it brings in the spirit of those which want to follow it by the faith, an image of reference common to all, understood as a Jesus-Christ, without destroying the personality of each one.   

 To God is all Glory both now and for ever! Amen!

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