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1 - The vocation of Christ

Jesus in heaven can baptize us with his Holy Spirit, which has the effect of perfectly replacing the logic of the egocentric nature of the spirit, previously in place in our “heart”, with “logic” of a divine nature, identical to that which Jesus already possessed on earth.

This is the first promise we can read in Hebrews 10-16: This is the covenant that I will make with them, "After those days, saith the Lord: I will put my laws into their hearts,". If, however, we read the end of this verse, a second promise is announced, through " and in their minds will I write them;"

The second part of this verse then relates to the part of the emotional system programmed in our brain on the values of the initial spirit and remains essential for us to put into practice any form of action. The rewriting in the divine nature of this programmed part can only be accomplished by Jesus in adulthood, if we open the rights to Him, which corresponds to the conquest of our Holy Land.

By the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Jesus therefore places the nature of Christ in our "heart", but any action produced by every human being must continue to be covered by the work of Jesus to the Cross, in order to be pleasing to God, since all motivation, as perfect as well, is translated into action by the old system.

It is because we do not look at the totality of the emotional system of Jesus, in comparison to our own, that after the baptism of the Holy Spirit we believe that we can produce real good results in the divine nature, without having received from Jesus in the heavens, the second part of verse 16 "And I will write them into their spirit." The first part "I will put my laws into their hearts", corresponds in fact to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which makes it possible to follow the guide of the Holy Spirit from our "heart", to produce an action as close as possible to the will divine, from the emotional centers already in place in our brain. Any resulting action is then produced by the old actions programmed in the language of the initial egocentric logic, but if we know how to trust the Holy Spirit in our "heart", the correct correction effected by our EQ (emotional quotient), we allows to go as far as the best possible use of this old system. This situation certainly does not yet represent the end desired by the Lord God in Jesus Christ, but it is the essential intermediate transition to go further with Jesus Savior and Lord, of whom the wife and the church are made the guardians before God, as we will develop it.

If this dimension corresponds to the personal effort that every Christian must put into practice today with the help of the Holy Spirit in his heart, whose vagueness is covered by the work of Jesus on the Cross, it is however not, this is not the real vocation of Christ, the Liberator, because Jesus was given by God in order to carry us further, up to make us similar to his Son. The second part of verse 16 "And in their minds I will write them ", corresponds in fact to a call from God to use the guidance of the Holy Spirit well in another way of functioning and to go so far as to open to Jesus in heaven, the rights to rewrite in the language of divine Love, any action programmed into each of our initial feelings. From feeling to feeling, a day comes when it is the mind carrying multiple feelings, which is then rewritten and this is the second promise.

That’s why we can read in verse 17 “And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. », because the work thus carried out erases all old traces, which is why the Eternal God no longer remembers our sins, since the resulting action, linked to a feeling already rewritten, is produced in the language of Love of others, according to the nature of God our Father, as it was with Jesus on earth.

When all of these results will be fulfilled in one of us on earth, it will then release Christ in heaven from the responsibility to him to cover the programming of his initial emotional system and as described in connection with the Philadelphia Church in Revelation 3, this one will have received the Crown already on this earth. This "little brother" will then be able to accomplish what Jesus could not do on earth, not because of Him, but because of us, and all his "little brothers" will remain forever grateful to Jesus in heaven, as they would be for every big brother, having offered himself for them as a sacrifice.

The true vocation of Christ is therefore in this rewriting of the spirit in our brain, because if the first freedom which each one inherits by entrusting his whole life to Christ, is a freedom covered by the work of the Cross, that which Jesus offers us is to make us similar to Him. This is the kingdom of the Priests for God his Father and Creator, to which Jesus works to make us complementary to Israel and to which everyone can access today.

That's where the conclusion to which our development will lead us, for this is the true freedom of the good use of our genetics, the written translation of which is the word of God, since the Eternal God is our Creator.