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4 - The exit of the desert is done in duo

During the presence of the Lord God with His people in the desert, if many died there, not all who came out were not all called by the Lord to enter Canaan, the Holy Land, as was the case for Moses. So it was no coincidence that God settled twenty-five percent of his people east of the Jordan, so that they could support, through men of fighting age, those who were going to conquer this Holy Land. We find this situation again today, firstly through the couple, man/woman, but also through the church and society, because fortunately for humanity we are not all structured in a uniform way, which produces complementarities and not inferiorities.

What we must look at is the progression in which the Eternal wants to lead humanity in order to be able to endow the human with his divine Love, without each using it according to his interpretation of love, seen by carnal logic under tutelage and does not stray definitively from the testimony left by the Lord God through his presence with his people. This is also why; God sets up as a basis of reference for the others, the most able to maintain the good respect of the divine precepts, without changing their mode of operation by domination of their emotional system, unlike those who are called to conquest of the divine Love. One is not better than the other for all that, but if the emotional structure of one is better suited to produce one role, this handicaps him in other function and that is why we must use our complementarities positively.

This is what we must not lose sight of during this paragraph, because if in the desert of divine Love in its neurons, everyone is called by God to produce the action as close as possible to what this divine Love would produce, it is obvious that each one having a different database from that of the other, will have to correct this database differently to produce the same resulting action.

According to the initial spirit established in the fetal state and the learning which it has gave reason, each one therefore applies an individualized correction of its emotions to produce the action which it considers appropriate to the divine Love in the context. Each action in accordance with the guide of the Holy Spirit is therefore produced by the good use of his EQ by each one, first in the best possible choice of the feeling selected, in relation to the circumstances, before refining the programmed action by an appropriate intensity.

If in the desert, everyone is therefore sincerely convinced that he has this reference of divine Love in him, it is because under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, his brain very quickly learned to apply a form of corrective coefficient to his egocentric love, contained in the reference of the feelings at his disposal, necessary for any form of action. If between two people, the resulting action of each one may appear absolutely identical, given that they cannot start from perfectly similar data, they therefore necessarily translate into a different intensity of their QE. Their EQ compensates thus differently from one another, without anyone being aware of it and each one therefore has the impression of possessing the exact replica of the Love of Jesus in him, through the presence of the Holy-Spirit in his "heart", much better perceived than the old logic of the spirit.

At the exit of the desert, if each one thus works thus by using his own criteria so that his EQ produces an action having the appearance of divine Love, that means that the basic feeling used will can be in reverse scale, in relation to its adequacy with divine Love. This is how it is possible to use more or less fair programming to produce an apparently fair action, given the influence of EQ which will mask the excesses or deficiencies. This is especially true from actions involving analyzes our, and anyone who only looks at the result of the act will generally not see it. If one will however be one hundred percent away from the repressive rights of this tutor, by the use of an adequate feeling very little corrected by his EQ in a given situation, this will not necessarily be the case of another, who will has very little placed trust with the Holy Spirit. He will has then used a feeling opening rights to what we have called the "parental monitoring", using his EQ in a much more striking way to produce an act apparently identical. Neither will have produced the result in the divine nature, because of the use of an initial programming and will have to be covered by the work of Jesus on the Cross, but one will have used correct programming, while the other used imperfect programming to produce what appeared to men to be the same good result.

The motivations of one and the other will have been variable to arrive at this result and it is in this the veil that produces in our eyes the carnal nature, that Jesus wants to reprogram in the divine nature, because the good use of our EQ obscures the real programming being used, and the use of imperfect programming generally makes war on our soul, through our temptations.

If in the eyes of men, any action produced may seem right, the Holy Spirit cannot be fooled, since HE is The one who leads to the best possible choice of the feeling used, if we accept to follow Him and that in addition Jesus is there to cover up before God the programming error. Yet it is all these different corrective coefficients that generate our wars and if from the creation of homo sapiens, the Eternal God, our Creator had not placed in the man / woman couple, the means of getting out of this repressive logic and errors that it generates, we would be called to remain under this ancestral logic, whatever our intellectual evolution. This is moreover why, we said that it was not to permanently maintain this new being on a repressive system, that the Lord God had endowed it with this logical / guardian set, because the Lord God already had everything planned, but it is to us to be guided to use our complementarities in the right way.

Our genetics generate for that purpose limits that are interpreted differently by everyone and therefore generate two large complementary emotional families in humans. Depending on their XX or XY genetic structure, one gives priority to the emotional feeling of this logic in his "heart", while the other gives it less importance. The reflection of the initial emotion, linked to this logic of the spirit in the "heart", applied to two almost identical analytical capacities, which are the female X chromosomes, structures the emotional system of women in a way more constant than man, in relation to the overall respect for human genetics, which makes she more precocious and strengthened in her ways. This leads her mostly throughout her life, to a greater spiritual perception of the logic under tutelage, or that of the Holy Spirit, when this is the case.

To the opposite, the male XY chromosomes provide humans with greater variability and better adaptability, useful for taking advantage of their life context, but mostly present a greater vulnerability to be isolated, among all the emotions perceived at the level of heart, those which come directly from the logic contained in the neurons surrounding his heart. This deficit of perception is all the more marked in man, as his "heart" is then endowed only with his carnal logic, since this provides him with information relatively identical to the emotion / action structure, programmed in his brain. This is no longer the case when it comes to the Holy Spirit of divine nature, in the neurons near his heart, but the man, who mainly differentiates this perception in his "heart" later than the woman and sometimes even only through his baptism of the Holy Spirit, therefore gives him a more marked value in the egocentric sense on which he was built. The same multiplier effect of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in women, leads her conversely to an accentuation of her perception of sin and a more marked fear of deviating from the divine will already fairly well perceived previously.

Obviously, the influence of childhood experiences produces on men and women indisputable possibilities of deviance linked to the vagueness of the reward / punishment logic. The fact remains that the global impact of the logic housed in the "heart" of every human, remaining perceptible to him during the rest of his life and being essential to him to guide him towards a certain respect for his genetics, will influence more the female subject having learned to extract the maximum amount of information from its procreation, than the one who has paid little interest in it.

It is in this that we can see, how the initial term “Ezer Kenegdo” in Genesis 2-18 is fundamental to determine, according to the Lord God, our Creator, the value of the “help” that the woman is supposed to bring to the man.

Through the vagueness of the level of aid, this aid has long been accorded a pejorative value and led to a predominantly divine value given to the protective physical force of man, to which was unfairly added a greater intellectual capacity, due to his generally larger braincase. If these characteristics reinforced him in his better adaptability, they could also lead him to disrespect his genetics, but those who were most inclined to put forward these specificities of man, as coming from a recognized physical and intellectual superiority of God, then drew the hasty conclusion, that the woman was inferior to him. In this, they were comforted by the biblically requested "submission" of women towards the man and did not take into account the spiritual and structural help that this can still provide to the man today, essential for the balance of the couple and of society.

More impartial studies, because they focus on more thorough research of the word "ezer", to which it had been quickly attributed the translation of a "subordinate" aide, today bring out an important precision, because in the Hebrew Bible, this help is on the contrary never used in the sense of a subordination or an inferiority of the one who brings it, but in the divine sense of the help. This translation then corresponds perfectly to the analyzes more in line with the whole of the genetics placed by God in the woman, whose her two X chromosomes bring her a greater perception of her initial logic, foreseen already since its creation to lead her towards a certain respect for human genetics and therefore a divine help that she can bring to the husband. It then emerges from the term "Ezer Kenegdo", a translation through which the woman becomes for the man, a help against himself, or a help to save him from himself, which we can often see in the everyday life through the mother, then through the wife.

In this context of spiritual help, which the woman can bring to the man, the submission of the woman then becomes essential not to make of her a general and to make her enter the true role of spiritual sentinel that God placed in she, as the woman is biblically asked to behave well.

Submission to the man, biblically requested on behalf of woman, is absolutely not to grant to the man some rights over the woman, because it is especially not withdrawn at the husband the responsibility for his acts, since the New Testament tells us that this one must provide for the needs of his wife and love her: As Christ loved the Church and gave himself for her.

The woman, established earlier than the man on the values of her genetics, by a fundamentally useful logic under supervision, to bring the couple approximate respect for their genetics, leads the man to finish structuring himself by love for her, on the values necessary for their new genetic needs, due to their future procreation. The man then tries to use this love in the best possible result of the external context, by domination of his desires, to fulfill his wife and his descendants, which allows the woman to enter into a voluntary submission to the man and thrive there in its own specificities, because fulfilled.

The New Testament is in no way different from the Old, because we find its parallel in Genesis, by the fact that the Lord God created man and woman in his own image, while a few verses later, we let us see that the woman is taken from a rib of the man. The one like the other, the man and the woman, are not built only from the fertilization of the female ovum by the male sperm, which corresponds to the first biblical quote. They build themselves as a couple and as adult individuals, by reciprocal complementarity, according to the second quote, because the man's rib is then representative of the emotion produced by the man's love for woman, perceived by the neurons surrounding his heart, which themselves follow the shape of his rib cage and that of his mentioned rib.

If God therefore wants to use each one in its specificities, it is not that one is better than the other, but so that the development of both is used wisely and allows them to DISCOVER one and the other the Divine Love, that neither one nor the other, man or woman, spiritual or not, initially possesses in its emotional system, as an indispensable reference to properly manage his conscience.

As we have already said, if Jesus was of a genetics one hundred percent similar to ours, his emotional system was one hundred percent different, for his feelings were found to have been constructed directly by the Holy Spirit, in the language of divine Love, this peculiarity therefore prohibited him from applying this corrective coefficient through his EQ. This is the essential learning point that God wants to transmit to humans, because if the respect for our genetics is essential, the learning not to dominate our feelings, without deviate from the word of God is just as fundamental.

It is this learning that God wants to bring to humanity, but in order to compensate for the deficit that this change in operating mode generates, God installs the closest to the good divine reference first, as it was for those installed east of the Jordan. He installs the most suitable as guardians of the best possible bases acquired in the desert, as He does for the woman, but also the church, whose couples have a better perception of the divine will, applied by domination of their emotional system, while that He sends those endowed with a less good programming of their feelings, favoring their awareness of their errors, to undertake the crossing of the Jordan and to conquer the divine Love.

Once again, it is not because one is better than the other that God acts thus, but because the complementarities of each one are essential and that in this conquest, God no longer wants to use one and the other in an addition of the specificities linked to a similar operating mode. He no longer wants us to apply what we are able to understand and put into practice by ourselves, through all our corrective coefficients, but He wants our confidence in Him to allow Him to make us discover what He wants to offer us by Grace. He therefore does not ask both of them to become simultaneously like little children who do not know, but who WANT to discover what Jesus wants to bring them that is different, without for all that they lose each other in too great errors linked to their egocentric love. This is also why duets are essential because the husband must accept to be confronted with the Truth of Jesus in all personal truth, but without moving away from the divine precepts, to which the wife serves as a reference in the couple, if she is herself in the desire to remain in the respect of the Word of God.

This is the case for the man / woman couple, but also for the church / society duo, called "the Church", with a capital C, just like Israel among the nations, which will ultimately constitute the kingdom of the priests for God our Father and Creator, in the day when the total transition of "logic" will be accomplished by Christ on every human.