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5 - The conquest of divine Love is in Canaan

If the conquest of divine Love could seem easier from a well-structured logic like that of the wife more concretely, especially when the latter receives the husband's support by love, it would be to omit the nature of the logic that generated this love, of which no one can extract the real reference of the divine Love in him, at the level of the exit of the desert. If everyone actually has the word of God to lead it to properly correct the programming realized on the bases of the logic under supervision, to produce any form of action, each is however forced at this level, to use its EQ to correct this programming at the best, according to its personal interpretation of it. The one who needs the least correction of its programming is therefore the most assured in the good use of what for it represents divine Love and it is in this assurance that communion with the Holy Spirit, in good management by each one at the “exit of the desert”, leads to a divine call on couples, identical to that of the Hebrew people during their own exit from the desert.

Those, whose men and women are structured on a good programming of their initial logic, are therefore called to invest in the church and both keep their mode of functioning by domination of their desires limited by fear, in order to serve as a reference for others in the respect of the Word of God. Like those installed east of the Jordan River, served as support for those called to enter Canaan, this reference is certainly not perfect and generates multiple churches, but corresponds to the best possible management from the logic under tutelage, led by God in Jesus Christ, based on the Canaan of yesterday. The addition of the specificities of each one in these couples, consolidates their old emotional system in the respect of the word of God, but makes it more difficult for them to realize the need to rewrite in them, what we have called parental monitoring. For the others, who are therefore called by God to enter into the conquest of their "holy land", only the woman remains identical to the church on this mode of operation, because of her greater precision in remaining on the values of its genetics. The husband is then called to manage by love, without dominating his desires by the corrective coefficients of his EQ, in order to highlight the bad programming and become over comers of it. If the conquest of Canaan was done yesterday with the support of those settled east of the Jordan, the necessary reference for the conquest of Canaan today in divine Love, can therefore only be done with respect of the Canaan of yesterday, of which the woman and the church thus become the custodians of these values just like Israel, because Jesus did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.

Just as God did not have the conquest of Canaan carried out all at once, He does not allow this husband's entire emotional system to be turned upside down instantly, but He gradually leads him to cover his entire emotional structure in this new mode of operation by love. He is then called to gradually detect the bad programming leading him to the bad act with the right emotion in front of the situation he is experiencing and Jesus thus leads him to review, if possible, his entire emotional system. After each growing awareness of the programmed bad action, it is therefore in the true grandeur of the temptation to sin, that his only free will must appeal to Jesus not to produce this action, in order to open up to Jesus in the heavens, the rights to rewrite in the divine nature, the action corresponding to the right emotion.

We are no longer in the Old Testament times in which it was the sinner who was eliminated to eliminate sin, but the physical fulfillment, which the Old Testament represents in foreshadowing of the spiritual fulfillment of the New, is all the more important since the programmed part of our emotional system that we call "us", is what we must kill with the help of Jesus.

If the thing may seem simple, it is not at all so in the real fight of the conquest of divine Love, because it is in his sincerity that each one is trapped by what he possesses, as were the Hebrews led by Joshua. If the first tribes had quickly been installed east of the Jordan, it was not so with the conquest of Canaan through which the Lord God aimed to make them respectful of his rules with precision and this goes from even for the husband called by God in this conquest. If we generally use the future, when we speak of the fact that only Love will remain; since the Crucifixion, only this Love remains as the first objective for the husband who is called by God to the conquest of his “holy land”, although it is essential for him to respect the Word of God on the value of the Canaan of yesterday, to acquire the divine nature. If like any human, he was until then constrained to correct his egocentric love, by the action of his EQ, to make the resulting action acceptable, on the day when this EQ must be used in its minimum value, a similar result obviously becomes to him, totally unrealizable without making a mistake. It is not, however, to tempt him to make a mistake that Jesus leads him in this way, but it is on the one hand to highlight the programmed action hidden by his good will and on the other hand because at the day of the rewriting of this programming in the divine nature, this one will above all no longer have to be corrected to remain in conformity with this divine nature.

The word "conquest" can seem on its own an aberration concerning divine Love, since the Eternal God gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believing in Him should not perish, but have eternal life and that he offers this life to each one of those who want to follow Him. If this conquest is nevertheless necessary, it is not that Jesus does not want to give it to us, but because it corresponds to the erasure of what we have called the "parental monitoring" of this repressive tutor.

The one called by God to this conquest, is then guided to lead the fight against what this tutor and his logic have built in him and which he had until then to correct as best he could by his EQ. As long as the emotion led him to a feeling whose the programming was sufficiently correctable to produce the right action according to his interpretation of the word of God, then the person could act in any individual truth. If, on the other hand, this programming did not lead to an action contained within a good range of use by its single EQ, it was no longer the action that it had to correct, but the feeling itself. This choice of feeling was leading him to have to influence his initial emotion towards one that would allow him to use other programming, and in that a false truth. His brain then took it into account in some contexts more than others, but produced the false truth that Jesus wants to rewrite and that is why he told us: And the truth will set you free!

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The employment for love in all emotional truth of the person concerned, without correction by his EQ in adulthood, therefore places him in front of his initial construction to which his brain had gradually learned to correct the error in the most of his life. In each situation similar to that previously corrected by his EQ, if he does not resort to the help of Christ, as we will see soon, only two outcomes are possible for him: Either he will have to return to the correction by his EQ and his old system, as Joshua and the elders were tempted to do after their defeat of Ai in Joshua 7, but in the duty to return to this false truth, that is to say the bad action programmed in the initial feeling, in order to remain true, but with the duty to repent in order to continue the good fight.

This is how this conquest of our holy land is found in our well-managed “repentances”, of what we sincerely confused with divine Love and it is therefore the bad result of our presumptions, which opens our understanding to discover the flaws of our human egocentric love, in relation to the divine Love that Jesus wants to write in us, by the rewriting of our initial spirit.

It is this “repentance” before God which becomes fundamental to allow a new attempt at victory to be restarted on the day of defeat, although this repentance is not found in the real awareness of the error, since it is located in an attempt to act by love for the person concerned, while in him this love does not have the real divine reference. Just as the child cannot repent of what he has not already recognized as unjust, the husband, who is found in the conquest of his Canaan, can only accept to believe that it is a matter of an error, with the good will not to reproduce it, although he himself is convinced to the contrary. To convince him, he then has only dialogue with the Holy Spirit in prayer, to bring him the understanding of this error, since only the Holy Spirit in his heart is subjected to his real bad programming, which leads the interested in accepting the bad result as being the truth according to God.

Love therefore constitutes as many beacons necessary for his course towards God, beyond the word of God and those who let themselves be carried away by a passionate love, will not necessarily be aware of it at the moment, any more than in the moment his subsequent analyzes generally. He will often discover the error only through the result produced on his wife, who remained in her old mode of operation, on the good values of the Word of God and that is why it is so fundamental not to move forward alone, but also that the husband loves his wife as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her. It is often the limits through which he refuses to persecute his wife, which will lead him to question himself, in “repentance” before God. This is also why the divine call is fundamental since one and the other in each "duo" must be willing and invested in this call, so that God can support each one in the objectives, put before him by God.

It is in this that the Holy Spirit is fundamentally different from the simple spirit under tutelage which already endowed homo sapiens, because He is the third person of God and can therefore guide the specificities of each one in a beneficial complementarity to both. One is then guided in the rightness of the word of God, to lead the other towards Love built on this rightness, while his is built on simple desires. The goal of God in Jesus Christ is that eventually, humanity enters fully into the good use of all of its genetics vocation, without ever overflowing, which represents the life in abundance in relation to that we can live today, if we attempt no moving away from God.

The aids given to the husband in his entire desire to be pleasing to God our Father, are therefore humanly the wife and spiritually the Holy Spirit in the heart of the concerned person, from which emerges the presence of Jesus and of the Father in heaven, which allow him to become aware of his bad carnal analyzes, in which his free will gives reason to the bad programmed action. This is why when this one finds himself in the true emotion, he must no longer consent to the old action before producing it and appealing to Christ the Liberator, without however attempting to influence the emotion itself.

The help of the Holy Spirit and of his wife are essential, to obtain a good result, because the responsibility of the husband, to persevere in the divine ways, remains total before God and before men. If the call of God therefore intervened without these protections, it would be like bringing this husband into the temptation to sin, whereas it is, on the contrary, a matter of trust given to the couple through the work of Jesus in the Cross, to want to both inherit the kingdom of heaven already on this earth.

Through this call, Jesus thereby undertakes the rewriting of each feeling and this appears all the more necessary if we add to divine Love all the other divine feelings, built on this Love, to which our EQ tirelessly tries to give reason, by adapting as best as possible to each situation experienced. This is what the church does, because in its entire goodwill to tirelessly correct its EQ, it tries to lead the teaching of each one day to day, in the accomplishment of the divine will according to the circumstances.

If we take Wisdom as a concrete example, that which is contained in divine logic is entirely built on the Love of others, while human wisdom is linked in part to the egocentric love, but also to the fear of reprimand as well to the valuation of good respect of the word of God. This "wisdom" resulting from our logic under tutelage, therefore in no way corresponds to divine Wisdom, since it is the synthesis of our fears of reprimand or our glories of good respect which allow us to limit our desires, included or not in divine will.

This false wisdom then gives many opportunities for condemnation, to protect us from sin and becomes as many traps towards the condemnation of the sinner to protect us from sin, rather than to trust the Holy Spirit, who condemns no one. This is why God wants to bring us much more, through a wisdom which does not lead to the condemnation of the sinner, but only to that of sin. The sin of condemnation is not for those who do not know the word of God, but on the contrary for those who know it very well. He knows that not only will he himself be judged with the measure with which he judges, but he is also in the need to silence the Holy Spirit in his heart, e.i. Jesus and the Father, in order to be able to bring this condemnation of the sinner. They are then his presumptions of the good use of his knowledge that make him an orphan of Father and make war on his soul, because they force him to the paradox of using what is disagreeable to God, to be pleasing to Him.

Jesus did not come to cover the eternal process sin / repentance and that is why each of the feelings in humans must be brought to light in front of divine truth, just as in a people the truth of each one is not necessarily the good one and that of Achan in Joshua 7, is there to prove it to us. If the conquest of Jericho seemed to open the doors to an easy supernatural conquest, it was the defeats managed in obedience to God in order to be able to meet the expectations of the Lord God, which were the key to the following successes and the path is no different today with all the multitude of perseverance and repentance that it imposes individually and in groups.

We too often make the mistake of believing that the rewriting of the spirit in us is accomplished through prayer, in the communion of God, to see in adoration, because we believe ourselves then armed to face certain difficulties. These moments, fundamentally beneficial, are useful for the understanding of the divine will, see that of our past errors, but not for as much to the rewriting of the spirit. After crossing the Jordan, the Achan's error was not during the preparation for the conquest of Jericho, since this preparation in praise and worship enabled God to bring down the walls of the city. The fall of the walls was not the conquest, but what was going allow at all the Hebrews to spontaneously accomplish this conquest. The same goes for us today, because it is not our good motivations lived in total communion with God, during these privileged moments, which will translate our emotions into action at the next day. The walls of our reasoning certainly fall easily during these times and allow a better application of our EQ the next time, if we are called into the church. For the one who is however called to enter Canaan, these moments can allow him to become aware of the bad programming to rewrite, so that he can call on Jesus at the right time the next time, but especially not to use this bad programming.

This is a fundamental difference, since the one who is called into the church draws from it the teaching to put himself into practice what he knows, while the one called to the conquest of divine Love, knows what that he must not do, without knowing what to do and that is why he must again become a little child who discovers.

It is above all not a question of learning from anyone, the correction to be applied to his old system by its EQ, but of saying no to the old programming at the right time, by PERMANENT communion with the Holy Spirit.

Just as we cannot rewrite software while we are using it or if we do not have the rewrite rights, Jesus cannot rewrite our emotional system if we use it ourselves, because Jesus cannot go beyond our free will, even though we have requested it beforehand. Whether it is through our analyzes or through what is scientifically called the sensory thalamus, which acts as an active synthesis of our five senses, the image that emerges is then the reflection between what we have got into the habit of using skillfully in the desert, to which is added the influence of our short-term memory. These influences then compete with the guide of the Holy Spirit to provide a stereotypical response according to the learning of the divine will in our past analyzes, against which Jesus can do nothing.

Whether it is through our free will to employ fear, to determine a half-right action, or whether it is in our presumptions of good practice of what we consider to be divine Love, both of them of these situations cannot allow Christ to rewrite the spirit. Jesus will never take authority over us, to avoid carnal errors, because it is for this purpose that the Holy Spirit is given to us in our hearts, in order to want to lose them. It is not that Jesus does not want to bring us his true nature, but because if he intervened in intermediate situations, it would be with a view to making us better use this “parental monitoring”, whereas it is to eradicate its presence. If he of course wants to take us beyond our capacities, it is up to us to trust Him and to go to the end of the extremity of our capacities and only then to cry out to Him.

Every spirit and feeling in man has to be rewritten by Christ in this way, to remove residual impurity and produce the right deed in relation to the right emotion in the right motivation. Not all ask for such a will to wage such a bitter battle, for while some may find themselves rewritten without our knowledge, those whose ties to the enemy are the strongest require such a will than only the Holy Spirit is capable to give it. This is why anyone who wants to stop sinning must know that they are loved by God regardless of their error and totally forgiven in Jesus Christ, who accomplished everything on the Cross by Love for us. In the most significant traps of our existence, we must indeed do ourselves such violence, that it would be preferable for us to die, but it is nevertheless there that if we accept to rejoice in the rest of life that the withdrawal of this part leaves in us, we accept death for ourselves and this is our cross. It is indeed only at this moment that the Cross enters our lives and then very quickly brings the RESURRECTION, if we say no to the programmed bad action, although in the good emotion produced in relation to the situation in question.

It is because we claim to be free in Jesus Christ that we are slaves to our logic under tutelage, despite the freedom that Jesus offers us in all truth. This was already the case when the Pharisees said they were free, because they were descendants of Abraham, because they placed this freedom in human and not spiritual view. The day when in the right emotion, we lodge an appeal to Jesus in heaven, He can then, to our surprise, place the right attitude in relation to the right emotion and even if it is not always the one to which we was expecting beforehand, it always arrives as a truth in us, which appears to us clearly as being in conformity with the word of God. If, as Jesus said, it is the truth that sets us free, it is the truth that Jesus places in our emotional system, that sets us free to do the divine will, because we have accepted to remain true ourselves, in spite of the bad truths of which we had previously repented, because coming from the liar in us and our presumptions in him.

The chain of our emotional system having then been rewritten in the divine nature, up to the action programmed in the feeling finalizing it, if in the minutes or the years which follow, we find ourselves confronted with a similar situation, the same good behavior appears naturally, as coming from ourselves, but coming from God in us, to the surprise of the concerned person. From feeling to feeling, the part of the spirit in the secondary brain, which supports many feelings, is one day rewritten in the same way, because the spirit in the brain is not of a structure, nor of a different nature from that of feelings, but its influence is fundamental however. It is therefore not overcome differently, because the authority of Jesus is complete. It is by noting our progress in discovering these results of divine Love within us, with the peace it produces, that we must calibrate our spirituality and not the number of people who follow us.

Just as Jesus, endowed with this Love, gave his life on the Cross in order to open a path of Love towards God, how then could we not want to communicate it to those we love, starting with our wife?

This is what God expects of the husband, because if until then it was the wife who was the guardian of divine values in the best possible human spirituality, the fulfillment in the divine nature on the husband, on the part of holiness that she represents, will then allow God to reverse the roles: in his time!

It is after the greatest possible conquest of this "parental monitoring" of the husband, that God can liberates the wife from her vocation as guardian of divine values, to place it on the husband, so that he helps her in just reciprocity and this is here the true Liberation of women.

The freedom that women often seek these days, through claims to the same rights and behaviors as those of men, sometimes even through gender theory, are in her own carnal comparisons, but the real liberation that God wants to bring to the woman since Adam and Eve, is by the exemption of its responsibilities to serve as sentinel to the man, although often mistreated in this function.

If the husband must therefore love his wife as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it, it is not so that his conquest of divine Love should lead him to believe that he has become superior to all others, but to give him the capacity to behave in the image of Christ towards each one and especially towards his own wife. In this good behavior he must then be ready to carry she in this discovery, without ever condemning she, as Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been doing for him until then and which they will continue to do, if he is vigilant not to give reason to pride. What made the woman stronger to fulfill her function of helping the husband according to the word of God, then makes her more vulnerable in this change of mode of functioning by Love, because more the difference is weak between the carnal nature and divine, more it is difficult to realize the possible error. This difference does exist, however, and that is why this change is just as essential for women as it is for men, to properly manage their conscience.

Just as the man needed trust in the wife to refocus on the Word of God, so the wife must be ready to do the same with the husband, so that God can call the couple in this new protocol. From a situation in which she had always managed her desires WITH love, she will therefore have to act BY LOVE, without her EQ intervening on her programmed actions, as she had used until then in a self-protection against possible repressions of Satan. It is her faith in Christ the Liberator that will then allow her to sometimes impose greater trust in the husband than in herself, for it is her deepest fears of disobedience to God that she will having to overcome in order to be able to enter into this change, despite his memory of past situations and the husband's imprecision. She therefore finds herself in the paradox in which it would be easier for her to trust someone who would have always functioned like her, when the best in the freedom of the divine nature feeds her fears.

At the exit of the desert, if the work in duet is thus essential, it is not for all that a simple desire to obtain an equality with Jesus, as Adam and Eve did it towards the Lord God, but of a true divine call of which this new stage is part, because for two thousand years, Jesus is preparing a “Wife” perfectly identical to his nature and not half different, leaving the woman aside in the couple.