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Moral support for the Association Alzheimer Hope

If we are happy to reserve a page of our site for the support of those whom are invested in the fight against all these diseases or accidents from cerebral origin, it is not to necessarily require an financial aid of you. It is often of a simple moral support whose one need those who work voluntarily for the possible greater comfort of all these people in situation of particularly heavy handicap following sometimes orphan diseases, sometimes again ignored which can a day reach us.

For some, the fact of being Christian gives us the duty to be invested in the support of more unhappy than us, but the same people can have sometimes big prejudice towards cognitive sciences which however work particularly to give again a relative autonomy to those who lost it.

Is this a religious taboo that retains some from among us? Is this to know the so bad use potential of all these sciences which push back others of them?

We do not hide from the truth, any science left in the hands of badly intentioned people can be dangerous for humanity, and undoubtedly more particularly sciences which touch the brain as well as the genetics. Much among us did not forget that Hitler was very directed towards research which had allowed him a selection of Aryan people. If, because of this demonic will that he expressed, Christians fear to engage at the side of serious people and motivated only by the relief of the sufferings of others, it is to a forthcoming Hitler who will not fail to arrive that they already agree whom will be right.

For those who read the major part of our site, they can become aware that it is each time we do not take our place in the society for lack of faith that we leave the most rights to the enemy of our souls to establish some of his bad subjects we criticize then and condemn sometimes because of their bad orientations. At this point in time he takes his rights on us, and not when we invest ourselves and endeavor to set up a Christian ethics, in conformity with the will of our God.

This is why we support of best than we can it a friendly Association called ESPOIR ALZHEIMER (Hope Alzheimer), whose vocation is to set up and to manage establishments allowing the reception of young patients (less than 60) affected by this disease, which is not specific to the elderly, as well as people victims of acquired cerebral lesions (Cerebral vascular accidents, cranial traumatized people).

We have all to feel us concerned by the Love of our fellow, even if we are not French. That today is built in France; couldn't it be set up in other countries? It is to you that it belongs to invest you as a friendly member, without more formality than that to leave them your coordinates. The more numerous we will be to testify our gratitude to them, the more their Hope will be tall!

As an Association CHRETIENS DE L’ESPOIR (Christian of the Hope), we thus thank you for the moral support which you will bring to our friends, knowing that we are at your disposal to communicate further information to you.

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