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1 - The human and the church

From creation until today

From creation until today

The Christian churches

Why the Christian churches are different of the others?

2 – The christian churches

The birth of a church

The birth of a church

The results of church

If Christian spirituality is from nature higher than other religions, why does not it obtain better results?

3 - When "the BEST" becomes the enemy of the good

Are we defense lawyers or accusers ?

As Christians, are we defense  counsels of our brothers, of the other churches and other nations? Or ???

Better is enemy mortal of the good

The fratricidal wars and towards the external world are in a search for one better, enemy mortal of the good

The Holy Spirit is for our faith

The superiority of the Holy Spirit makes possible to our faith to register the Law of God in our hearts, but this superiority is not there for better studying the writing and becoming the best.

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