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Only love will remain

1 - Human nature and the church

1 – 1 - Since the creation to the present day

Since his nature has become human and that the possibility of comparison of his behaviour has been given to him, the man is faced on the one hand, to the will of God through the image he has received him across consciousness, by his genes, and secondly, by the need of education of his nature, whose mental bases are developed to tackle a animal world, which he must become the winner. It is there all the history of the good and the evil!

If the various circuits having access to our conscience did not have any common relation, we would be thus hundred human percent or hundred animal percent, in a fleshly sheath with similar appearances, but it is not the case.  We indeed have at our disposal a "free will" witch is being a little a decoy when we advance without any help of God, since in our spontaneous reactions, we remain subjected to our animal nature which gives us the impression to be the only Masters on board on this earth. This appearance of free will is due to the great evolution of our animal nature, equipped with a high intelligence quotient and in parallel with a possibility of opening on spiritual ways of nature higher than ours, which then enable to the human  to exceed its simple animal nature and to come in a really free will, if it does a right work on itself.

The man cannot escape alternatively from this nature initially conceived to answer rules of "societies", generated by the needs of survival of the race, in a relentless law of the jungle, the law an eye for an eye, in which the reason of strongest is always the best. The relations of force are certainly not all centred on the physical capacity, but they exist in all the fields of the life which can bring a superiority. It acts then of most astute, richest, most persuasive, the more skinflint, most seducer, most accusing, most spiritual, the more manipulator... All is good, to reign on the others or simply to be accepted of them, because, to act on our fellows we know to employ our intellectual abilities in a way still much more perverse than the animals themselves.

The intellectual abilities do not have thus anything to see with the respect and the Love of others, than it is much easier to us to simulate by dissimulating our errors behind various misleading attitudes, by fear to be discovered in a dimension that we consider not much glorious. In this animal dimension, all is limited indeed by the fear, the fear of disappearing, the fear of having badly, the fear of shame... Because it is in our superiority that we become weak, since the conscience, that makes us beings higher than the animals, also brings to us the comparison of our wrong acts, with those that we should adopt. In the error, we are then in front of the choice to assume the eventuality of our faults, if we do not yet have the full understanding, or to cover them by disguises of "good" reasons, all fewer valid the ones than the others.

This false approach of the conscience go back from Adam and Eve, not compared to the sexuality of which a lot of persons keeps the image do not "to crunch apple", but by the manner of doing hush up our conscience to justify our reactions or our acts.

Any act or thought is indeed led by one or the other of the two existing directing spiritual axis in this world, which we call "good or evil", or again "carnal or spiritual". The first axis carrying our "spirituality" is thus of animal nature, attached to the dimension of the human spirit. This "spirituality" is not generally considered spiritual, since doing part of a range below the actual spirituality of God, and this is a fundamental error, which leads the individual to a confusion between himself and his carnal reactions, but does not give him the understanding of the origin of his behaviors. This spirituality genetically takes birth submissive to spirits and carnal feelings, but continues its construction in childhood, to make a correction of basic spirit through education, making possible the socialization of the individual, to better ensure the survival of the race. If therefore we are not giving death to this spiritual logic built by carnal minds at the State of fetus, by actions of faith led by the spirituality of God, it is this first logic built  in us at the state of fetus that will remain the basis of our guide. This spiritual logic of the spirit is indeed only corrected in childhood, by learning which will generate feelings in adolescence, and not replaced as God wants to lead us thereto in adulthood, for our greatest happiness.

It is here all the dimension of the good and the evil, i.e. "carnal" and "spiritual", i.e. still of the sin or the ways of God.

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