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Synthesis of scientific data related to the human spiritual structure

We must never lose sight of that if the spiritual field is mostly seen with a religious connotation,  it remains nevertheless a concrete mental base. This one is developing in us to ensure a quick self-defense, whose sensory perceptions, at the level of the heart, will become in extreme cases, the only element motor of our reactions. In order to better detect the interest of the renewal of the heart, soul and spirit which God wants us to enjoy, we will now summarize with a manner more colorfully, the process of creation of mental structures that lead humans in often misunderstood reactions from himself, but that he tries however to justify, sometime to better hide, sometime yet, to impose to his fellowman.     

Cellular and embryonic period

1) Procreation

The ovum or oocyte 1 is a huge cell of a tenth of a millimeter in diameter, provided with a reserve of food (vitelline) and a complex skin that ensures both its protection system, helps its fertilization and limits the polyspermy. The nucleus which contains 23 maternal chromosomes which X represents half of the data of the future individual.

The spermatozoon whose head measures 5 microns long by 3 wide, consists of a core (1) which has 23 chromosomes,  including one of nature X or Y depending on his sexuality. It is provided with a system of penetration of the ovule (2), known as acrosome and a flagellum (3) that allows him to move.

2) Fertilization and segmentation

Sixteen to eighteen hours after fertilization of the ovum, the 2 cell nuclei from the ovum and spermatozoon, are visible in the cell before merging and becoming one. The cell is called oocyte 2, then cell zygote, after merger and contain 46 chromosomes which the determining sex XX or XY.

If we knew analyze all the genetic data, from this moment we could given the silhouette of future individual because this mini brain already contains all the data of the future human being, as well as his "conscience" written in his genes, reason for which all sin is first commit against God.

Before to work, to the construction of this living being, this zygote cell will use food stocks to multiply its cells by segmentation, while specializing in the greater part of them for its self-protection. The rupture of its pellucid envelope is called blastocyst hatching. It normally occurs upon arrival into the uterus of this cell set called blastocyst, for allow him implantation which takes over of the nutritional reserves and ensure its development.  

3) The gastrulation

In the early days of the third week after fertilization, that is to say thirty days after the last menstrual period, the real start of embryonic development attached to the future individual begins. After going through the steps called as bilaminar then trilaminar embryonic disk , multiplication and migration of epiblast cells, structure this human being according to the symmetry of the natural axes of the brain and the entire individual, while already generating some more specialized cells attached to the nutrient organs as the endoderm, that will become the intestines, visible through the cloacal membrane (1) or the somites (2) which will become the vertebrae.

During the same period a primitive streak begins to appear and to mark the final symmetry axis from which the totality of the individual will be built. The epiblast cells that behave equally like little brains interdependent of each other are going acquire a body and simultaneously develop this progression of organs necessary for its survival. The symmetry of the body is generated depending on the speed of development of each of the cells, that is to say, according to the genetic writing contained in the cell zygote.

We can already note the interpenetration of the neural plate that juts out in the middle of the future vertebrae to form the spinal cord, as well as the Small Brain of the Heart, which will become the engine of the mental construction of the future person. They are the interpretations of the emotions of the mother, which will emerge from this structure, which will influence the constitution of our limbic brain. We already take into account that it is an organ provided to receive an external logic to himself as the carnal mind or the Holy Spirit to manage cardiac coherence. We must not forget in fact that in the eighth week of pregnancy, almost all of the vital structures are already in place.

Brain Evolution during the fetal period

4 The neuronal proliferation

Around the 5 to 6th month of pregnancy, our brain is structured in several interdependent subsets. The reptilian brain (1), conceived to ensure the vegetative survival, whose the first structures date back to the beginning of gastrulation, is already operational for some time. Meanwhile, the limbic brain and the neocortex (2 and 3), received a number of neurons that will never be equaled throughout our existence. According to the logic of the carnal spirit by which it is involved O.S., the Small Brain of the Heart in (4) interprets the emotions of the emotions experienced by the mother and ensures the fetal heart consistency according to its emotional state linked to its own genetic. The limbic brain has already begun to store this data on the part of (2) which will become the spirit after the first neural pruning, including interpretations that are accessible to him of the surrounding context. (5) The digestive neurons are functional.

5) End of the intrauterine life cycle and first neuronal and synaptic pruning

In the period of the birth, in order to ensure the self-protection of the infant and provide its first mental bases and reactions, the neurons previously loaded data stored during the fetal period and destined to form the spirit of survival (2) in the limbic brain, will undergo a selection during which only the strongest will survive. This force greater than others, due to the fact that they were the most used in the interpretation of the maternal emotions in which the Little Brain of the Heart has guided them, itself influenced by the spiritual logic which it is invested, as we have seen in paragraph 4. This phenomenon called neural pruning or synaptic pruning, will therefore generate a dominant character in which will amalgamate all interpretations of emotions initially almost similar to each other. The relationship of cause and effect will therefore become impossible to interpret to adulthood, as they come from various analyzes agglomerated into one, possibly producing a variable reaction depending on its nature. These data will remain as the starting point of any analysis of action or reaction, during all the lifetime of the individual.  

The absence of this neural pruning is very likely the origin of autism.

Parenthetically, this phenomenon underscores well the work of DARWIN on natural selection.

Postnatal period of learning during childhood

6) Beginnings of extra-uterine life

From the earliest days of extra uterine life, neurons in the neocortex will begin to analyze the data collected with those already stored in the limbic brain and stored in the register corresponding to the feelings (6) a set of comparisons incentive or moderating of the spirit of survival.

Throughout childhood, these neurons will remain in their original configuration and will generate reactions that will certainly specialize according to the neurons the most used, without to block access to the weakest. If a dominant character, linked to the basic Spirit in (2), is obligatory setting in, it is accordingly more or less easily improved.

Just as during the fetal period, these neurons belonging to feelings, so related to the context of learning and received of the surrounding environment will be more used than others and thus train outdoor protection.

Cognitive images that will be assimilated the spirit of survival (2) will be especially difficult to perceive in (3) and (6) that the value given to learning will be great.

Stage of adolescence

7) Adolescence and second neural and synaptic pruning

Just like around the time of the birth, but at the level of feelings (6) this time, a neural pruning will occur during adolescence, by selection of the strongest neurons and the programmed cell death of the weakest (apoptosis).

The mental equilibrium of the person is thus created between its need for survival, linked to the spirit and the necessity of living a cohabitation more or less pronounced of the feelings in relation to the encountered context and its pursuit of pleasure, in a more or less pronounced egocentrism, but still existing at one level or another of its values.

The reactions of the adolescent will be especially excessive that it will try to uphold its basic spirit (2) on his feelings (6), to collect the yet unwritten limits in the neocortex (3). The hormonal surges, related to sexuality and the need for the survival of the race, are likely the phenomenon triggering and are thus one of the last items before the second neural pruning, which the adolescent must take into account in the data set accumulated during childhood.

Adult period

8) Thoughtful situation before the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The construction of the brain is stabilizing around 25 years. No additional learning will not come to replace the original construction in the spirit and feelings (2 and 6), although some learning, experiments or analyzes of the neocortex (3) can come accentuate or mitigate the effects of these ones by different data drawn from (2 and 6), to be used in the tonsil (7) based on our sensory perceptions and our EQ (Emotional quotient) influencing our cardiac coherence, relative to the given context. This is how if we have learned to appreciate the context that we hated earlier, the data we will store up to the approach of this context will not be the same and will produce different reactions, even if their nature remain carnal.

The Little Brain of the Heart possibly evolving in the direction of the great traits to which the person will result, producing an accentuation or external moderation throughout the brain (1, 2, 3 and 6) going increasing as the person will give reason or not at the rules of God.

As long as no higher spirit will come take possession of this Little Brain of the Heart, this set will remain roughly consistent according to its truths presumptions in similar contexts and generally will be strengthened in synaptic rigidity greater as its aging goes.

9) Situation found to be delicate with need for rapid reaction, before the baptism of the Holy Spirit

Unlike a normal and thoughtful situation, in which analyses of the neocortex can accentuate or moderate across the two modes complementary reactions that constitute the spirit and feelings, in a situation considered critical by the person, in which it will have to possibly react quickly by words, acts or any other type of behaviors, the set of analyzes (3) will be disconnected by the short circuiting of the brain whose main motor is the Little Brain of the Heart (4). This one will then isolate the parts of spirit and feelings (2 and 6) selected in the cerebral tonsil (7) according to our perception of the context.

If the carnal human balance is possibly consistent during the use of all of the systems analysis / reactions in the situations considered to be favorable, in front of a spontaneous situations, the reactions will become 100 percent related to modes of preprogrammed reactions, that are spirit and feelings, without any possibility of boost or moderation-related analyzes. This short circuit thus generates different reflex reactions to those experienced in the weighted moments, but consistent with our understanding in the given context.

In our reactions, we are therefore directly subject to our basic carnal construction, even if, in two situations judged similar from a nuclei of the tonsil can be loaded for example of hypocrisy or fear to better conceal violence. The Small Brain of the Heart (4), from the same that the data of the tonsil (7), is the trigger signal identical to the sensory analysis as well as the mind and feelings. The system is consistent in its error.

Adult stage after the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

10) Situation at the time of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

At the time of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that we could almost call the initialization of the software of the Love of God for others, the Little Brain of the Heart is filled by this new logic, what humanly explains the sensation of fullness of the heart of the person, frequently called the fire, or the joy of first love.

This is a crucial time to get into a renewal attitude of the spirit and feelings, since, unlike the previous step, our reaction system becomes inconsistent with (2) and (6). It is paradoxically the moment in which we are most vulnerable to confuse in (3) what we considered previously as having been pure feelings coming from God with what the Holy Spirit asks us from then like personal reactions.

Attention also to the excesses of too charismatic teachers, leading us more easily to astray, by a form of idolatry that we can give them.

11) Situation reflected after Baptism of the Holy Spirit and a few months or a few years of Christian life and sometimes much more.

Once past the time of first love, as we have said, it is quite logical to find in (4) a part of our Small Brain of the Heart reinvested by carnal spirits, our understanding having silenced the Holy Spirit into our hearts, following to certain conflicting situations. The misunderstanding of the work to be done on ourselves, will all the larger that our prior life, will have been already considered Christian strengthened in a type of reactions given. We will therefore not focused our work of faith on the renewal of the mind and feelings 2 and 6, our task being limited to the acquired additional cognitive maps in our Neocortex, to better observe the precepts taught.

This already leads us to a very large evolution that we can easily interpret as a total renewal, while it is only a different selection of the modes of reactions loaded in the tonsil (7) since the mind and feelings (2 and 6) unchanged, as we have already seen in paragraph 9. We like to find ourselves in assemblies that evoke the glory of God and we crave at the praise and worship, in no-antagonistic moments of our daily life. Our attraction towards God has become disproportionate to our previous life and we would want that nobody comes out us of happiness, of the moments lived in a dimension more or less pronounced in the presence of God.

12) Critical situation with need for rapid reaction, after the baptism of the Holy Spirit and a few months, see a few years of Christian life and sometimes much more.

Our previous situation become greatly complicated, when we are faced with a more or less conflicting situation, through the short-circuiting of the brain excluding our neocortex (3), when the decision to respond or react to a given situation impels us.

The analyzes, at which we are used to give reason, to bring our behavior consistent with our understanding, are disconnected and cannot moderate or boost orders to act before the exit of the cerebral tonsil. This one remains therefore loaded as previously, of the parts corresponding to the context, taken from the two logics of remained carnal reactions available to it, the spirit and feelings not renewed. In this short circuit, our Small Brain of the Heart has been reinvested by a portion of our carnal minds evil understanding, they will have themselves surrounded by seven spirits worse such intolerance and condemnation which will often has replaced what we considered our initial weaknesses. These spirits that we were not accustomed to face, will conflict with the Holy Spirit and so will accentuate our heart at the most inopportune time inconsistency, going as far as produce the error.

After the bad analysis of the reactions on our part, seen in the previous paragraph, face to repentance or conviction of the person or the context that led us to the error, we will be then tempted to analyze it to our advantage, through our cognitive maps related to our new analyses that did not wished an ambivalent attitude to that of our understanding. This ambivalence will be interpreted as having been necessary in light of the wrongs of another. The challenge is therefore to make sense of things, because even if it may happen sometimes that we had in part because, if we are putting forward our reaction to the conviction of the other, it will chase a little more the Holy Spirit of our small heart brain, relative to our share of the blame.

Our understanding has once again silenced the Holy Spirit in our Small Brain of the Heart, we will have compressed it a little more to the advantage of the space left to the back of the carnal spirit.

13) Critical situations with need for rapid reaction, after the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and a few months or a few years of Christian life and sometimes much more, which we become victorious, led by the Holy Spirit and our faith, our confidence in God.

Our real conversion of the soul (feelings and analysis) and the spirit cannot be accomplished by the only means of the teaching of our analyses of the neocortex at which we just give reason, given that these analyses are to accentuate or temper our feelings and spirits already programmed. Only Jesus has authority over all carnal spirit, reason why he wants to lead us to follow Him by faith in reactions that are previously unknown of us, in the true magnitude of the conflicts of a degree at least equal to or greater one that has generated our spirit and our carnal feelings (2 and 6). It is indeed the only way to make our system of actions and reactions coherent in the dimension of the Holy Spirit of God.

Repentance could want the Holy Spirit, by the awareness of our error share in the previous paragraphs, will never serve in effect as a realization of our inability to do the right reaction in its whole so we surrender to act by ourselves and that we cry out to God, thankful that Jesus alone is able to make us win this error part. THEN quickly will come the day of our victory, that is to say: His win in us.

Our brain can actually consider a new way of reactions to the corresponding share that concerned with the conflict situation in question and rewrite (8) the neurons of our spirit, our feelings and our Small Brain of the Heart according to the logic of God, exclusively if, in "reactions mode" (short circuit of the brain), we let ourselves spontaneously lead in his name by his Spirit and not by the spirit and self-protective feelings. It is only under these conditions that the Holy Spirit can reinvest the parts of our Small Brain of the Heart that we had abandoned to the enemy of our souls after initialization of the Holy Spirit, because our action / reaction mental structure became coherent according to the logic of God, gives reason to the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

That is why, only faith is pleasing to God, because only this one, allows him to get us out of our animal dimension unlike any religion and education whatsoever. This is actually to achieve the rewriting of the software and not to bring out a result different from the old software.

Also good might be the teaching of a church, religion, or any other educational system, it remains limited to one renewal cognitive maps of our analysis and not to that of all of our soul (analyzes and feelings of the neocortex) of our spirit nor our Small Brain of the Heart.

14) Simply religious attitude (or religiosity) and spiritual fattening, after Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Our representation opposite, would be rather the representation of spiritual fattening, even if there are just as many types of religious attitudes, than there are people fallen into a more or less deep religiosity. The simply religious attitude goes indeed from extreme the more lax to carnal behavior, until the most extreme rigors of fanatical religiosity. This attitude also goes since the most spiritual search in occult field, even among some Christians, until the search of the revelation of God, the most accurate into the presence of the Holy Spirit, without nevertheless proceeded to the renewal of mind and feelings in the language of love of his neighbor.  

Regarding the spiritual fattening, this produces a perfect mastery of knowledge and the biblical interpretation according to God's rules, a perfect fluency of spiritual gifts such as prophecy, but never to a renewal in the Love of others as God would want lead the man to the balance of His love. Excessive carnal reactions are then stifled by a carapace built at the level of feelings according to the word of God, but in a carnal dimension of interdict and rules, giving a form of godliness, whereas it is only a synaptic rigidity increasingly large.

The Small Brain of the Heart is thus stifled and no longer allows a permanent communion with God. The person found again a part of this presence only in very specific conditions of worship or meetings of all kinds, to be watered, watered and watered again, but constantly remains in the fierce condemnation of anything that is not like him and all those who "lose themselves" by not coming not fill the pews of his church, which is becoming less and less that of Jesus Christ.

Regarding to the other simply religious attitudes, they often go to a less thorough renewal analysis of the neocortex, but produce the same characteristics in terms the spirit and feelings, to varying degrees of fanaticism.

That is why, once the biblical knowledge of the acquired Law, only the love of others may remain as calibration of our renewal in the logic of the Holy Spirit of God, that can perceive and condemn the errors of each, but without ever lead to the sinner's conviction.

We must not deceive enemy, our struggle must be turned against the logic of self-protection of the enemy in us and only the Love of God is the way.

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What should we remember?

If we would stop at this level of analysis, we would not be in agreement with the aim that God has assigned to us. The purpose of God is not that we demonstrate the mistakes of others to seem the best and many come to us, but no one is lost by becoming to the image that Jesus has given us of the Pharisee in Luke 18 -10 through prayer of the Pharisee and the Publican. The condemnation of those that we consider sinners is probably the most commonly used weapon by the enemy of our souls to resume us in his net, while we had previously given our whole life to Jesus. If we leave enough grip to our carnal construction in this area, Satan will resume if possible, the Eternal Life that Jesus gave us.

We must remain aware that the last schematic representation above, concerning the religiosity and spiritual fattening, similar to that of the Pharisee, is the one whose "suffers" many churches today. The thing is humanly quite understandable, with all the massacres perpetrated throughout the world in the name of God, but Satan that must be projected on earth before the Return Jesus, he is not one that is going to bother with details such as impersonate himself to God. It's even what he particularly likes and that's why many of us are trapped in their sincerity. He who believes that he has escaped one hundred percent to the carnal traps, is undoubtedly the one who is always entangled in it, without ever having become aware of it. He is similar to the one who is convinced to have made millions of kilometers behind the wheel during his life without ever making a single mistake, because he never look back to see all the accidents he caused.

We therefore need look beyond and do not discredit anyone, but analyze the situation with complete objectivity according to God, so in its entirety. There is indeed no dimension that our Creator cannot surpass, if we accept to follow Him in the trials of faith he puts before us, as we are alive and that His "Back" is not accomplish. The only “disease” that He would be impossible to heal, is our determination to persevere in ways that look in nothing at the love of others, then that is the only benchmark he has left us as objective and in which his Holy Spirit wants to lead us beyond our landmarks of the divine law interpreted by our carnal nature.

If we watch with a greater perspective, we can take into consideration more factors, in particular the means to progress in our own sanctification, because the problem is already one hundred percent at our level. We must not indeed transpose our mistakes on others at the risk of us look at ourselves as having already reached the ultimate objective of the coming of the Son of Man announced in Matthew 24-36. How could we actually be tested in the ordeals we have to overcome to access the renewal of our carnal soul and generate up to the advent of His Return, if faced with us each one would encourage us in our mistakes? We would go then arm in arm, as advocated by humanism, but our initial carnal construction, created by the conflict, could in any way be surpassed by a test in which our faith would have to intervene to rewrite our spirit to the image of the Spirit of God. The conflict is not only inevitable if we investigate the sanctification, but beneficial for the one who manages the trust in the Guide is the Holy Spirit of God, because surpassing then his carnal dimension, he receives an additional share of the heart of God. This is how the word of God, "Giving my laws into their hearts, I WILL WRITE them also in their understandings;" is accomplished in us. (Hebrews 10-16 Darby Bible)

Will we consider, however, that our wars are good and desired by God, so that some always improve and that others are always lost more? Not! The will of God in Christ, is not that some of his children lose themselves for the good of others, but THAT ANY DOES NOT LOSE THEMSELVES and that all come together to welcome Him for His back.

Our grudges against those who made us suffer are often the key to our spiritual mediocrities. They demonstrate in this, the difference in level that still exists between us and the nature of Christ, who, dying on the cross, yet pronounced these words toward the religious who were crucifying Him "Father, forgive them, they do not know what they do".

His return is imminent and God not want leave behind those that He used to grow the size of the other, both of His Chosen People (Israel), or His Redeem People (the Church). Even if he has used a time the hardening of the heart of one, in order to put to the test the other, it does not mean that He rejects the first, since he himself has allowed it, to advance His kingdom on earth. So we have to judge anyone, because in the same way that in a couple he uses sometimes one of them for many years to allow a work in shade to accomplish on the other, He used both as well His Chosen People as the Church for many centuries, so that this task be accomplished in each of us for the good of all.

Whether we are 'great servant of God' or simple worker of the last hour, it is not our position on Earth who will determine that we will have with him. We are all entitled to a just wage, if our works have been conducted by His Holy Spirit. God's purpose is the renewal of our soul and our spirit in a dimension led by the Holy Spirit and not by a retrograde humanism which wants to balance of all, bring man back to its original state of unconsciousness of sin by accepting of it, as he had earlier in his animal state in ignorance of it. This dimension is that in which Satan appears as the Prince of this world, as in the days preceding Cain and Abel, for it is a question of the tolerance of sin and not of the tolerance granted to the sinner by the tolerance of behavior which we cannot change without divine intervention in Jesus Christ. It is therefore, in this case, the capitulation to the progression of the human towards the perfect nature of Christ, that God wants given to mankind for happiness and balance of all. Humanism seeks to justify our carnal logic by conciliation and tolerances of sin, in order to avoid the renewal of our nature, which it cannot transform. The problem is to know where will stop these tolerances, since it is this nature, that is the cause of all our misfortunes? Such a beautiful nature, that through it, it is easy for us to justify our destructive excesses for our self-protection.  An excess, of which we are spectators by the exterminator fanaticism growing! Will we arrive one day, after countless concessions to the sin, to agree with these exterminators?

The animal version of human nature is about to disappear, to make way for the reign of Jesus the Messiah in its entire splendor. Everyone today can be spectator of the signs given by God since thousands of years about the harms provoke against the planet, the animal nature of man, made of rivalry and domination. We arrived at this term and it is more urgent for everyone to make the right choice, namely whether if he wishes to keep his animal logic of self-protection or invest that of the love of God. This is not intended only for the workers of the last hour, but instead to those who have already chosen to give their whole life to Jesus, while they realize perfectly that the love of others in them has more tendency to regress than to advance. If for some, God allowed it a time to test others, that those do not however do not delude themselves, because without the sanctification, no one will see the Lord. If those to whom Jesus entrusted the weapons necessary for their own liberation, have returned them against themselves, by conviction they put, both on their surroundings than on themselves, sometimes by the guilt that's a self-condemnation, that these do not delude,  at time who is arriving on the world, it will be a lot to ask to him who has received much.

Our hope is that everyone becomes aware of his own trap and do not give way to the enemy, that he gladly would use to lose a son of God, if that would be possible to him. There will not be favoritism and this hope is the same for every one of us, because ourselves, we will not escape to this. This will not be the stress and fear that we will be victorious, because that is precisely what is generating our carnal nature, but in the confidence that we will give to Jesus to know Himself brought us to the right place at the right time, beyond all our fleshly efforts. Our full determination to do his will is the only thing that Jesus asks us, but it is only when we have reached our limits to overcome our own mistakes and that we yell at Him our despair of not being able to accomplish his will, that we recognize as good, He can then act. Jesus has fulfilled the divine law and overcame any satanic spiritual dimension. This is why we do not invite you to follow us, but to follow God in Jesus Christ, to entrust Him the whole of your life without keeping anything for you, recognizing that without doubt, sometimes even after your baptism of the Holy Spirit, you made mistakes, but that he had also paid for these misunderstood errors. Then we will all be there where God wants us and in the correct dimension.

To Him is all the glory, therefore, Him the subject of our blessing!

This last major phase arrive thus at the end of childhood learning, which seems logic, in order to allow better management of instincts registered in the genetic of base, but also marks the comeback of the original dominant spirit. This one has easily been in silence by the need for learning during childhood, but will resume all the more easily its rights that the coaching and motivations of the teenager will leave a right of return opposed to learning from childhood, before generating feelings. This phenomenon is very perceptible through the majority of adolescents, whose character is strengthened so in a register sometimes very different from the one seen in childhood. The most used neurons during pregnancy of the mother, having kept the data of perceptions registered in this period, related to the spirituality of the initial context, will be thus the basis of the conflict. It is in this that we frequently find brothers and sisters of character very different from each other, although they are from the same parents and apparently received an identical education, the initial spirituality not necessarily being the Even on each.

Whatever may be this spirit, its logic of self-protective nature cannot be today in Christ, written in the language of the Love of its neighbor and thus remains under the tutelage of Satan. Any spiritual approach linked to the Holy Spirit before the neural pruning of adolescence, thus remains correcting the basic carnal spirit just as any other teaching to moderate or accentuate the effect of the basic spirit, but does not in any way change the very nature of it. This part is became integrated then into part of learning and consequently to the feelings conceived and written in an auto protective carnal logic, in order that we can come victorious from the surrounding context.  

That is why as close to the nature of Christ can be these feelings and generate very similar attitudes to the will of God in Christ, spirit and feelings should be sanctified (rewritten) in the nature of the Holy Spirit and not in the language of self-protection, after the baptism of the Holy Spirit in adulthood.

Only Jesus has not had to live this renewal, but had need remained firm in his temptations, because his spirit (2) was already born of the Holy Spirit in the womb of his mother, given the virginity of Mary.

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