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1 - From one hostage situation to another 2 – 1 The word of God without the Holy Spirit as a guide

If the Holodomor is the holocaust that saved Ukraine, it is because this immense persecution made millions of deaths voluntarily starved, but also generated an anti-Soviet current. He kept the Ukrainians expecting Jehovah God in Jesus Christ and rejecting Stalin, whom much of the former Soviet Union made him their savior and the savior of humanity through a Godless communism.

This is how the Holy Spirit is leading Ukraine today towards the Judeo-Christian democracies, in light blue on the map. Russia, whose mode of operation has regressed to that of Satan, is turning against what it considers to be the rest of its descendants, through Ukraine, according to Revelation 12-17.

The Holodomor, this holocaust that saved Ukraine

No! All these martyred Ukrainians, exterminated by the millions to serve Stalin's Godless ideal, did not die in vain. They placed Ukraine under the gaze of the Lord God, in order to bring them out of the clutches of the enemy of our souls and restore to them all their possessions in his time.

We call Judeo/Christian democracies what Jesus called the Church, and that is why we do not know what times we are in. Satan, who had been placed by God as a spiritual guardian over homo sapiens, uses God's word to better justify the use of his animal repressive nature and better trap humans in their sincerity, because he took Russian orthodoxy hostage during the Soviet period.

If human spirituality is belief in God, it also initializes and generates our emotional system before we are born, by a logic subject to instinct, not consciousness. The Lord God undertook from Adam and Eve to bring mankind out of this logic under ancient tutelage, so that at the end of the seventh day of God, the Kingdom of the Priests, which Jesus prepares for God his Father on this earth, would be entirely managed by divine Love.

The love that humans have today is still far from this "Love", which forces the emotional quotient to dominate the programming of our brain to obtain a suitable approach, where during this seventh day, the basis of this love will have become of DIVINE NATURE and will no longer have to be dominated.

This is the origin of all current conflicts, because since domination is Satan's only mode of operation, he is now projected on earth to try to abort this new divine goal to which he has no access. He tries to maintain the global civilizational context in previous societal/religious consensuses, with little respect for the human, where God wants to bring us in Christ an emotional system identical to that of Jesus, outside the tutelage of Satan.

All the weapons of the world are useful but vain, if we do not spiritually wage the right fight against Satan who today tries to replace Jesus with Stalin.

The War that we must wage against false Russia, to liberate Ukraine and any human wishing to live free, will perhaps generate the accession of Russia to the European Union that Alexander 1st envisaged through a peaceful European community, with Christian reference, already in 1815.

First chapter Haut 2 – 2 The paradise of human misery   2 – 3 The Dawn of the Seventh Day of God 3 - The two spiritual “logics” 4 - 1 The domination of the emotional system and not the human 4 - 2 The differences in functionality between consciousness and instinct 4 – 3 The Holy Spirit and the comparative value with the conscience 5 - 1 From similarity to freedom in complementarity 5 - 2 Perfect fellowship with the Holy Spirit is the only key 5 – 3 Valorization of individual and collective specificities 5 – 4 The separation of church and state 6 - 1 Where the Holy Spirit generated democracy, he himself will lead it 6 - 2 Satan is where we least expect him 6 – 3 – The training to perceive the Little Brain of the Heart 7 - 1 The difference between the iron of Jesus and the steel of Stalin 7 – 2 The evolution of the emotional system of tomorrow 7 – 3 Individual valorization before God, not condemnation 8 – A tree is recognized by its fruit 2 - No! They didn't die in vain 4 - The functioning mode by domination of the emotional system 5 - The functioning mode by love in democracies 6 - Satan hides behind his own demonization or his ridicule 7 - The Iron Scepter for Love Your previous page Symbolism of the cover Cover Summary
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9 - Evolutions of the human emotional system 1 – 1 Our current Christian spirituality 1 - 2 The Russian Orthodox Church taken hostage