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No! They did not die in vain

2 – 2 The paradise of human misery

It is not the one who speaks of God, without knowing of which god he speaks, who honors the Father, but the one who has the Son and who "acts" according to him, because as Jesus said: "the tree is recognized by its fruit". The Ukrainian fruit is admired by the whole world, where the Russian fruit finally brings out for all to see the almost centuries-old anti-Western hatred, which has its source in Ukraine's resistance to this "little father of peoples", where the "Great and Holy Russia" was stuffing to the detriment of those who were dying of hunger. This simple human, who was Stalin, was not born an executioner, but had become one to make reign this ideal without God, which was lived as a religion in the name of which all boasted of having overcome the imposture of God on earth, which would eradicate even the memory of this God in whose name they had been enslaved.  

All? No! Because there were still those damned Ukrainians! Those hardly human who always prayed to him, those damned boorish unsubdued to the great human cause and the Great and Holy Russia of the Soviet Union, those who had to be exterminated from the face of the earth, to hope to see one day established itself, paradise on earth.

Stalin, this "little father of the peoples" was thus going to organize a collective crime in which all would be complicit, since the "good among humans" were going to rejoice and gorge themselves on the food of these vile Ukrainians, who were thus going toward death slowly in hunger and cold before the horror of the spectacle of their children withering away, before life, that had been stolen from them did not die out.  

It is in this collective complicity that their descendants can no longer access the perception of God and that they have returned to the primary animal instinct. If animals are not able to rejoice in real cruelties and revenge as humans can do, it is because their emotional system does not allow them to leave their instincts, in respect of their genetics, where that of the human can lead him beyond this respect if he is led to fight bestially against the one, he considers his persecutor. Jesus said it:  "I tell you, we will give to the one who has, but to the one who does not we will take away even what he has" and we find the spiritual fulfillment that makes the difference between Ukraine, which "has" the support of God, because of the attachment of its ancestors to the Holy Spirit, and Russia which "has not", for it is taken away to its even what it possessed in dignity and common sense. It is also in this that we must give true value to the Holy Spirit, so that today no one falls into the same satanic trap in which these Russians, no doubt sincere in their ignominy, allowed themselves to become more executioners than those they had fought through the tsars who represented God in their eyes.  

If I was lucky enough that my professional career led me to experience life in this great Russia that was the USSR, I can say today that God gave me in this the chance that many others did not have, while I denigrated God as much as it was possible for me to do so, because of the same bad image of God that life had brought me. The first two weeks of my stay were enough for me to be forever cured of my communist tendencies, to the point of keeping deep within me the memory of the despair that would have been imposed on me, if I had had to live a single day as a Soviet resident, where others would be born, live and die.

Unable to extricate themselves from it, many had become accustomed to it by force, while others probably lived it as a mixture of faith and submission to the system, for fear of enormous police surveillance at all levels. This surveillance was all the more justified in their eyes, since it was from it that emerged the management of "privileges" so that they did not go to those lacking integrity towards this system. These true defenders and guardians of integrity had to therefore not suffer of lack of food, for example, and this is how members of the Communist Party, the militia or the army, had privileges that ordinary humans did not have. For each of these valiant guards to properly perform his duties, it was therefore one hundred percent justified, that they all be well fed, that they be well housed, that they nice and warm in their beds, to the point of opening "rights" of the sexual harassment unspoken, so that the honor of the paradisiacal system is not put in default. Everything was over-regulated, whether it was the distribution of food, leisure, sports, the reception of foreigners as I witnessed, and for me who discovered every day a little more the system, it would have been worse than killing myself, than accepting as a reason for life, the daily "happiness" that they thought they lived their entire lives. If I keep in this a wonderful memory of all those Ukrainians, so affable and kind, then I learned what "human misery" means, through which, even to express one's joy, or a simple disapproval of the system, could lead to prison, or better, to the Gulag; these forced labors from which so many millions of human beings never returned, whether Russian or Ukrainian, Orthodox or simple sympathizers of God.    

That is why we must know how to differentiate between nations and the systems that guide them, because I have always tried since then to make my entourage understand what is the real human misery, which I felt nowhere else in the world, than in this paradise. Forty-two years later, this perception is still present deep inside me, but I could not understand at that time, that it came from the lack of the divine presence on the whole nation, which the system had as if abolished by force, since I myself was fighting the same God. I thought I was different from them, not to say a little superior, by the fact that divine grace had been given to me to be born into a tolerant democratic system, and if I denigrated God as much as a human is capable of doing and hating him, I was probably worse than those unfortunate Ukrainians, whose distress I nevertheless suffered from the distress they inspired me.

This is the ambivalence of many, because in our analyses, the egocentrism of our human nature easily prevails to the detriment of what the perception of the divine presence would like to bring us from the "heart".

They sought to convince themselves that they were happy and in the right divine way, while I was convinced that I was there by myself, which allowed me to reject God and the system that he himself had placed on the France, in which I had grown up and from which I had enjoyed all the advantages. It is undoubtedly this ambivalence that, several years later, would open my understanding to this God of Love, whom we so easily confuse with a tyrant, because of this lying tutor and his initial spiritual attributions that lead us not to know how to differentiate him from the true God, our Creator. I did not know why this "ideal without God" repelled me so much, but was because the life I cared about above all had been built on the values of this God of Love, whom I hated because of my confusions with Satan. If I hated this God so much, it was not I who hated him, as the apostle Paul says, but the one who then dwelt in me through the "person" of this lying tutor whom I gave right, as Mr. Putin believes to worship Stalin, whereas it is Satan that he serves today.

It is perhaps to thank every Ukrainian I knew then, that I write these few lines, because it is a little thanks to each of them, that a few years later, I met the Holy Spirit of this God of Love, so different from the one I had always denigrated to anyone who wanted to hear me.

Always? No! Because as a child, if I was not a saint, I was for a moment very attached to this God of Love in Jesus Christ. One summer afternoon, I had even considered becoming a priest with a classmate, before a few hours later I felt betrayed by the same God, through the "wound" that a priest had just inflicted on me with a few bad words and that I sink inexorably into hatred towards this God. As time passed, reading some esoteric books, which I had found so intelligent, led me to a search for dialogue with the soul of my deceased father, whom I thought I would never hear. If it was so, it was because I remained in the expectation of perceiving the hearing from my ears, while the next morning and for years, I was going to let myself be led by the voice of real demons, to the point of frightening myself, so much my delusions then led me into illicit and demonic behavior. If after a condemnation, I learned to master these excesses, I was not cured, but through this passage in Ukraine, I must realize today the future that would have imposed itself on me for eternity, if a few years later, I had not met my current wife, then this True God of Abraham, of Isaac and Jacob, this God of Love in Jesus Christ.

Love, however, I had sought it, in order to bring it to others, in what I considered my own "freedom", which in my opinion, others refused because of their stupidity to give reason to what they called God. This God, and all that could represent him on earth, brought me such hatred and resentment, that the mere mention inflicted on me an inner anger so powerful, that it could have made me violent to the point of hitting someone. This God was in my eyes such ignominy and manipulation, that just like Stalin or Putin I would have been capable of the worst.

Luckily for me, what I called my "freedom" was in an area in which no one wanted to follow me. The one whose imbalance is found, on the other hand, in an area sought after by an entire people, is supported in his turpitudes and wants to bring just as much his own freedom to those he considers to be his own descendants, like Mr. Putin today. If for me, affection for my father had led me to a demonic possession, probably small, it becomes in the image that we can see on Vladimir Putin and all those who follow him, when it results from people like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and so many other tyrants around the world.  

Those who are victims of such demons, use the word of God to their advantage, and if they speak of the glory of the death of those who must follow them, they themselves are more attached to the life they believe to be eternal for themselves, which differentiates them a little from me at this time.

This difference comes from the register in which they are trapped. To me, they were mere demons, themselves ruled by Satan, who manifested themselves only in circumstances in which I gave free rein to their extravagances, even if in other circumstances I was then the unwitting victim of their master. When it comes to civilizational influence on earth, as is the case in Vladimir Putin, or any other before him who has influenced a multitude of civilizations, to worship a repressive god under penalty of sanctions, then it is the leader of demons in the person of this lying tutor, that is Satan.

These simple humans are no longer demonic, as we can consider that I was myself, but satanic, because the spiritual dimension in them is perfectly hidden behind the word of God, in the ancestral role of Satan who glorifies them, and which they try to fulfill consciously or unconsciously in all circumstances. These humans remain mere humans, probably more sordid and paranoid than others, but that does not mean that we should put them in the place of the one who inhabits them.

If it was obvious to me that God did not exist, I had granted Jesus the right to exist and I explained his incredible attitudes in my eyes, I placed him as an alien who had only changed water into wine, as I myself knew how to do by surreptitiously adding to it, a powder that would have been miraculous for the time. In this, there is a part in each one that remains beautiful before God, and just as

 in the gospels, it is up to us to wage the good fight by assuming the authority of Christ if he calls us to it, without exceeding what he asks of us in this regard. If everyone has spiritual authority in Christ to free himself from such demons, doing it for others can lead our presumptions to real disasters and it is not fear that should keep us in balance, but the wisdom that God gives to the one who wants to follow him. Jesus gave his life on the Cross just as much for these men as for any other, but his authority never overrides the free will of each one, which means that to liberate a person spiritually, he must still be a requester. Thus, during a night of dialogue between friends, he did it for me, without anyone intervening in any way, the moment I realized and proclaimed in all sincerity, that "It does not matter, whoever Jesus may have been, whether he was a man or an extraterrestrial, the important thing is to follow his precepts".

I found myself freed from the "flock of swine" attached to Satan's world, to the point of becoming an admirer of the perceptions that I immediately discovered in myself. They corresponded to what is biblically called, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and if this is a wonder, when it is lived "heart" by the one who receives it, this wonder must not mask the divine purpose that comes out of it. This one is not that we believe we have already arrived, but that we know that we have finally entered into a real process of spiritual liberation on all other emotional levels. It was in this that it was to me a wonderful opening, towards the long, very long process that would lead me a little more each day towards the synthesis, both biblical and "scientific", which we will see together in the next chapters.  

The trap is to believe that the upheaval that constitutes a first liberation is an end in itself, when it is only a new beginning, in the spiritual progression towards God, like the conquest of Canaan for the Hebrew people. In this, the Lord God does not want us to be satisfied only with the renewal of a few neurons located near our heart or in our brain, but He wants to renew the human in the totality of his emotional system. If he so wishes, it is so that we may become one with him, as he wished his people had been when he asked them for a king instead of the judges, he himself had placed on them.

This biblical episode is perhaps the one that led humanity to the greatest confusion, because it is the excesses that are linked to it, which led to the introduction in Europe of monarchies, called of divine birth.  In fact, the opposite is true, for even if God allowed it to his people and has used it for centuries to advance everyone towards their divine goal, this was only a second best. The Lord actually submitted to his people, and appointed a king as he asked, but this was a last resort, not his first will. If God allowed it so, it was so that his people would not abandon him completely and anarchy would prevail over the image that he would leave of him through this people. This is the source of so many causes of errors and demonic anti-God uprisings throughout the world and for millennia, that it is worth taking the time to read the biblical passage that records the facts in 1 Samuel 8-4:9: Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah, And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations. But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the LORD. And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them. According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so do they also unto thee. Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.

Satan's right over us is always tied to our own mistakes, the consequences of which we pass on to God, where we should repent of having forsaken Him ourselves. This is also why, if a democracy wants to settle permanently and produce good fruit, on what Jesus called "the Church" it must fight according to divine rules and not as ruffians who covet the privileges of the wealthy and make them the revolution in order to take the first places. We do not have to judge our fathers in their sincerity, any more than the ideologues and tyrants we have quoted, but we must not pretend to believe that the enemy of our souls will not use our sincerity at our expense, if we stoop to adopt as justice in the name of God, the repressive rights over the human, whereas these rights have always been reserved for Lucifer, then Satan.