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VINSOBRES, village of Provence

If we wanted to speak to you about the small village of Provence in which the Lord led us as a couple but also as a seat of our association, it is that we discovered since our arrival, that, by traditional “chances of God”, the history of this small village corresponds to the spiritual approach that we have taken since several years, my wife and myself.

When nothing seemed to predestine us to install us in this small village at the time of the beginning of our Christian approach or of the statutes' registration of our association, it is indeed surprising to note that this one was historically the object of a mutual aid between catholic and Protestants at the time of the wars of religion. In addition, we are happy to communicate some bonds to you that will enable you to discover some more.

History told by the Reformed Church of France:  Click here

Tourist office of Vinsobres: Click here

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