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This Oh is not a word of reproach as some could assert it against Israel, but an Oh of admiration. If we are honest, we can indeed be only admiring in front of the perseverance of Israel and so much of tribulations. If somebody believes that the church did better than Israel during the centuries, whereas that one starts to get information of all the exactions made in the name of God and His Son loved, during the history of the Christian church, and that this one then throws the first the stone against Israel.

No, we did not do better than Israel, although we do not have had like them it weight of chosen people on the shoulders, looked at and spied on by the rest of the world. We did not do better in spite of the lived example that we had left Jesus, and we did not do better in spite of the now possible presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, since the veil separating the Holy Place from the Very Holy Place tore in the temple during the Crucifixion of Jesus. If we did not do better, did not we do worse? Yes, we did worse! We could talk about some such crusades, made to enslave those who had persecuted our Lord, forgetting that God His Father had chosen for a virgin Jewish as mother. How many heresies of this kind have we committed in the name of our God? God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we are certainly adoptive sons of Abraham, but this does it give us the right to substitute us for them, as if God had forsaken his own children in favor of a new progeny? It is such acts that have discredited and again discredite today, the whole work of Jesus on the Cross, even though some of them were commendable.

Perhaps certain Christians do not feel concerned by these acts made in remote times. But what do they say about the Holocaust? This programmed extermination of God's people, like establishing the reign of this same God during the thousand years promised by Himself. Youngest among us, all have ancestors who lived in this human tragedy, far less old that the average life of a French. Are we entitled to say that just because we were not Germans, we do not have to feel guilty in?

It is not a question of rejecting the fault on certain people or nations, but on the human nature whose our fathers were covered, and which we are inherited. We should not however  blame our fathers. If we want remained honest: Would we have done better than them? They certainly were keep silent in times of repression, but what do we do best in times of freedom of expression, not daring to speak out against all those Holocaust deniers of today's Jewish extermination? On behalf of which freedom of speech do act we? Ours, or that of these negationnists, of which some are however said Christian? If it's theirs, perhaps we are too loose or too little confidence in God, for daring to stand up at least in words, and no, with acts as we would like our parents had made in these times of war.

What do we have then to reproach Israel, its disproportions of armaments against Gaza like the nations do it, without we having dared to say only around us, how much time during eight years, at a rate of ten rockets per day, that is to say at least 29200 rockets later and almost as much of warning statement on the part of Israel, it is logical and almost normal to happen to such behaviors? If as French, English or American, we daily received ourselves these fires on our own cities, had we wouldn't find the reprisals normal? If we do not raise our voices, it is that we perhaps once again prefer to dissociate us from Israel by interests or fear of reprisals. Such retaliation, that the Jewish people lived and may live again, are feared because of the rising anti-Semitism worldwide, generated by those who forget to specify how this right to self defense was justified.

What will we say to those whom asserted a war with right to a fair trial? Would it have been normal, having a sophisticated armament that the Israeli soldiers leave the flower to rifle in the streets of Gaza to be killed like rabbits? Is this there, what would have been normal? Was it normal that during these eight years the nations continued to subsidize a reorganization of Gaza that was used for the manufacture of these rockets? If we closed the eyes during all these years, what will it be tomorrow with all the rebuilding to be realized and a cease-fire signed for only one year? What will be used the next capital?

It is obvious that any Christian does not have to idolize Israel, and to support it in the error, on the pretext that it is chosen people. It would be there a serious error in front of which we must remain vigilant. We do not have therefore supporting the injustice that Israel undergoes owing to the fact that he is chosen people. We all are men who write the history of humanity and we do not have to dissociate us one of the other, no more than we have to tolerate errors on the pretext of membership of a culture or people. The Jewish people and the Christianity form a couple in front of our God, the couple of his children that He cherishes one like the other.

We should not forget as a Christian that Jesus was Jew, that He came to achieve the Jewish law and that even if certain religious Jews did not agree Him, because too subjected to human traditions, His apostles were Jew and much of thousands of other Jew gave him reason yesterday and still today. On should pretext that everybody did not follow Him, those whom followed Him receive the same sentence? As Christians ourselves subject to Jesus, don't we become from heart, Jews by adoption? This is why we must behave towards the Jewish people like in front of any other Christian brother and act as Jesus said it to us. We do not judge them but become the lawyers of our brothers in front of God, when we believe that they are in the error. So that our prayers go up to the throne of God to the profit of Israel or any other people, it is necessary that we are right in our judgment without us to dissociate from anybody, but on the contrary while recognizing as human, the difficulty of the other human ones subjected to more difficulties than ourselves. We can reach this real dimension of heart, only by sanctification; then God will be able to raise the veil also for his legitimate children. Never let us forget that to give us the right to the eternal life, God hardened the heart of Israel and given to him in compensation perseverance. So there is no injustice of God choosing Israel as the chosen people, because this is not a privilege at the detriment of others, any more than frustration experienced all the misfortunes, but an example sometimes easy, sometimes difficult for us humans. If there is a good example that we should often follow, we French, it is this perseverance in difficulties, that God gives to those who want to follow him, rather than always take to the streets ready to make the revolution. We are often proud our extravagances in “good French we are”, but as well often in so bad Christians.

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