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The church's paradox

Many church's paradoxes could be quoted, but there is nothing astonishing at that, because the life of each one is often filled of contradictions and we form what is called the church.

The first would be thus for us the free criticism of the church, since would be to saw the branch of the tree on which we sat.

 It is true during the passing of centuries we would not be the first, because how much of churches all over the world still today are really conscious of thus acting, when they fight the Jew world. They cut themselves the trunk of the tree on which they are grafted. How will they be able to receive the true food of God? They receive in fact the judgment to reproduce the errors of those that they judge. Jesus was the most Jew from Jews, since it came "TO ACCOMPLISH" the Jewish Law given by God to Moses. Then attention not to be biased church that God rejects. The Jew People is the Chosen People and will remain to it because God, The One "I AM WHAT I AM", is God who keeps one's promises!

 Thus The Lord, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, built France which was given to him by its King, Clovis, and we hears many French Christians to criticize their own country. France like any man or any nation is made with spiritual things and of flesh and blood. The problem comes when spiritual peoples does not do by faith that God asks him and lets achieve by others what it should institute itself. This is what occurred to France, particularly since 1936, great beginning of the social laws, which are to be achieved by those, whom generally did not recognize God. Was this the fault of those who did not know God or rather because of the “spiritual” people who let themselves trap to give reason to their covetous extremism, more than at the Love of their neighbours as God had wished?

This church, which so often uses the promises of Jesus "And the truth will make you free", to do of its followers of the slaves more attached to the church than to God Himself, is not without errors. The proof, we are member of it.

We will thus say that the perfect exists in God and not in the man, but each one is supposed to remain vigilant to put into practice his FAITH rather than his unconditional bias for the church. The Christian is the one who should use his faith more, whereas he is the first to follow only teaching, teaching and still teaching. How could he be pleasant at God, since our faith to follow Him, is only pleasing to Him?

We will not answer this question, because it is to each one into practice to put his faith with the assistance of God, that it is within the church or out of the church, but attention to honour God, more than church. It would be otherwise largest of the paradoxes, to follow the man to find God.

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