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No! They did not die in vain

2 – 1 The Word of God without the Holy Spirit as a guide

The real human misery is in the fact of not be listening to God, or in the misinterpretation of what He can try to transmit to us good, because we are easily fooled by the spiritual tutor that is this repressive "angel" through what the logic, on which he has been placed, has programmed in us. We then adopt his mode of operation, in what we consider to be good intentions, by simply taking God's side, where God himself would like us to repent of our bad behavior towards other humans, until we receive from Him his divine Love for these. We use our fears of disobedience and our interests as a guide to our egocentric love and fight those we condemn for not having given reason to the divine will. In this we bear the bad fundamentalist fruit, to the great joy of this repressive “angel” and to the great despair of God, while remaining convinced that we have done his will.

Thus, for forty to fifty years, we have witnessed an inexorable rise of fundamentalism and populism, defenders of God, mainly significant since the 2000s. It is no longer a search for obedience to the divine will, first for oneself, as would be the case if the Spirit of God were the instigator, but in a taking of sides attempting to impose, even violently on others, his own perception of God.

This confusion of modes of operation at the global level is proof for us today of what good intentions that bear such bad fruit represent. These good intentions lead us to act in the name of God, in what God condemns, which ultimately produces what we are witnessing in Ukraine, failing to include the search for divine Love. The word of God is then used in a repressive way, without the guidance of the Holy Spirit as a guide, of which we find the culmination of the years without God lived by Russia, led by the hopes of Stalin's paradise, which Mr. Putin began to set up on February 24, 2022.

Since then, we have witnessed the result of what homo sapiens would have been able to do, had they been equipped with nuclear bombs, before the Lord God revealed Himself to humanity through Israel.  

This is the result that everyone can witness today, because it is the fruit of good humanist intentions, of a world that wanted to be without God, to generate this paradise on earth. This world then fell into the trap in which it was said that Satan would fall on the day he was thrown to earth, and turn against the rest of his descendants, according to Revelation 12.

One thing is certain, it is that all these unfortunate Ukrainians of the Holodomor will not have died in vain, because life is above all spiritual and it is their persecutions that are there to serve us today as a witness, to say no to the theocracies who adopt the mode of operation reserved for Satan. If the Soviet hell tried to erase all memory of The Lord God in Jesus Christ from the face of the earth, our Western democracies must remember and thank all those Ukrainians persecuted in the name of a humanism without God, because their sacrifice places us today for the benefit of their spiritual victory at the time, to have preferred themselves death to their own denial of God.

If Ukraine persists in detaching itself from the black hole of Russian hell, to acquire its true democratic freedom and get out of Satan's tutelage, it is because it is for the benefit of those unfortunate persecuted and exterminated who did not kneel before their executioner. Undoubtedly, Ukraine would otherwise itself be one of the exterminators of the Judeo/Christian democracies today, but because in those ancient times it turned to hope in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in Jesus Christ, it is he who will bring it out of the clutches of perdition, to make it a torch among the nations.

If we want to understand the societal phenomenon that results from it, we must not fixate on the man who is currently at the head of these exterminators, in the person of Vladimir Putin, because that would be looking at the tree, so as not to see the forest. It is precisely because this forest exists, that we can extract from it the spiritual synthesis that emerges from this little presentation.  

A lonely, so-called paranoid man would eventually end his days in the oblivion of a mental hospital, but not at the head of the largest nation on earth in area. Paranoia is not considered a true psychiatric disease, but more like a behavioral disorder, like demonic possession, which is probably much more accurate in this case. If today we can appreciate biblically what times we are in, it is because we cannot dissociate it from the millions that follow it. hey themselves remain attached to the long-awaited result of their "illustrious" idol Stalin, this "little father of peoples" from whom they draw their spiritual references as gendarmes who denazify their "descendants" and the saviors of humanity.

It is because for more than a century, they have been born and maintained in the misdirection of being these saviors of the unfortunate humanity trapped by the Western system, that the enemy of our souls can use them for his purposes to take themselves for the angels who will reign with an iron rod for a thousand years on this earth. It is in his war that Satan has long been preparing against God, that we find the answer to this collective heresy, because if he does it in order to drag as many humans as possible into perdition, they interpret it contrary to all common sense, in the same way as Adam and Eve made themselves trapped.

We must not forget and remember that ninety years ago, while millions of unfortunate Ukrainians were martyred, persecuted and exterminated in a despicable way, millions of other human beings, of whom I might have a part, rejoiced in the greatness of the Soviet Union.

Since 1917 and especially 1922, the exterminating communism of the wealthy finally represented hope for the whole of a world often enslaved, even persecuted in the name of God, by monarchies or empires considered of divine birth. Tsarism remained the most authoritarian regime among the surrounding nations, which in turn served as a means of analysis for master thinkers such as Hegel, Karl Marx, Engel, and probably many others. The English evolution and the French Revolution had served to discredit in their eyes the thesis of a possible social conciliation, to achieve a fair balance of society. For these most radical, the timid evolutions represented by the English constitutional monarchy, or the no less timid French Revolution, which had given way to a greedy and dominant Napoleonic empire, destructive of Europe and precursor of the return of monarchies, constituted for them the irrefutable proof of a much more pressing necessity, to must to erase forever the image of God from all human brain on earth, to get a true paradise. Whatever the price to be paid by humanity, it was essential to eliminate this crazy imagination from the existence of God, so that after the extermination of those who claimed to be its representatives on earth, the egalitarian income of each human could generate of himself this paradise on earth.

This exterminating ideology had germinated gradually over several centuries to be concretely implemented, but unlike the revolution of 1789 in France, which had survived the two years of the "Terror", 1917 was the opening in Russia, of the establishment by Lenin, of a revolution that would last seventy years. However, it was never going to give rise to the slightest hope of paradise, except for the one that looks like hell.

Because they had taken financial income as a basis for happiness instead of divine Love, they entered into an anti-Western jealousy, from which they are never emerge. Like Nazism, whose jealousy of the Jewish people was born in Hitler's frustrations, having been outpaced by Jews in his hopes of entering the fine arts, the vast majority of Soviets entered into anti-American paranoia and a psychosis to have to fight against any form of aggression, whether internally or externally to the nation.

If in this we could have the impression that history is repeating itself today, it is because this is the case with all human history, in the image of what God put at our disposal through the physical reference of the Old Testament, which was the perfect prefiguration of the spiritual journey of the New. Vladimir Putin's spiritual motivation for the invasion of Ukraine, actually originated in the physical exterminations carried out by Stalin, which he made his spiritual idol and this is how we find the stage crossed by Ukraine in Revelation 12-17.

It is the outcome of Satan's attempts to prevent the "Woman", that is to say the "Church" that he cannot reach, at the level of the Western Judeo/Christian democracies, from giving birth to "the male child to feed the nations with an iron rod", as it is said at the beginning of chapter 12. This male child is bound to the divine nature of Christ, that no demon is found skilled enough to be able to thwart its fulfillment through this "Church", and that is why Satan himself finds himself leading the fight at the head of the one who calls herself the "Great and Holy Russia", in the claim of having to denazify Ukraine.  

It is also in this that Ukraine receives the full support of The Lord God, where the descendants of those who were Stalin's accomplices, bleat before their god and rather than repent of the fault of their people, as the majority of Germans did so well after the Second World War, they sink mostly in a demonic way into televised jokes.  without realizing their downfall.

If they themselves could not enter into this repentance, it is because the one who really led the Second World War, was probably not Hitler, but Stalin, who brought him a few years before the Holocaust, the mode to follow to free himself from a people, because he said, "Death solves all problems. No men, no problems." After having been able to lead Hitler into the same exterminating delusions as his own, he knew how to sink him into this method before dissociating himself from it, in a diabolical intelligence, to make him bear the blame for the extermination of the Jews and to highlight himself by associating himself with the Christian democracies. He even showed much more determination than these democracies, in the bestial extermination of Nazism, which masked in the eyes of Western observers and especially of his people, his own exterminations accomplished in greater numbers than Nazism itself. He thus remained idolized by all and placed by millions of humans around the world, as the little father of peoples, the savior of humanity, while he was the exterminator. If the Russians celebrate the immense victory of "their" great patriotic war, pretending to forget all the other nations that participated in it, it is proof that they cannot repent at the same time of having been the instigators of Nazism, by claiming to be its liberators. This is the lie of brainwashing in which the Russian people have been kept for all this time and which makes each of them today the spiritual victim of this immense manipulation.  

It is in this that the "worthy" successors of Stalin are spreading today in contempt and hatred of those accursed Ukrainians whom their "fathers" persecuted, without realizing themselves that the one whose belonging they claim to bring them eternal life, is not their Creator. Quite the contrary, it is about that repressive tutor called Satan or the liar, whose judgment has now come to an end.

This is what is important to take into account, because if this angel had been placed by God at the birth of homo sapiens, to maintain the animal nature of this one of it on the values of its genetics, it is today called to be bound for a thousand years. The mode of functioning of humanity having entered today into a mode of functioning by "love", towards divine Love, to which himself has no access, he is bring to light by his behavior towards those whom he considers his descendants.

We will not now enter into biblical comparisons in relation to our time, but we can already say that those who had led the whole of the USSR to reject the Eternal God, because of the "bad image" of God that they had received from the tsars, never left Egypt. The spirituality that emerges, through those who idolize them today, leads the entire population concerned to want to behave like a pharaoh in the world, through the use of the word of God, according to the use that made this lying tutor. They cannot therefore understand that it is against God himself that they are leading the fight against Ukraine alongside Satan, the exterminating angel, while him, he knows that he has little time left.

Communism was thus the exterminator, not only of the well-to-do, but also of the perception of the divine presence of the Holy Spirit in the Russian emotional system, which Adam and Eve already perceived. He erased the Holy Spirit from their sensory perceptions and their understanding, which every human, open to his Creator, can perceive without generally really becoming aware of it, as long as he is endowed only with logic under tutelage, and we will talk about it again. In this, their emotional system has become blind to what makes the difference between yesterday's homo sapiens and today's human. Where the Holy Spirit brings to the human a certain attraction to God, by the influence he generates, at least externally to the person, they have turned back to their animal nature. They have thus returned to their primary instincts before Adam and Eve, and they find themselves today with such a discrepancy with the Western world, that their retreat brings to the majority of us, a total misunderstanding of the reasons for this degeneration that seems sudden. A part of this Western world continued to become more or less aware that its evolution was not only dependent on its education, but also on the perception of the presence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ and this is what generates this misunderstanding today, given the civilizational gap that separates the two worlds.

It is in this that the one who took the name of Satan, the liar, because of the disobedience to The Lord God in which he tricked Adam and Eve into following him, is now attempting the same stratagem. He then uses the innuendos of some to pretend to be the Messiah who will reign with an iron rod, trying to impose his mode of operation on his descendants and on all of humanity. This one must not be demonized if we want to understand where it is hidden among us, but also "in us" through what the animal logic on which it has been placed, creates as a means of action in every human even today.

Through what they call "Great and Holy Russia", Satan disguises himself as a repressive angel carrying the word of God, as he has always done, where God now wants to bring the same word through the voluntary respect of each one, endowed with the Holy Spirit: To be able to increase his divine Love on the whole of humanity.

It is this Love that puts Satan really angry, because he does not have access to it, not even in hope, unlike the Church of Christ, which are today our Judeo/Christian democracies. If this is so, it is because they have entered a new phase of access to this divine Love, as we will look at later. As it is for each individual, as long as they are worthy enough to remain under the cover of Jesus' work on the Cross, he has no right over them. Knowing that he has little time left, his hatred of God in Jesus Christ leads him to persecute Ukraine, which he does not recognize even as a nation, to make it capitulate at all costs to its own mode of operation. This is therefore the key point, which he cannot understand, because it is not through fear that our democracies should not enter the fight themselves in support of Ukraine, but to remain within the divine will, without opening up repressive rights over all humanity. What he considers to be cowardice is only a desire to turn away from his own mode of operation, which our democracies must no longer give right, in a real strength of character, which he does not know. This does not mean that they will not be led by God to fight themselves to support Ukraine, but on the condition, however, that they do not do so in the same anti-Russian aversion, as he does in his anti-Western hatred. This would be tantamount to taking up arms from Satan to fight him, and would eventually backfire on democracies and Ukraine itself. If our democracies were thus led to wage a war in support of Ukraine themselves, the difference would be in the motivation to wage it against Satan, because of what he did to the Ukrainian and Russian people and not against the Russian people themselves. If some nations among these democracies act somewhat in the old system of Christian carnal protectionism towards Ukraine, others stand up to Mr. Putin, in the real spiritual dimension that he represents, without humiliating him outrageously, which would open up rights to him, but without yielding to a single iota of his desires. Jesus never spoke outrageously to Satan and that is why we do not have to do it ourselves, at the risk of opening rights to him, both over his "offspring" and over ourselves.

This unfortunate Vladimir Putin, who among all men today carries this dimension of Satan in him, is in the image of the one from whom Jesus cast out demons and sent them into swine in Luke 8-32. If he is no longer to vociferate in the gesticulations of Hitler, whose anti-God message he carries, although using the word of God to his advantage, it is because he has cleverly learned to manage his emotional system of small spy. As in a game of chess in which all moves are allowed, he then uses this to better mask his intentions to crush the accursed Western system, which has stolen all his dreams of honor and glory, than the little street crook, that he was, had forged through the god that Soviet ideology represented for him.

Just like Hitler towards the Jews, whom he considered to have stolen his entrance to the Beaux arts, he himself is the dupe of what Satan has constructed to lead him into his perdition, if that were made possible, even for chosen ones already saved from his clutches, by Christ in heaven.