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The mode of functioning by love, complementary to that of the church in democracies

5 - 1 From similarity, to freedom in complementarity, and not to liberalism

If each stage of human spiritual evolution brings us a little more understanding, it is undeniable that anyone today who had been in the place of Adam and Eve, would certainly not have done better. This is why it is important to rejoice in the progress offered by God in Jesus Christ, and to place all our faith in him, so that he can endow us with the divine Love that he put at our disposal on this earth, at a time when the human crucified him between two thieves.

Without this impartial Love, the comparative basis between our emotional system and consciousness in our genetics, can indeed not bring the real good decision-making value toward others. The still egocentric love in the programming generating any action from the brain, requires indeed a mode of operation by domination, aiming at the right action according to the word of God, which involves love in the second degree. This makes the precision to be granted to it all the more difficult, since a rather strong correction must be applied to direct the initial egocentric love towards divine Love. If the Holy Spirit eb08en nouvelle fenêtre received in the heart therefore brings an ease to orient our emotional quotient towards a certain refinement of respect for the word of God, for the reason that it must take into account two simultaneous corrections, this leads to prioritizing one more than the other. This generates a certain ambivalence from which it is almost impossible to bring out a precision for each of them, without giving a certain bias to our motivations for actions, having to use old programming. If this is true in our thoughtful actions, it is even more remarkable in our spontaneous reactions, and this is what the schematic sketch in the chapter 9 tries to highlight. Without going into a demonstration on this subject, our analyses then disappear from the circuit of our brain selecting and refining the type of action to use, which brings to the resulting action a much more marked incidence of the egocentric love in which they were programmed, for lack of correction capacity on the finalization of the selected action. If our brain is in this a wonderful computer, the fact remains that the misunderstanding of its errors by the person concerned, multiplies with each additional step of calculation that his brain makes, to translate into action from his brain, any emotion perceived from the Holy Spirit in his "heart". After several layers of successive adjustments of the brain, this leads the person concerned to no longer be able to understand, both his motivations of action, and his examinations of conscience, which leads him to replace by biases from his teaching, what God would like to bring him best, through the Holy Spirit.

God is not a God who asks us to simply take his side, and that is why it is important not to lose sight of the divine objective, to bring to humanity a mode of functioning by Love through the Holy Spirit, so as not to condemn the wanderings of the human in his search of this Love, towards which God leads humanity today. Love of divine nature being totally devoid of egocentrism, as we can become aware through the whole of divine creation, it is the only comparative basis allowing our emotional system a fair comparison with our genetic data, themselves created by God. It is to the acquisition of this Love that the Lord God makes humanity work, so that this Love can bring every action with precision in the finality of the times, where the best of our initial love can produce today only a humanistic dimension already very praiseworthy, but completely insufficient. The one who is convinced that he has always been led by divine Love deludes himself, and it is in this that he endangers those who follow him in his presumptions, despite his possible eloquence. The interpretation of his "love" can then lead him from one extreme to the other, depending on the value he gives to love in relation to human value through his teaching and his perception of the Holy Spirit, because even if the actions emerging from his psychological construction may be close to divine Love, the original nature of these actions remain only egocentric, corrected as best they can.

It is thus why, if we want to be able to come out of Satan's tutelage, or avoid following him on the day he will be projected on earth, whether today or tomorrow, it is absolutely fundamental not to exclude the category of people used by God in this search for divine Love, which is the democratic society, which is complementary to the church, whose both form the "Church".

This is what we have called "the second stage" in the third chapter, because this time is the time during which our Creator placed Jesus to rewrite in the language of the divine Love; the initially part programmed in the language of the old logic in our brain, as it is written in Hebrews 10-16. This awareness of the need for a rewriting cannot, however, be made, as we have just seen in the previous chapter, if the two complementary entities function identically, in a mode of functioning by domination, between man and woman in the couple, or at the collective level, between church and society. This is why in this mode of functioning by love, in the search for divine Love, the strongest in respect for the law is then used by God to bring his complementarity to the weakest in this respect, but made in this stronger in adaptability towards the divine Love.

Well used according to God's word, this better adaptability allows Jesus to rewrite the parts already programmed, which then signify the gradual death of this old logic in our brain, and God no longer "remembers" our "original sin".

If this death is already perfectly true, concerning our salvation, through the covering of all sin that the work of Jesus brings, this rewriting leads us in the progression of the perfect "Freedom" offered by Christ. Salvation is one thing, but should not be confused it with Freedom in divine Love, which Jesus already offers on this earth, by rewriting the elements programmed in our brain.  These programmed elements correspond to the mind in the limbic brain and the feelings of the neocortex, which are biblically called the soul, when the analysis of the brain are added to them.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is the first step eventually leading to receiving this rewriting one day, certainly brings the perfect cover of our original sin and all others, but only thanks to the trust that the Lord God places in Jesus, to make us similar to him one day. He opens in this the perfect freedom to work for our improvement, because without this freedom, our emotional quotient would be forced to continue to eternally correct our still egocentric love, so that the resulting action is as consistent as possible with the word of God, under penalty of reprisals. It is also in this that truth makes us free, because if the Truth is the word of God, it must be lived in individual truth, in order to bear good fruit. It is therefore the individual error to produce the Truth of God's word, however small this error may be, that becomes the driving force behind the awareness of our initial misconception in relation to divine Love.

That requires therefore a complete sincerity from the person concerned, in the humility of kindly believing that his sincerity is not necessarily the truth according to God, without agreeing to leave an iota of his life to Satan, to hide this error, in order to claim to be freed, and be satisfied with a half-truth that would become lame in his eyes. The respect for a good conscience before God is thus the driving force, because it is wanting to become aware of the moment when we are trapped, not in personal introspection, which would keep us in fear of carnal logic, but in trust in the Holy Spirit to open our understanding not to give reason to error, in a total willingness to refuse what Satan has created in us that is false. It is then our communion with the Holy Spirit that leads us one day to give Jesus the opportunity to rewrite in the divine nature the initial programming carried out, both in adolescence and at birth. If we say it in the opposite sense to the historicity of these programing, it is because the meaning of the rewriting can only be done by the perseverance of the person concerned to work in communion with the Holy Spirit, on the feelings that are called to correct the basic spirit. In the course of this work, a day comes that the part which is reached is the initial basis of the mind programmed at birth, on which all our dependence on Satan was built, and this is what Hebrews 10 - 16 proposes.

It is in this that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is both a first step and a purpose for our salvation, because as soon as the Holy spirit substitutes himself to the initial logic under tutelage in our "heart", we are perfectly saved and also taken care of by Jesus to lead us first towards the respect of the word of God, through the desert of our feelings. In the second phase, which is normally remarkable in the eyes of the person concerned, Jesus then leads to the true freedom that he wants to bring to every human being to remain in him, while making his emotional system identical to his own. Jesus no longer has to cover before God the errors of appreciation linked to the initial egocentrism of the person and this is that to enter today into the dimension of the Wife and no longer only that of the Church.

This is the freedom that God wants to give in Jesus Christ to the whole of humanity, so that everyone can go so far as to love his neighbor as himself, already on this earth, without leaving the good respect for the Word of God.

The main thing to remember in order to understand the usefulness of this new phase of learning, which the Lord God places before us in Jesus Christ, is the change in mode of operation imposed by the use of programming, which became divine in nature after its rewriting, should therefore no longer be dominated in any way, to obtain the right result.  The emotional quotient obviously remains useful after this rewriting, to trigger any form of action, but the reprogramming being carried out in the language of divine Love and the values of the word of God, the ambivalence generated by the corrections of the system by domination has disappeared, opening to the person this perfect freedom to Love his fellow man as himself, without the original sin.