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The functioning mode through the domination of one's emotional system

4 - 1 – The domination of the emotional system and not that of the human

As we have said in the previous chapters, if times have changed since the restoration of Israel, the secular mode of functioning of society has also evolved according to a chronology of which we will see in detail in the next chapter.

Before that, we must look at the usefulness of the different phases of individual and societal evolution, which lead to the need to move from a mode of operation by similarity, to that by complementarity, because it is the transition from one phase to another, that has trapped the vast majority of the faithful to God in Jesus Christ in recent decades.

If until then, the emotional system of each one was called to function identically, in the church and society, in order to produce a societal consensus in accordance with the vision of the Church, it is not necessarily the same today. On the collective level, the church has remained on a mode of functioning identical to the previous one and has even strengthened itself so as not to give in to the errors of the society attached to its precepts. This society is now called to enter into a mode of functioning by "love", in order to allow everyone to question themselves in what concerns them, which we find at the individual level of man / woman, by strengthening the role of the woman in the couple. Many see it as a dilution of values by the enemy of our souls, when in reality it is the opposite. It is in order to individually allow the restoration of the Temple of the Holy Spirit, until obtaining an emotional system identical to that of Jesus when he was still on earth, that God led these upheavals himself, as we will see in detail now.

If it is this swing from one world to another that is creating all these global upheavals today, it is important not to blame anyone, without giving reason to the error, because the situation is all the more traumatic that it is incomprehensible to the greatest number of humans on earth. This leads to an exacerbated self-defense in everyone wishing to assert societal values according to his initial egocentric love, which he confuses with divine Love, which discredits God instead of glorifying him.

That is why we will now look to the call of the church today, because if it has not radically changed, unlike that of Christian society, the individual teaching remains the same within the church, so that everyone be led to do his full part before God, and that one-day God can make his part towards those who have remained faithful to him.

In this, it becomes more important today, not only to receive the teaching of the word of God, but to know how to remain attentive to the Holy Spirit, to put him into practice, according to the vocation reserved for us before God. In this vocation, Jesus can then call us to evolve from one mode of functioning to another, in particular between the man and the woman in the couple, if one and the other are truly committed to seeking the will Divine. This does not exclude singles, whose "couple" is the individual commitment to Christ in the church and not in the temptation to generate false spiritual couples, created independently of common life, in order to avoid its respective obligations, according to the word of God.

If, as has always been, the Lord God in Jesus Christ asks everyone to do "ALL" his part, it is important to know that only God can work usefully for the human and not the human for God and that is why it is fundamental to work "with" and not "for" God. He knows all things, and gave his Son for the forgiveness of sins and the eternal life of every human, unlike us who think we know and who make war on these same humans in his name, to "serve him better".

This is the human heresy that we all face, and in order for everyone to invest himself with faith towards the fulfillment that God is preparing for all humanity, it is good to look at the current situation. That is why we began our reading by an overview of what Russia calls the "denazification" of what it considers to be its descendants. It is indeed important to become aware of one's own spirituality in relation to the days we live, in order not to have fought against the servitude of this lying tutor all our lives and to follow him blindly during his projection on earth. It is because we do not generally look at the whole of "the Church", which are our Christian democracies, that it is easy to confuse a mode of operation by domination of one's own emotional system, with that by domination of the human, as Satan has been called to do since all eternity.

Because of the reciprocal misunderstandings between man and woman, as well as between the church and society, this confusion is all the easier for the church to do, as it remains today used by God in this function by domination of his emotional system, in order to bring the basic values to each in support of each other, with a similar mode of operation between man and woman.  Any church preaching Christ, must therefore above all not enter into the condemnation of current society on the collective level, despite its possible lack of understanding, because its call is at the same level as that located east of the Jordan, in relation to the exit from the desert of the Hebrew people, although on the spiritual values of yesterday's Canaan, in respect of the values brought by Jesus. In this she must have compassion for those whom she considers to be in perdition, in order to bring the reference of the limits to be followed to her complement before God, which is the rest of society. If the reference of limits can be good and guided by the Holy Spirit, imposing the same mode of operation on others, to make them quickly obtain the same result, can become a way of fighting against God and this is what we must never lose sight of in relation to this first mode of operation.

In Jesus Christ the Lord God is especially not against the one he calls to manage his emotional system by domination, in order to avoid the repressive rights of Satan, as long as he tries to bring to it the love of others and not the condemnation of his fellows to protect himself. It is even this God of Love who installs it in first, as a light to follow, because if this mode of operation is called to disappear from the human, the respect for the bases it brings will not disappear, since they are the foundation without which the Love of God could not exist and that only this Love will remain.

If this mode of operation can thus bring respect for the rules, by societal consensus, as was the case before 1948, it cannot bring real divine Love, but only an egocentric love approaching it. In Jesus Christ, God therefore sustains against all opposition the one he calls to function in this way, even today, in order to serve at the others to support in their personal efforts, towards the good values on which he wants to bring: His Love.

Contrary to what many in the church think, the Lord God supports democratic society just as much in its search for Love, because even if he does not always agree on its wanderings, his objective is to bring to the human the freedom to act out of Love, on the perfect respect of the divine rules, in the image of Jesus and not by drastically imposing them.  

If the risks of confusion between the mode of operation by domination and the domination of the human are multiplied in totalitarian regimes, by the idolatry of their leaders, to believe that we are protected in our Christian democracies would be to ignore our own weaknesses. Everyone has in this the image of Moses who struck the rock in Numbers 20, contrary to what God had told him to be equipped with his staff to speak to the rock in his name, so that this rock would let out the water. If God used the rock, and not a human, to highlight Moses' mode of operation and the limitations that would prevent him from entering Canaan, the holy land, we must take this into account all the more, now that Jesus Christ has paid for the forgiveness of everyone's sins.

The weaknesses of our democracies are to be found as much in the libertarian presumptions of the greatest number, as we shall see in the next chapter, as in the condemnations of society, pronounced by the followers of the church, yet already redeemed by Christ in heaven. The problem that then arises is to know how to discern the errors of each, without condemning anyone, because Jesus covers the misunderstanding of the sincere person, even if the sincerity of this one, is not always the Truth. Jesus certainly came to make us "Free," but only in the freedom to be able to repent of our mistakes and not sin again, whether by excess of liberalism or by adopting the functions reserved for Satan, by dominating over other humans, rather than over our own emotional system.

Today this divine will is still veiled to the greatest number and perhaps even to everyone, because doing the divine will does not represent a constraint to drastic rules, as some consider, any more than in an unbridled liberalism. The real freedom that Jesus came to propose to every human being is to be able to live in the abundance of heart, in all integrity and respect for the Word of God, without making the interpretation of this respect an immutable rule imposed on everyone, which corresponds to fundamentalism and at term to the totalitarianism.  

We must therefore stick to what the Bible was given to guide us towards understanding our spirituality and this begins from the moment God called the human "man", while we are all only learning to become true humans according to God.