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From one hostage situation to another

1 – 1 Our present and to come Christian spirituality

It is because The Lord God created the human in his image, that he used a repressive "angel", named Lucifer, to subject the still animal emotional system of homo sapiens, to respect for genetics that has remained ours. This emotional system easily leads us, consciously or unconsciously, to make prevail the emotions that it generates in us, over the respect of our genetics written by God, whereas it was written so that our impact integrates perfectly with His creation.

It is therefore not because of a genetic difference, that we call here the humans pre-Adam and Eve, "homo sapiens”, but because they had access only to egocentric instincts of an animal nature, to make them victorious over the context in which they evolved for millennia. It was their emotional system that was slightly different from ours today, not their genetics, but that's all that makes us and them different if we don't let ourselves be trained to act according to their way of functioning.

It is indeed because our genetics are made in the image of God, that our confusion between the mode of operation of this angel and that of God, leads us to make war in the name of God. If this was already the case in Abraham's day, when he was led out of Sodom and Gomorrah, The Lord God did not ask him to destroy these cities, but to depart from them, so that this destructive angel would not eliminate him and his family. If God did not ask Abraham to participate in this destruction, but deigned to give him the answer to his intercessions for the survival of the righteous who could bring the survival of these cities, it is proof that every descendant of Abraham must know how to behave in the same way, without making war in the name of God, under whatever false pretext.

That is why, in his "denazification" of Ukraine and his attempt to destroy Western democracies, which he calls Sodom and Gomorrah, Vladimir Putin is not acting in the name of God, but in the name of this exterminating angel who has become Satan since Adam and Eve.  He besides uses the word of God to the advantage of his repressive mode, which should prove to him the origin of his spirituality, both to himself and to those who support him, as it is for everyone on earth.

The Lord God has always aimed to raise us to His nature of Love, and that is why He used this repressive angel to keep our nature still animal on respect for the genetics He had written in us. If he had had to lower himself to the level of this homo sapiens, to refocus the still imprecise emotional system on the values of its genetics, he would have become a bad testimony for us today. If we are already struggling to understand the vocation he has in store for us, this would have only aggravated the misunderstanding of his final goal for humanity; which is to lead us to love one another on this earth, as He loves us, despite our mistakes still mismanaged.

God's objective was never to leave in its strictly animal nature, this new being that was homo sapiens at his creation, but to bring it to the dimension of the human of today, before making it progress towards the human of tomorrow, then this of the day after tomorrow. This human will then be endowed with an emotional system perfectly similar to that of Jesus, when he was still on earth, and this is what he makes us work on today.  

Because Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit from the womb of Mary, his mother, his emotional system was perfectly centered on the respect of his conscience in his genetics, because built on the values of divine Love even before his birth. This Love, which Jesus wants to endow our emotional system, is consistent with the proper self-management of consciousness, because it brings it the precision lacking in the egocentric love of homo sapiens, but because we sincerely try to educate this love, to the image that we each possess of divine Love, we prevent Jesus from endowing ourselves with it today.

Jesus was not given by God to judge the world, but so that the world might be saved by him, from this repressive angel, called from all eternity to disappear from human spiritual construction. Self-centered love, which is spiritually linked to this repressive angel, is established in humans through a basic logic producing instinct, some features of which use only part of our genetics. This is why Jesus wants to endow humans with another "logic", which itself has all the functionalities that our emotional system needs to properly manage our consciousness, as we will see throughout these writings.

The repressive angel used by God as a spiritual tutor before Adam and Eve, was thus of a more animal nature than ours today, because it was not on the human, that he had been established, but on the one we call here homo sapiens to differentiate him from us.

If since Adam and Eve, this "fallen angel" no longer bears the name of Lucifer, but that of Satan, the liar, it is because he himself manipulated the human to be able to kidnap him to the vocation that God reserved for him from his creation.

If it is projected on earth today, it is because our Judeo/Christian democracies are now called to function out of "love", in order to reach, at the end of the seventh day of God, the divine Love with which Jesus was endowed, and to which Satan has no access.

In the time of Adam and Eve, this was already what triggered the jealousy of this angel towards God, and which led him to train the human himself in his own repressive functions, contrary to those that The Lord God would have wanted to give at this same human, if he had remained obedient to him. Today this repressive angel is brought to light, because failing to be able to directly destroy our Judeo/Christian democracies, whose shortcomings in this search for divine Love are covered by the work of Jesus on the Cross, he turns against the rest of his descendants into a war, as it is said in Revelation 12, and which Vladimir Putin considers to be Ukraine. He does this through the ancestral animal logic that every human is endowed with at birth, without even adding the slightest perception of the Holy Spirit, in the same way as Lucifer during all these millennia, whereas today it is proposed to every human on earth, to be endowed with the divine logic of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ.

It is no longer the same today as in the time of Adam and Eve and throughout the Old Testament, during which the Holy Spirit brought only the discernment of good and evil, in order to guide the actions of those who perceived Him. God wants today to bring the right initial motivation to the human, so that he can produce the right action with precision, in the divine balance and not in the imprecision of all the different learnings speaking of the will of God throughout the world.

Jesus' obedience to God, in keeping with the law until death on the Cross, gave him the right to endow humans being with this new logic, itself conceived on the values of the Holy Spirit, and which then replaces the basic logic linked to instinct, placed under the tutelage of Satan. This "logic", which Jesus wants to endow those who are willing to follow him, is more than just logic, since the Bible defines it as the third person of God, the Person of the Holy Spirit, because it is capable of maintaining a certain internal "dialogue", allowing a real examination of conscience, and the proper use of our genetics, as we will talk about it again.  


Since the Crucifixion, it is therefore no longer only the good action which is sought by the servant of God, but the motivation of the "heart" with which it is produced, to which is added a new improvement, linked to the restoration of Israel.

From the first Pentecost, and throughout the beginning of the New Testament, this "new logic" was thus placed on every servant of God who really wanted to serve God in the Christian churches, whether Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican or otherwise. In each nation concerned, each human, excluding churches, was then educated to produce the good action of what had become conscious in him, according to the teaching received from these servants of God, producing societal / religious consensus in our Western democracies.

In this, the Eternal God was preparing the whole of humanity to receive his Holy Spirit, in order to be able to lead everyone into the right initial motivation, and to turn the page on this spiritual tutelage entrusted to Satan. This spiritual tutelage still leaves humans today susceptible to reverting to the state of homo sapiens, pre-Adam and Eve, as we can see in Vladimir Putin, though he may design and use atomic bombs capable of destroy the entire planet and that is what the Eternal God wants to avoid.

The restoration of Israel in 1948 marked the turning point of our civilization, biblically announced for millennia, but the excessive demonization of Satan no longer allows us to discern its true vocation today. Yet it is this restoration of Israel that marks the beginning of the times towards this radical change in the functioning of democracies. These are now called to operate on the divine values that generated them, in order to be able to open, to Christ in the heaven, the right to gradually rewrite the emotional system of each one, on the values of his Love, to which Satan will never have access.

This is the phenomenon generating all the current tumults around the world and in particular that of the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine, because if this "fallen angel" will soon be bound for a thousand years, in order to be excluded from the human spiritual construction, Satan has also been preparing for it all this time.