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1 - Cognitive Sciences and Psychology confirm the Christian Faith  

1 - 5 How are created in us the spirit and the feeling ?

To remain on our scientific topic, without leaving the biblical framework, we must differentiate the spirit and the feeling, which science does not do necessarily to date. If there is indeed little difference apparently, the thing is however spiritually very important, because even if we cannot yet affirm it with certainty, the seat even of the feelings still remaining at the experimental stage, we can see emerge the broad outlines.

That it is the spirit or the feeling; they are formed both through pre and post native neuronal prunings called Apoptose, as we have just seen it in the preceding paragraph. In all likelihood, the spirit is built rather before the birth and is more or less corrected to form the feeling with adolescence, reason for which these feelings are then placed in the high part of the brain.

Whether it is the spirit or the feeling, both generate in us the reactions about which the Paul apostle speaks to us in Romans 7-18/19 For I am conscious that in me, that is, in my flesh, there is nothing good: I have the mind but not the power to do what is right. For the good which I have a mind to do, I do not: but the evil that I have no mind to do, that I do.

During the fetal period, the human being that we are already has only two sources of comparison to prepare it to what will make it victorious of its environment after having left the womb of its mother. The inform to its disposal are genetics transmitted by the division of the data of his father and his mother, and on the other hand sensory perceptions related to the context lived by the mother, whom it tries to interpret according to this genetics. This is why the maximum number of the neurons is around the five and sixth month of pregnancy, in order to prepare the future child to his own survival in the context which it will meet. The neuronal pruning of adolescence has a major connection with a more elaborate appreciation of the context, by an information sensory larger source and the learning.

In both cases, the strongest neurons are preserved and put them in bloc the whole of the appreciably similar reactions, prohibiting later on a thoughtful analysis of the reactions which they will cause. The only neurons which will remain, will serve therefore exclusively to the dialogue instigator or moderator of this spirit or feeling by cognitive maps located in the neocortex during analyzes conscious of certain situations.

Even if science currently does not make the difference between the feeling and the spirit, it can define in the level of the medical imaging which there exist two principal places where are placed what it calls feelings. One is located in the limbic brain, the spirit, the other in the right lobe of the neocortex, the feeling.

As we saw in paragraph 1-2 the limbic brain is there to ensure what we could call the spirit of survival according to the context that the individual will meet after his birth. It is thus in it that is placed the spirit mainly created to the state of fetus by antenatal neuronal pruning.

The bible says to us that the feelings belong to the soul and not the spirit. They cannot thus be placed in the primary education brain used with the vegetative functions. They seem no more attached to the limbic brain, since this one houses the olfactory analyses in addition to a share of affectivity and the emotion related to the spirit. The feelings are moreover one refinement of the basic spirit, which enables us to consider that God calls feelings, the higher feelings born from intellect mainly during time to be called of training, i.e. that of childhood until adolescence. Those are thus placed in the third part of the brain which is the neocortex. It is indeed the seat of the language, logic, of the abstraction, knowing that the right hemisphere is particularly the seat of the intuition, affectivity, the music, art. The frontal lobe being as for him the seat of the most elaborate functions of the neocortex: thoughts, analyzes, syntheses, creativity. The Neocortex as a whole thus represents the major part of what the bible calls the soul.

The feelings are born from the same manner as the spirit, following a neuronal pruning, but this time, that of adolescence. Since they appear after the birth, we could believe that they are of an easier access, therefore more easily modifiable, by another training that which gave them birth. It would be however to disregard, firstly, in the way in which their development was done in us, and secondly, of the phenomenon of pruning which generated them.

The development of feeling does not happen by chance but by a better protection of neurons most used. Two factors are thus to take into account for this additional protection granted to these creative neurons of the feeling, the spirit of survival establishes before our birth, and the training received since the birth until adolescence. If we do not enter into carnal guilt, confronted certain difficulties to react well, we have however never lose sight that the basis of the spirit of survival is much childish, even if it is this one, which we lead to murder, because we will say in a first time, that it is related to the relationship between genetics and the interpretation that does the fetus of the circumstances  of life experienced by the mother.  

The phenomenon of pruning is as for it a globalization, a reshaping of all that was used to establish a stereotype of reactions, as we saw in the preceding paragraph. This pruning, creating an amalgam of data, so can no longer access directly related to the experience that generated as is the case of cognitive maps. Contrary to these one subjugated with all our analyzes, the feelings are firstly selected individually in a register of perceptions related genetically to the survival reactions, and secondly, the driving image of those merges in a large number of experiments close from each other.

So we understand easily that if feelings cannot be dissociated completely from the basic spirit and our genetic, they are the combined result between this one and the whole of what makes "teaching".   

Creation and utilization of a spirit, within our “secondary” brain known as limbic or rhinencephale, or of the feelings on the level of the Neocortex

After the creation of the spirit or feeling, remaining neurons remain linked to the analysis of cognitive maps of the Neocortex in the long circuit, to allow minimizing or stimulating the response programmed according to the context.

Neurons generating the spirit or the feeling used before neuronal pruning: antenatal (analyzes related to the genetics, and interpretations of the emotions of the mother) and of adolescence (analyzes related to the survival spirit and training).

Neuronal pruning necessary to a total interpretation of all the appreciably similar analyzes, not related at all the factors having been used for creation of what becomes spirit or feeling.

Without neuronal pruning we would have a too great diversity of solutions, that would limit our decision-makings, and that would leave us in analyzes of identical nature whatever the action or the reaction.

Long circuit

using cognitive maps of the neocortex for thoughtful action


Nuclei related to feelings

Nuclei related to Spirits

Spirits located in the second brain, called limbic, or feelings of the neocortex. Their self-protective reactions are programmed by neurons that later mostly die.

Circuit short

which do not use our analysis and our cognitive maps stored in the cerebral cortex

Control device of the short or long circuits of the brain, determined by sensorial thalamus and the “Small Brain of the Heart”. The data charged in the tonsil's nuclei evolve according to the logic of the spirits and feelings of the person and the surrounding context. In situations considered easy they can be used simultaneously, but commute otherwise, to give any self-protecting freedom of action by the short circuit.

In case of long circuit of the brain, action considered voluntary, although it is always influenced by the basic spirit identical at this of the “Small Brain of the Heart”, as long as there is not baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In case of short circuit of the brain, reactions directly related on the feelings or the basic spirits, as long as, under conditions of values at least equal to those which created them, we did not exceed their value by the faith to replace them.

(see paragraph 3-3).

We can sometimes try to justify these reactions because of circumstances having generated them, to see even to drag many others to give us reason, but if we examine ourselves, our conscience is not really according to the word of God.

If we did not need to react, we could thus say that this set, although created carnally, remains quite manageable. It is besides what occurs for any person acting carnally without the assistance from the Holy Spirit, in social relations advanced enough, although God proposes another thing, as we will see it in the paragraph 3-3.  

The problem is however very different, since this globalization of the reactions was precisely created by God in order to allow us a time of prompt response in front of more or less unforeseen situations. There is not need indeed to go up far in time to know that king David still adolescent, fought sometimes with quite rudimentary weapons against the lion and the bear when he kept the herd. If he had to ask himself to know if he were just or not, to react of such or such way, we would not be certainly to speak about these circumstances, because the human being would be disappeared since a long time. No, if our Creator made us to his image, with many capacities of analyzes, He did not forget for that, to arm us in order to do become us victorious such situations. That’s why, before we are faced with such difficulties, He took care to program in us a stereotype of reactions which become directly driving  without passing by the whole of our analyses and which we call spirit or feelings. These stereotypes reactions are managed by what we call the circuit short of the brain that allows performing habitual reactions, such as smoking, driving while thinking about a situation or talking to another passenger using at the same time our long circuit and our cognitive maps. This example type highlights the two circuits at our disposal in normal situations known, but is to be managed differently in the case that we consider delicate. In these particular cases in which our reactions will have become a priority before our analyzes, the data contained in the tonsil will promote the reaction, by disconnection of our long circuit, thus ignoring at the same time cognitive maps of our soul and our short-term memory housed in the hypothalamus. In the situation that we mentioned earlier, smoke, drive and think or speak, this setting in short circuit layout can be easily noted, if for example, by a bad gesture, the person strikes his cigarette and dropped the coals of the cigarette on his pants. Confronted well aware of having continued to lead while seeking to protect itself from the burn, it then completely will cross short to its reflections or its conversation, until sometimes forgetting the wire of the subject completely of it. This means that when a person is led by fear, it is only managed by this short circuit; it cannot perceive and interpret the simplest words you can make to it, only his self-defense count for him.

The short or long circuit of the brain is determined by our sensory thalamus and our small brain of the heart which we shall see in paragraph 2, which keeps the tonsil always ready to react, but more particularly in situations considered as delicate which require rapid reactions. The tonsil then stored in different nuclei, on the one hand, stereotypes corresponding reactions to the spirits contained in our limbic brain, and secondly, stereotypes corresponding reactions to feelings contained in our neocortex, all based on our state of mind of the moment and the environment encountered. It is thus employed in the same way that a RAM memory of a computer, in order to be always ready to react, and according to the context, it makes evolve its data in keeping with the other spirits available of the limbic brain and the feelings of the right lobe of the neocortex. This whole of data has two advantages, that to get very fast reactions, by already open software, but also to be far from consuming energy contrary to the long circuit which must open each time corresponding logic and take account of all the analyses of the context given to compare it with a lot of already acquired images, having sometimes only little to do with the situation.

The problem, of these spirits and feelings, lies however in the fact that their nature is carnal, and that we have not any access direct to the initial analysis allowing to modify them, as we have just seen it for the cognitive maps. Almost the totality of the creative neurons of every spirit indeed was destroyed by neuronal pruning. The only remaining neurons are those which make it possible more or less to manage these emotions by superposition of our cognitive maps. This function remains to us however accessible, only as long as we keep the control of ourselves by reflective actions of the neocortex, i.e. the long circuit.

What is to be noted particularly for us Christians is this function of superposition who does not eliminate the basic spirit, as we develop it in “Boomerang Effect”. It's just a referral to a thoughtful analysis more or less moderate, during the use of the long circuit of the brain, but this overlapping does not prohibit the initial reaction linked to the spirit of self-protection, according to the interpretation of the individual concerned of the "danger" in another context.

We do not perceive however very easily the effect of their individual programming, owing to the fact that, during our conscious analyzes, our cognitive maps come to cover the effect of it and that, by causal relationship, each one of them encroaches more or less on the field of the other. This is why it is much easier to us to become aware of their influence, during spontaneous reactions. In front of the need for fast reaction related to an unexpected situation, the whole of our sensory perceptions of which also is belong the “Small Brain of the Heart”, are indeed shorted-circuit by the action of tonsil, which gives any decisional power of reaction to the only part related to the pre established spirits and feelings.

Completed work by a non-Christian psychotherapy or a simple religious attitude not led by the faith of the person itself, is at the level of the adoption of new cognitive maps, by a new “learning”. These new data will allow knowing and managing in a less traumatic way, the feelings brought out by this new vision of the responsibilities, often by removing guilt of the person.

In most cases, it is only a transfer of condemnation, which instead of being directed against the subject itself is carried on the man or woman considered aggressor, or at least responsible. The spirit or feeling which the person previously gave reason for its adverse reactions subject to the spirit or feeling, and is exculpate just as if it had never caused an error in this person, towards  others or towards God,  everything is carried over on the "initial responsible". This allows a certain appearance of benefit to the person concerned without him achieve the size of liberation of the soul and spirit that God wants to give to everyone. It is indeed to omit which any human psychology of nature carnal, necessary however to the construction of any human being, builds on an identical basis, which it was traumatizing or not.

In contrast, sanctification led by the Holy Spirit, can reach the nature even of the feeling and the spirit and replace the human logic written on the basis of a selfish love curbed by fear, by the spirit of God built on love. This is why the faith is so fundamental with the eyes of God, because it makes it possible to advance in sanctification, beyond our own carnal construction, reason for which it brings Peace then and a total release of the soul and the spirit.   

This besides confirms that, despite all its goodwill, the man is often unable to do it although he would like to make, but remains able to make the evil which he would like not to make, because the bases of any human reaction, is a complex unit to which comes to be added the neurons located near the heart, as we will see it in the second chapter.

If we want to look further into this subject, we would add to it the collective memory like we shows it just as well the Canadian site the Brain at all levels to which we have already refers, as our code of ethics “France and God” in free reading on the site.

Representation of the three main structures of our brains and the tonsil, which is carrier of the reactions selected when the short circuit in the brain

Neocortex (tertiary brain called of the Neo-mammal)

It is the seat of the language, logic and the abstraction

- The right hemisphere is especially the head office of the intuition, affectivity, the music, Article.

- The frontal lobe is the seat of the most elaborate functions: thought, synthesis, creativity.

One calls the second brain, Limbic or from the Paleo-mammal

It intervenes especially in the olfactory messages, affectivity and the emotion, but also the training.

One calls the primary brain, reptilian or diencephalon.

It is the regulator of the vegetative life

The tonsil

It is the cerebral structure that functions like the RAM memory of a computer, from which emerge the rapid and self-protective reactions, selected in the pre-programmed logics of the mind of the limbic brain and feelings of the neocortex, according to our emotional state in the contexts encountered. During the short circuit of the brain, it remains the only cerebral element carrying reactions.

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