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1 - Cognitive Sciences and Psychology confirm the Christian Faith

1 - 1 Positive effects of science on our society

Any new or old Science at all times and in all places, has been fought by many religions.

Due to the religions so, who often substitute to God, saying better know him than any other, many scientists are deprived from an inexhaustible source whom is our Creator.

No winner in such behavior, except the dominant and idolatrous fanaticism of our animal psychology.

This presentation is not for being an apologist for science at the expense of faith or vice versa, but to demonstrate how cognitive science and psychology are fields pursuing a vocation almost identical to faith in Jesus Christ and confirm each other.

Many scientists do not believe in God, and it is their whole freedom, even if in our opinion, their work proves his existence. Well before science discovers all new technologies, the faith, led by the word and the Holy Spirit of God, always had a beneficial action on the parts of the brain concerned with the work of repentance and forgiveness in keeping with certain bad reactions of oneself or others. It is indeed the condition first so that other neuronal circuits can be created in us, even if it does not act yet at this stage of the spiritual impact on the spirit. The biblical explanation is certainly given in other words, but if medical imaging, MRI and other technological advances now allow to see the impact they are therefore highlighted the merits of the work who was previously with the sole help of the Holy Spirit of God. Thus, all these scientists to show mankind the merits of the word of God, then they are convinced that God does not exist. We do not hold it against them however, as you will notice by electronic links referring you to their own web site of very good quality. We simply ask you not to take into account their extra-scientific perceptions, which concern only themselves.

We must not forget, in order not to condemn these scientists that all these human beings are above all, and like each one, children who grew with an image of the truth, and like each one among us, they more or less gave importance to the learning which they received. Because they found that the scientific formulas seemed hundred percent accurate at the date of their learning, they have concluded that all the teaching they received, and even the analysis they perceived, was for one hundred percent accurate as well. Thus, because some more fanatically anti God than of others, used the Darwinism to deduce from it that the similarity between the various living organisms on this ground was due randomly relations between these said primary organisms and their progression, they inconsiderately agree with this theory. They do not realize that if this theory tries to show what she called evolution, it in no way demonstrates that a creator does not exist, or He is not the author of all they can see similarities.

How these people anti God, whom I was one, could they question from their prejudices when in front of them, many religious still advocate the theory of spontaneous generation since Adam and Eve and discredit Darwin himself, who only served to demonstrate a lot of evidence, by his keen sense of observation? We must therefore learn from the excesses of our fathers, and not act as they did when they were fighting against men like Christopher Columbus or Galileo, who proved that the earth revolves around the sun and not the opposite, as was the custom of thinking at the time. Who would dare support the opposite now? If we do not want to discredit God, as these religious did in their time, we must remain cautious in our affirmations, without giving due to the assumptions of many wise of this world, which followed Darwin and developed the evolutionary theory as opposed to the existence of a Creator who is called God. Because we can see the creator at work through the fulfillment of all biblical prophecies he communicated to his people, because we know that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of all the sages of this world, it will have found perhaps some truth that God will bring us through these scientists, if it please to God to make us participatory to His Glory.  

Our nature is indeed similar to quantity of mammals and our means of reproduction just like the functions of our body remain subjected to this nature known as carnal, which nobody disputes. Where science is limited, it is in the dimension from which God sees the man as a man, i.e. from the moment when the Holy Spirit can lead this one, that it is external with the human being as it was the case during the Old Testament or interior since the crucifixion of Jesus (New Testament). Sciences cannot yet to date make the difference between the spirit of the man and the SPIRIT of God. The religions as for them speak about it, can make the difference, but cannot in themselves generate it. God alone cans it in Jesus-Christ, if we place our faith in him, and it is what we will look in paragraph 3-3, while trying to allot to each one its share of merit.

To this day, science and psychology are extremely fortunately limited to discover the physical or psychological abnormalities, but not spiritual. The progress made in the scientific circles however lets foresee that in a few years data processing should be able to dialog with the brain, which implies that abuses will be then to fear. This dimension is not yet on the agenda, we can say that science still leaves to the man his free will. Everyone can now enjoy the benefits of science without having to abjure his God and to sell his soul to the devil.

Since the moment when God started to appear to the man, He called it "man" because able to let himself lead by His Spirit, and Adam and Eve were the firsts. All that is prior to the evolution of man or his environment is included in the first few Bible verses anterior to the Garden of Eden. It is what creates the current dissension between the religions and science, just like it was the case in ancient times, when the science of this time discovered that the earth was round.

In a first time we will not stop on the conflict between the evolutionism called "Darwinist" or the thesis of the spontaneous generation since Adam and Eve, because it seems normal to us to consider the man in his current dimension, i.e. “who is capable to recognize and receive the Holy Spirit of God, that it received Him or not”. With regard to his spirit, the man has still today the choice between dimension animal that we call carnal, but called to disappear, or the dimension of the Holy Spirit which is an opening to the eternal life, since divine.

So we need to demystify every person on the grounds that it "shines" in an intellectual or not, but we have to demonize anyone, not more scientists than others, because even if scientists are full of knowledge in their field they are nevertheless in all other areas of their lives, of human subjected to the human psychological construction whose beginning starts in a fetal state. Therefore we must look to the benefits of working together in a complementary beneficial, without discredit God or man. The latter try to advance with their good faith and the little of which they are aware of themselves, generally led by the goal to relieve the human ones, the remainder is only competitions and rivalry.

Our aim is not however to train scholars who we are not. We discovered ourselves incredible advanced science, later on with the work of “psychotherapy” achieved with the only help of the Holy Spirit of God, by, and in the author of these writings. The spiritual relationship of this work is also related in the book "Boomerang Effect", read free on this site or in paperback to our email or postal address.

This statement thus wishes simply to justify convergence of the efforts of all, so that our Creator is glorified by the faith growing in the heart of each one. We can be only filled with wonder at supernatural at the word of God, when it is lived with the presence of His Holy Spirit. This one is given since millenniums, and we have discovered only for a few years, with the assistance of science, the convergence of the biblical writings and our mental structures hitherto ignored. It is thus to God that we want to return Glory through this statement, without forgetting however those which It uses for this purpose.


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