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The evolution of the human emotional system through the ages

9 – 4 Where are we going?

Stage 6 – The Post-Adolescence and Coming of Age of Mankind, Satan Is Bound for 1000 Years and Jesus Reigns on Earth and in Heaven

If, after the great crisis of adolescence, the human brain takes several more years to finish structuring itself, before reaching adulthood at about 25 years old, the same will undoubtedly be true of the millennium to come, with Jesus’s reigning on earth and in heaven.

If the Eternal Lord God will be on his seventh day, the day of his rest, it is because he will no longer have to judge between the claims of Satan's repressive system and that of human evolution, each of which leads to excesses not covered by the work of Jesus on the Cross. If the dimension of each person's errors will have already largely regressed, everything will not already be perfect, as we can already foresee, if we look at the different idolatrous situations arising from the Judeo-Christian civilizations, to which will then be added what remains of the other spiritualities.

Fortunately for humans, God never puts before him a step that is insurmountable and after these undoubtedly very difficult times to come, other times will open up to the continuity of this progression of all of humanity. towards its divine objective.

What will considerably differentiate the emotional system of humans then, with that available to humans today, will be due to the fact that they will already be endowed with the Holy Spirit from their birth, as was the case with Jesus. However, we must not believe that humans will already be in the dimension of perfect respect for their genetics, and for the word of God, as Jesus was, because this would be to give very little interest to the civilizational context, which is just as essential as the good individual motivation of each one with integrity. Otherwise, it would be to draw the conclusion that every societal system generates an identical result, whereas we have just demonstrated the opposite.

This is why the one who will have become the "Wife" and no longer the Church, made up of the church and society, will be called to provide the favorable context, according to a structure adapted to the individual needs of each one, which will undoubtedly have evolved as much as the individual emotional system. The latter brings a divine basis in the brain of the human at birth and no longer animal as it is today, so it will be his feelings, born of his childhood learning, that will come to orient the good initial base, towards a bad use. What learning teaches us to dominate well, in order to become according to God today, will lead tomorrow to no longer dominate the initial basis in order to remain according to God.

This is what generates our difficulties today, for lack of proper control of our emotional system to obtain an inaccurate image of the good according to God, who will have become our strength among the nations, because it will progress in the divine nature, which will always be superior to the previous animal nature, if the human of tomorrow remains more attached to communion with Christ than to trusting in Artificial Intelligence.

Whether or not this "beast" has survived the difficult times to go through, it is its use by the less upright that is to be feared today and which tomorrow must be managed with the perfect integrity of an iron "scepter," guided by the Eternal God in Jesus Christ.

This is also why perfect democracy will undoubtedly be inaccessible to man as long as he confuses his sincerity with divine integrity, as it is today, even though governments of this type are absolutely indispensable to be able to enter into the divine nature, in spite of their present imperfections covered by the work of Jesus on the Cross.

In our day, as was the case in Jesus' time, it is still the most violent who try to falsely seize God's authority, in order to seize the kingdoms on earth, where Jesus asks that our violence be in the image of that which he has manifested, in order to remain obedient to God until death on the Cross. This is also why "Jesus" will assuredly return to defend the most upright, to the great dismay of the most violent towards their fellow men, for if he did not shorten these days, no one would be saved.

There will then be no longer any man or woman emotionally in the couple, with complementary vocations, linked to the individual specificities of each one, which have done so much damage since Adam and Eve, and the disappearance of mutual incomprehension will naturally unite families, when both will have remained faithful to communion with God in Jesus Christ.

The human being of tomorrow will thus continue the work undertaken by the human being of today, until one day he will collectively acquire this marvelous dimension of the Temple of the Holy Spirit in the whole of humanity, and that is why the best is ahead of us, in spite of the difficulties that will not be lacking.

Stage 7 – The Test of Temptation to Disobedience to God Leads to Human Maturity and the Kingdom of the Priests on Earth

This era will perhaps see some of the harbingers of the “Return of Jesus”, expected for today by many, only come true in these distant days. If the end of our still more or less animal world is very near, this does not mean that its mode of functioning will have totally disappeared from the whole of humanity when it enters the millennium that are coming.  

This implies that at the end of it, these residual animal parts will have to be eliminated, so that nothing harmful remains for the entry of humanity into what we today call "the Kingdom of the Priests" that Jesus is preparing for God his Father. Every human being will have become perfectly human thanks to the Victory of Jesus' Sacrifice on the Cross, and it is in this way that all will have been priests and will be able to give glory to the one who voluntarily made this Sacrifice for them, in total trust in our Creator and God of Love.

It is no more for us to contemplate the circumstances connected with this epoch than those which will produce the entrance into this millennium, but what seems obvious, from the description of our emotional progress, is that these residues will be of an even more seductive nature than can be the coarse thing we have to overcome today.  through theocratic systems that claim to be inspired by the word of God, while they manifest the opposite attitude to it.

Once again, therefore, it will be in the Eternal Lord God in Jesus Christ that everyone will have to trust, for if many circumstances will have changed, He will have remained the same and no doubt human as well. If many detractors of the world to come have often brought us the image of humans who have become robots, all made on the same model, to dissuade us from trusting in God, it is on the contrary very likely that the evolution of his emotional system will have produced one of the most harmonious societies there is, among all those we can imagine and hope for.

Others will have received the revelation and described his vocation, but one thing is certain, and that is that all those who have participated in it will have received their reward, if only through the happiness of life that their descendants will be able to experience, for God is the Eternal, the "I am", the one who is, who was, and who is to come.

To Him be all the glory forever and ever: Amen!