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The Iron Rod by Love

7 – 2 The evolution of tomorrow's emotional system

As we have already seen, the Holy Spirit in the "heart" is not an absolute guarantee of a good result according to God, not because of Him, but because of us. It is the perception we attach to him, to which is added the interpretation we make of it, that easily leads us to excess, one way or the other, and this will remain true as long as we are forced to use its guide, of divine nature, in direct connection with the programming of ancient action in our brain, whose error toward the Holy Spirit will be much less afterwards.

The current situation is ambivalent in the same way as when the Small Brain of the Heart is only endowed with logic under tutelage to bring an attraction to God, very little felt, by a perception of the Holy Spirit external to logic itself. In the case of the "logic" of the Holy Spirit, it is rather the opposite, because the attraction to God becomes such that it is easy to fall into the excess of the interpretation felt, where God would like to bring balance to the person concerned.

What we must look at, however, in relation to these two ambivalences, is the cerebral depth at which they are placed, in order to obtain a result approaching that of the divine nature.

Before the fulfillment of the law and the crucifixion of Jesus, ambivalence was due to a very random perception of the Holy Spirit, and consequently, an influence of the preponderant teaching to be able to make a certain synthesis. Jesus having not been then given to bring the Holy Spirit into the "heart," it was impossible to properly use all the genetic features we saw, to get a better approach to it, so only the resulting act counted. After the first Pentecost, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, logic itself bringing the true notion of the divine, the ambivalence is only situated in the precision that the emotional quotient can correct the act in relation to respect for the word of God and the love to be given to the act according to the context. This then highlights the motivation of the act to which is added the capacity for the proper use of our genetics, in a better choice prior to any action and in a real examination of conscience after accomplishment of this action.

If, therefore, it is possible for us to access in Jesus Christ a better perception of the divine will through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which opens to the capacity to use all our genetics, we must not lose sight of the remaining ambivalence, which can eventually lead to excess. If this Holy Spirit wants to lead us to a fierce will to leave nothing to the enemy of our souls, he also wants to encourage us to reduce our emotional quotient by a better trust in God, so as not to give free rein to excess on our motivations of actions. It is in this that the Holy Spirit already wants to bring divine peace, and not carnal fundamentalism, both towards excess of rigor and by excess of simply egocentric love.

If this is the reason that today still fully justifies the need for two complementary entities, individually and collectively, it is the too good human will, misused, that generates our excesses, although this goodwill is indispensable in its proper use. If we then add the spiritual incitement of Satan, not yet defeated, we find the current situation that seems inextricable to the majority and that is why many are those who choose the easy solution, to comeback to a repressive mode, while it represents the slippery slope to Satan.

If this is what happened to the Russians, because they replaced the work of Jesus on the Cross, with the exterminating work of Stalin, once Satan has been defeated individually, Jesus in heaven, will have demonstrated his effectiveness in renewing the human in the totality of his divine nature, which will allow God our Father to open to him the right on earth to endow the human with the Holy Spirit from his procreation. This will then place the remaining ambivalence at an even lower level than today, since the basic mind in the brain will become pure and only the feelings acquired during childhood, related to the bad educational impacts will remain.

This is the spiritual progression that human beings will lives during this seventh day of God, this millennium that is coming upon the world and that this iron rod will be called to manage.

As we have just seen in the previous paragraph, if the iron rod, managed by Love, will therefore have to be iron, it will not be in an excess of rigor to force everyone to respect external attitudes as the different societal consensus imposed it before 1968, whose the majority still keep the image of the application of the divine will today. This image is all the more present in everyone as it remains conveyed through all religions of a purely humanistic nature, to which the human can be subjected to any form of pressure, to be considered pleasing to God, without God being able to bring him the real capacity in accordance with his divine nature. As we have already said, only Jesus fulfilled the law, which is the indispensable basis for divine Love, and it is in this that communion with Jesus is concrete and not only religious. Any religion of humanistic form places God at the merely human level, like communism that makes men little gods, or they place him as inaccessible to the human, for lack of being able to endow him with the "logic" of the Holy Spirit to better serve him.  

The impact of these ancient precepts and cultures will therefore remain the only ones against which this iron rod will have to fight by Love, contrary to the bad image left by Satan today, through what he uses on Russia, to defeat the divine action undertaken by God to free humanity from his presence for a thousand years. Things will certainly not be made much easier because of artificial intelligence, when it is used to produce an excess, where God will want balance, but what will be notable compared to today, it is that the perception of the Holy Spirit having gone up a notch cerebrally, the current ambivalence will itself be strongly divided.

This future stage in which we can be eager to enter, in a justified hope, must not hide from us today the need for a mode of operation by complementarity, thus allowing us to divide the impact of ancient consensuses in favor of the progressive acquisition of divine Love by society.  Otherwise, we risk going into excess despite the best goodwill, imposing our form of love on others, while it is still only in a protectionism barely corrected. If today we must still want to receive from God this Love in its impartiality, through communion with the Holy Spirit, the basis will already be impartial tomorrow, and the integrity of each one will then be to bring the results of his learning to this impartiality by the same communion with the Holy Spirit.

If the search for inner peace that the Holy Spirit provides becomes preponderant to avoid any excesses today, whether not to enter into the rigor towards the attempts to respect the word of God, or to avoid the excesses of love still self-centered, this peace will be what we will must want not to lose tomorrow, since it will be present from birth. The same will be true of the examination of conscience, which requires a profound integrity in wanting to obtain the understanding of our confusions, with the result that the Holy Spirit Himself would like to bring, since this examination of conscience will no longer have to go back to the initial spirit relating to the gestation of the fetus. It will indeed be limited to the past experiences of childhood, even if the programming of these will always require a certain integrity not to be influenced by our analyses received from teaching.  

It is besides in this influence of teaching to want to obtain Christian supremacy today, without trusting God to bring us His own nature of Love, that we become protectionists of the image we have of God, and today fall into the trap set by Satan since Adam and Eve. We forbid God from bringing us the Love and Peace that He Himself would like to put in each of us individually, so that we can make a difference, and we use the Holy Spirit, according to the mode before 1968, when it was only used to bring the initial still egocentric love to the compliance to the religious societal consensuses. This is why the teaching leading today to these ancient consensuses holo52en is a generator of fundamentalism, since God wants to put today his real precepts, no longer resulting from the search for human supremacy, which was generating these consensuses, but to bring to each individual this progression towards the divine nature, if he agrees to become a child again who doesn't know.

The door to divine Love in the human brain is open today, if we place our complete trust in God in Jesus Christ to recognize him as the only guide, where tomorrow everyone will have already passed this door from birth. It is in this that Jesus will reign on earth and in heaven, but the fact will remain that everyone will have to put up the same fight in Christ, to evacuate the bad influence relating to their possible bad teaching from childhood, such as we saw it in the previous paragraph. The human emotional system will thus have taken a further step leading humanity a little closer to the Kingdom of the Priests for God our Father.

The one who fights by force and the search for power, seeks to fight error to produce the good result desired by himself to serve God well, and that is why he easily enters into Satan's mode of operation, by himself drawing the sword against his brother, or his offspring. He who, on the other hand, leads the good battle of faith, fights the source of error in him, with the sword of the Spirit of God, without preconceived ideas, but in the hope that he will be able to open the door to Jesus, to place his divine nature in him, so that he learns from God Himself and no longer from men speaking of God.