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6 - The Liberation of Women and the Church

If the good use of each person's calling is fundamental today, to go so far as to rewrite the spirit in the nature of the Holy Spirit, when both will be rewritten by Christ in the divine nature, there will be neither man nor woman guardian of these values, since the emotional system of each one will be rewritten in the image of that of Jesus on earth, whatever its genetics. This is why we must not develop a fixation with the name we have given to the XX and XY emotional families, because if they genetically represent the feminine and the masculine, they only emotionally represent the majority of subjects structured on the same mode of perception of their initial logic under tutelage, placed in the neurons near the heart of every human from its procreation.

If we have therefore seen how the use of a mode of operation by the love, would must lead XY husbands to refocus on the Word of God to open to Jesus the rights to rewrite their feelings, the respect of her genetics being more present in the woman, since the personalization of her spirit, requires much more a confidence to respect all the points, than a desire to go beyond them. The initial emotional construction of the husband places much more respect for divine rules at the level of his learning and therefore of his feelings in a dimension rivaling his desires, while the quota system of the desires of the wife is placed at the level of the spirit on which rest all his feelings, with a apprehension of going beyond their limits. If the wife is therefore not exempt from carnal errors, given that the initial spirit confines her more to respecting her genetics, the errors of her feelings are more situated in concessions against her just perceptions of the initial spirit, by encouragement to exceed its rules of survival for herself and by love for her descendants. This is the reverse of the generality of husbands who easily agree with their desires, for lack of perception of this spirit. The fears of non-respect for her genetics are therefore more profound and immutable in women, which leaves her feelings less latitude to desires to exit from what we have called "parental monitoring", since she herself is felt in an emotional harmony, when she simply gives reason to her initial logic, although the finalities of action which emerge from it must be covered by the work of Jesus on the Cross, because of their initial nature, like it is of the husband.

If, just as for the husband, his brain therefore applied these famous corrective coefficients to her egocentric love, in order to make it more resembling divine Love, where it was a question for the husband, of not giving reason to his desires, it is for the woman not to agree with her own concessions. This is also why the desire for true liberation in women or any other XX societal structure, must go through a better result of her XY complement, to make she keen on to better apply her own bases, whether it is of the woman, of the church or of Israel.

This liberation therefore requires once again a divine call, which will not be measured externally by the social success of the couple, because God measures in secret, according to the divine Love in the heart. As we alluded to in the previous paragraph, it is only once the husband has achieved emotional stability built on this divine Love, at least equal to that of the wife in the right correction of her egocentric love, that God can transfer to man the responsibility of guardian of the divine values placed until then above she. This does not therefore imply that he will have received the crown already on this earth at that time, but that the couple will necessarily have shares of divine Love to conquer, if only that of overcoming the temptation to remain in humility after this change of protocol, just as Jesus was tempted.

No one should ever forget that Jesus was tempted and that is why whoever receives the crown already on this earth, as will be the case with the Church of Philadelphia, must remain aware that his acquired characteristics will be final only at the day of his meeting with Christ in heaven.

If with each victory against this "parental monitoring" the conquest of Canaan is an intervention of a divine nature, it is nonetheless linked to our entire willingness to use our free will to open the doors to the nature of Christ and if this is so at the individual level, it is no different at the collective level. What is commonly called collective consciousness is not that which is present in our genetics, because it is the interpretation and synthesis of memory acquired collectively over time, with all its errors and superstitions linked to our fears or our glories in relation to the times in question. This is why, in order to remove any ambiguity, we must look at what time we are, to understand why Jesus no longer wants to just keep us out of repressive rights of the tutelage of Satan, by the simple act of covering our sins, as it was since the Crucifixion, but wants to lead everyone to the rewriting of his spirit, in order to make us perfectly like Him.

We are now at a crossroads and if we can see for ourselves what times we are living in, we have to look to Israel, if we want to have confirmation, of some of the assertions that we have used. If the reference base in which we have placed the woman in the couple, in relation to the part of the Hebrew people living east of the Jordan, which has served as a support for those called to enter Canaan, since 1948, so that the husband, or any other XY, can resist the tutelage of Satan, this baseline is no longer east of the Jordan, present-day the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, but in Canaan, the holy land. The reference base having changed position, the spiritual aim to be reached has therefore evolved as well. The new starting point is indeed in this resistance to the tutelage of Satan, in the greatest possible holiness, acquired humanely under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, on the values of the Canaan of yesterday, so that our "Canaan" can be today in the conquest of divine Love which comes to erase this "parental monitoring" that Jesus was to have to cover until then.

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Just as the two and a half tribes were quickly installed east of the Jordan, the Lord God's support for Israel in 1967 marks the end of the installation of His people, as a baseline for the Christian nations, which are called since then to produce a management by love and no longer for domination, without moving away from divine values. It is also in this that we find this wave of "peace and love" which swept over the world in 1967 and 1968, and then marked this change in operating mode, but also a degradation of respect for divine values in our Western societies, just as it was in Ai after Jericho, because of the failure to respect the interdict of the Lord.

This is also why for several decades we have entered into a frenzied liberalism, born at this period of the ideology of "Peace and love", through which the drugs and many other carnal heresies contributed to the loss of parental limits in the new generations. This sincerity of "Peace and Love" led to the prohibition of suppressing the desires of children, so that they could express themselves, from which a dominant system emerged. The excess of learning, made to the detriment of education and parental authority, on the still carnal logic of children, led them to utopian presumptions, resulting from the impact of video games and all the chimerical virtuality, from which they now derive their good and their glory, but also societal disrespect and that of the word of God. The will of rebelliousness to any form of rules, or institutions representing them, has been established and attempts to block the road to the real goals of God, which the former tutor accumulates for his benefit in our Western societies.

Just as it was in Jericho and it is with the husband in the couple, when its barriers open and his old "correction coefficients" fall, everything then has seemed easy in the world of then, except that the accomplishment not being according to the word of God, the awakening is difficult today, in front of the plot theory, but also of fundamentalism of all kinds.

Our Canaan of today can only be found on the basis of ancient Canaan and not on any other utopian value of egocentric human love and this is also why the spirituality of women and of the Church, placed on the values of Israel is essential, because any divine dispensation is not given to remove the old bases, but to allow their real fulfillment. They do not provide the mode of operation to be followed, as it would have been before 1968, but the result to be obtained by love, without straying from divine precepts.

Today we have entered into the conquest by the Christian nations of their Canaan, complementary to Israel in a management by love and if this behavior of "Peace and Love" was not fairer than Achan in Jericho, it is the bad results of these ideologies which have to lead us to refocus this love on divine values in Jesus Christ. We must not tire of this new mode of operation, until we obtain the right result in the nature of divine Love, without accepting to give in to the temptation to agree with concessions linked to egocentric love, such as fair rules before God, because inevitable in the logic under tutelage.

If we are today in the trough of the wave, it is not the fault of the generations in question, since these are the times marked by God for millennia, but this in no way removes individual responsibility. and collective to want to get out of this rut. Just as after the crossing of the Jordan and the defeat of Ai in Joshua 7-7, Joshua and the elders were tempted to go back, we must take lessons from them by turning to God, in the will to repent of idolatrous values that our society has accepted wrongly. Jesus wants to bring true liberation to our nations and that begins by eliminate the erroneous memories that belong with the bad syntheses of our logic under tutelage in our collective consciousness. We often give them a fundamental value, like that of this "peace and love", because we have often agreed with them since our earliest childhood, which makes them so many barriers to our faith in Christ.

They are these false truths that generate a large part of our societal disagreements, which must be regarded as the inevitable quarrels of the couple, linked to this particular situation of our entry in Canaan. This is why we must want to produce absolutely everything in our power, to come back from the errors generated by our society, without accepting to return to the authoritarian ban, to achieve an immediate result, from a dominant and repressive system.

It is only in the perseverance of every Christian nation, in the search for the divine will in Jesus Christ, that the present carnal libertarian can be defeated and that real divine freedom can take place in our societies provided however that we are not going towards the condemnation of the sinner, but of sin. Jesus having paid on the Cross for every sinner who repents, if we know how to trust Him, the enemy of our souls will always do a work that deceives him and all that he will try to place before us, to block our way, will be turn against him if we stay on track, and that we repent oneself from all condemnation that we can have had toward the other.

We are in the times when it is no longer only to the parts that we have called XY to enter Canaan, but also to the XX parts, left until then as custodians of the divine values fulfilled by Jesus on the values of Canaan of yesterday, therefore without the condemnation of the sinner, but of sin.

It is the same with the church in society as with the wife and the husband in the couple, because during the time necessary for the husband to enter into the renewal of the spirit, up to the dimension that suits the Lord God, the divine call having hitherto been different in man and woman, the apprehensions of going towards one another will have to disappear. They will have to give way to a new reciprocal trust in the goodwill of the other to advance towards the divine will and to remain united against all odds. The traces left on "the wife", in his fight against the confusions and the trial and error of the husband will therefore have to disappear, just like the frustrations and bullying of this "husband", towards what he had already put into practice in the divine renewal and which the wife still refused.

To effect this change of responsibility, Jesus therefore waits the wife to fully yearn for have to say "yes" to God to her own change of mode of operation, but also that the husband is ready to sacrifice his new divinely acquired freedom, just as Jesus did not claim a due, but accepted death on the Cross.

It is only on the day when both will have entered into this fulfillment towards each other, without being brought by the tolerance of sin or the domination of his desires for the husband, but by the 'Divine love received from Jesus in heaven, that God will be able to open the doors to a change the mode of operation of the wife. Not to yearn for this change of mode of operation for the woman and the church, in its complementarity towards the society, would be the same as to prefer the Church of Christ to the Wife of Christ. It would then be not to aspire to receive the emotional system of a divine nature, whose Jesus wants to provide each one, so as not to have to cover up the old programming, so that each one can be perfectly pleasing to God.

The reference point of the wife and the church being itself located on the Canaan of yesterday accomplished by Jesus, and their complement being then in possession of the emotional reference linked to divine Love, all the trial and error of the husband their will be avoided in their Canaan of today, on the day of this call from God for them.

If therefore the conquest of the Canaan of "man" is long and full of pitfalls, it is to the opposite for the woman and the church, which only has to enter into the harvest prepared for advance for her by her complement, but which until then she could only hope, without really believing in it, as long as God had not opened the door to her. We find in them the behavior of the husband in front of sin, of which he could not fully repent, but simply be willing to believe, awaiting his victory.

The trap of the woman and the church is placed today in the fact of believing themselves already arrived, not by human presumption, but on the contrary because of the call of God in which they are for millennia, without having really understood the outcome in relation to divine Love, which they believe to be able to discover only after to have been taken up near Christ in heaven. As long as they refuse to believe in the capacity of Christ to make them similar to Him already on this earth, they are in reality fighting against their complement, as their complement struggled against them, in their own questioning towards the Word of God.

Not only each one sincerely believe it have this divine Love through the coefficients in question, but the woman and the church are all the more strengthened on this perception, that their egocentric love includes much more generally love for their descendants, than that of their complement XY. If this peculiarity gives their love an appearance closer to divine Love, it is however only a slight extension to egocentric love, whose the counterpart of which of the greater protectionism can lead to murder by self-protection. This is also why the integrity of the Holy Spirit in divine Love must form the basis of all our psychological construction, to make us similar to Jesus.

The woman's fears can thus lead her to fight against her own couple, just as "the church" fights against "the Church", written this time with a capital "E". As we have already mentioned, this one is not the whole of the churches, but each of them with the part of society attached to the values of its teaching, of which our Western societies are their complements at more or less large scale. This is also why the trap today would be to impose Christian values on these societies, to quickly create a good apparent result in each of them, rather than to rely on these said values, to persevere in research of divine Love for each one in society. It would be like placing the woman or the church as general of the couple or of the nation and not using the good bases of these, to DISCOVER this divine Love, whatever the length of the way remaining.

It is this divine Love that will become the basis of the Church of Philadelphia, according to Revelation 3, whether for man and woman or for church and society. This is why the great dragon, the ancient serpent, called the devil and Satan in Revelation 12, will not have the authority to turn against it, since both of them of those who constitute it will have received the crown already on this earth. Satan will then turn against those who will only be forgiven of their sins in Jesus Christ and will not have persevered under the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we have just seen.

This is also why the separation between the church and the state, is fundamental to obtain the good result, because if the church and the society must remain united as is the couple, to be able to function differently on the same basis of values, each one must keep its identity, without deviating from what God wants to establish lasting through both, without lead to dictatorship or fundamentalism.

It is because our egocentrism obscures the real purpose of God for each of us that we fight each other rather than thanking God for our complementarities. Whether in the couple, or within our Western societies, both the church and the woman, must not lose their genetic identity, both are called to one day have to function in the same manner than their complement, from an emotional system also written in divine Love, to properly manage their own conscience. In Jesus Christ, God above all does not want the genetic identity of each one to disappear through the couple, because it is on the contrary through the Holy Spirit that both can enter into their real genetic vocation, in a complementarity through which everyone can develop fully. Trying to want to look at the man and the woman according to the same gender, to solve the problems of mistreatment or feminicide, is identical to this veiling the face, to no longer see our carnal spirituality, rather than to make it disappear by the action of Christ in us.

Gender theory is therefore not the solution to make our collective consciousness evolve in a good way, but the one, who would fight against it, by wanting to return to a mode by domination of its emotional system, would also fight against God and Jesus could not fully support him in his just fights, waged in the wrong way. Jesus calls us today to achieve this result in the divine Love of our holy land and not that we return east of the Jordan or in "Peace and Love". Everyone will then be able to give glory to God, because the perseverance of each one will then participate in the reconstruction of the Temple, not that of stones, but that of the Holy Spirit in everyone, whether in the couple, in the Church and in the Nations.