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7 - Divine Love in the nations, liberates Israel

If Divine Love will liberate Israel of its mission, it is because the burden of the testimony placed by the Lord in the hearts of his people six thousand years ago will have been surpassed by a divine testimony in the human "heart" from the nations. If God cannot allow the lifting of this responsibility placed on the woman, the church and Israel, it is not that Jesus did not accomplish everything, but because the part remaining today is ours. This does not mean that in this expectation the attitude of Israel is irreproachable, just as it is for the woman and the church, but to base the responsibilities of these on having to bring to the world the Peace of his divine Love, is to make them responsible for what is attributable to their complement, whether individually or in groups.

The charge of keeping the best possible reference of the passage of the Lord God on earth, could not allow Israel to carry out the complementary search towards divine Love and this is why God never allowed Israel to receive Jesus according to the still carnal image presented to His people. Whether it was during the Crucifixion, or during the Crusades, it would then have been an attempt at accomplishment by logic under tutelage and not that of divine Love in humans. It is indeed fundamental to respect the limits of the logic under tutelage, from the Holy Spirit in the “heart”, in order one day to be able to access to the rewriting of the human emotional system in divine Love, so much for man than for the woman. To attempt to impose Christ on Israel without this result having been produced through the Church of Philadelphia, would be like attempting to displace the bases that the Lord God has striven to keep on Israel and that would be to fight against the Lord God Himself.

All the wars waged against Israel to sway the people of God in its role of guardian of these divine values, were, and therefore remain, led by human carnal incomprehension, incited to disobedience to the Holy Spirit by this tutor.

Since 1948, although the nation of Israel has been installed on the values of yesterday's Canaan, to open up access to divine Love, it serves as XX base for other nations, in the same way as the part installed in the east of the Jordan was serving as base for those who were conquering Canaan. It is with Israel as it was with Moses, for if the Lord God did not allow Moses to enter in Canaan because of his disobedience to God in Numbers 20, if we look beyond that disobedience, this disobedience was itself linked to the specificities of Moses, as it is with the woman and the church. If his specificities have allowed Moses to carry out the entire fight of the exit from Egypt and the desert, they would have become a handicap in the improvement of the people of God. The exasperation of Moses, very humanly understandable, had thus led him to confuse the order that the Eternal had given him, to strike the rock with his rod while speaking to this rock in the name of the Eternal and not to strike it twice as if by his own power or that of this rod to bring out the water. Moses then did not bring the good testimony of the Lord God to the people and that is why in verse 12 we can read: And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.

It was certainly a "sanction" against Moses, but perhaps even more a highlighting of his fundamental specificities, which would not have allowed him to act by faith, as Joshua and Caleb were guided to do after the defeat of Ai.

If the Lord had used him to his advantage during the exodus of Egypt and during the conduct in the desert, the entry into Canaan would have imposed a change in his modus operandi, for which his qualities would have become an additional handicap. Any conquest according to the Lord would have become impossible, because the immense qualities which Moses had hitherto demonstrated, would have led him to return to an authoritarian system, as east of the Jordan, unlike those called to conquer Canaan, the holy land.

This is what we find for the one who is maintained today by the Holy Spirit in any XX system, since no one can be maintained at the same time in the best possible domination with love of his or her old emotional system and in the duty to no longer dominate it in order to access to the new. If all efforts, and even more, are therefore sometimes necessary for one whose specificities correspond to the vocation of Caleb and Joshua, to remain in perseverance towards this divine Love, for those whose vocation is that of Moses, this would amount to try to obtain through domination with love, what God wants to give by Love, therefore without domination.

Just like Peter to whom Jesus said "you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church", at the time of the Crusades the church often tried to bring this paradox of better dominating Israel to impose Jesus, whereas it was thus she had disobeyed Him, as Peter had done when he drew the sword against Malchus.

The conquest of divine Love cannot be done other than through spiritual complementarity, which only the Person of the Holy Spirit knows and which Jesus can place in the heart of every sincere human, who asks him to make Him his Savior and Lord, but also his Liberator. If Jesus was the only one able to fulfill the law and it is therefore thanks to Him that the doors of this divine Love are open to us today, it is above all thanks to God who had endowed Him with the Holy Spirit, from the womb of Mary his mother and that is why Jesus told us that God alone is good. The Lord God does not choose a people for Him to be the idol of some and excite the jealousy of others, but so that it is a benefit for humanity, in the same way as His Son first born was, in the person of Jesus.

We are today at the time of the tipping point of the logic of the spirit under tutelage, towards that of the Holy Spirit and as it is with the woman and the church, God supports Israel against all odds, because of the role common that He entrusted to them each at their own level. During all this time of giving birth to the true dimension of the Holy Spirit in the human being, if the difference in roles between man and woman lead to divergences which may seem final in the misunderstanding of the divine objective, it will be the opposite on the day of victory.

As it will be with the man / woman couple, so will the people of God, for the Lord God has not forgotten the part of his people left east of the Jordan. God loves each one with the same eternal Love, but it will not be by the action of force that it will be so, but rather by the divine action in Jesus Christ, on the day when the nations will have produced the Wife of Christ, through the crown that the Church of Philadelphia shall have received on earth.

It is through the part of Israel scattered among the nations that these nations will generate the Wife of Christ. This will be the liberating complement of the office of guardian of the testimony of the passage of the Lord God on earth, which weighs on Israel since Adam and Eve and this is the reason why Israel always awaits its Liberator in all truth and perseverance before God. Just like Christ this "Wife of Christ" will no longer bear the mark of self-centered love, corrected at best, but that of divine Love not asking for correction. This is what will then open the reign to Jesus on earth and in heaven, until He comes to endow every human embryo with the Holy Spirit from its procreation, as it is today with the spirit under tutelage.

Only God knows the time when a human, a human couple, a human group will be fully endowed in the divine nature, because for ourselves we can only aspire to the divine fulfillment in us, by tempting to let the Holy Spirit lead us as best we can. This time belongs to God and will be put in place through a woman, a church resulting from Israel among the nations, whose initial logic will have built it in its old mode of operation, on the values of the Canaan of yesterday by the Holy Spirit and whose complement will have brought the same value in divine Love. Given that every human couple alone forms an embryo of the Church, how could we differentiate them from other Churches on this earth, since we don’t know ourselves? This is why everyone is in front of its own responsibility, without however know the time, but what is certain is that God is preparing this change of logic on humanity and He will not fail!

After these days, the church in general, whose vocation will have been to influence those around it to resist at this guardian put offside, will of course be removed from this system, but where will it be? How will it have joined its Savior? Since after these days Jesus will reign on earth and in heaven!

Like all persons recognized by Christ as Christians since the Crucifixion, a part of them will have been removed without seeing spiritual death, while the other part will have remained on earth, having received the crown as Wife of Christ. This part will then continue to educate everyone, because if every human will be endowed with the Holy Spirit from its procreation and the basic spirit will no longer lead the human to error, will be all of the idolatrous human traditions by the world, which will produce the bad feelings with which each one will be confronted, until polluting the understanding of some more than others. This is what awaits those who will go into this millennium which is coming upon all of mankind, over which Christ will reign to perfect the sanctification of the greatest number, while a few of them, perhaps one person, a single couple, a single group will be endowed with the totality of His nature. Many will then see these writings as ramblings from another age, because from a human point of view, the world will certainly have changed very little psychologically.

The reconstruction of the Temple of the Holy Spirit and His square in the brain will have been carried out in the secrecy of God and Jesus will come like a thief. The stone Temple will undoubtedly have been rebuilt in Jerusalem, but it is through the path that his "Wife" will have prepared for Him, in a nature identical to His, that Jesus will have entered into the heart of Jerusalem, before coming down again on the appointed day. The human will manage its conscience by divine Love, which will be perfected in each one under the guidance of Christ and even if other pitfalls are obviously to be expected, all human beings will live more and more in peace with their fellows and the nature that will feed them all.

This will be then the seventh day, the day during which, with Christ reigning on earth and in heaven, the incessant arbitrations which the Lord God had to carry out with the former tutor will have disappeared and God will rest, happy of this successful transition, from the passage of the spirit to the Holy Spirit on the human.

To God is all the Glory, forever and ever! Amen!

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