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The Iron Rod by Love

7 – 1 The difference between Jesus' iron and Stalin's steel

If we have spoken several times about the iron rod, it is not to question what we have said on this subject, but to highlight the fact that we are all only humans who are advancing towards the unknown of God, towards which Jesus wants to lead us. This unknown is the one in which only the one who is in the presumption of "knowing", gives himself repressive rights over others, which produced all these societal religious consensuses whose culmination was the reconstruction of Israel. If they had their time of usefulness, they must now disappear to make room for the individual spiritual construction in each one, in order to generate a society gradually evolving towards the divine nature, as it will manage to evolve towards the perfect respect of all its genetic.

If, therefore, we are still waging war on each other in the name of God, whether verbally, in the condemnation of the human or physically, as is the case of Russia in Ukraine, it is proof that some stoop to use the animal mode of functioning reserved for Satan even today, rather than finding the solution in Christ with the Holy Spirit as a guide.

It is in this that Jesus will come to reign with an iron rod so that the world may be saved by him, not in its ancient animal nature, but as a human having been endowed with the divine nature, inaccessible to Satan and to those who adopt his way of functioning to impose their interpretation of the word of God.

Two things, about this rod, are then to be taken into account. The first is the fact that not all Bible translations always talk about the rod in Revelation 12-5, but also about the stick or even of the scepter, while the second is related to the qualities of the metal that is iron.

The Rod of Jesus was announced by the prophet Isaiah 11-1/5 in these words: Then a branch will come out of the trunk of Isaiah, and a seed will be born from its roots. The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon him: Spirit of wisdom and intelligence, Spirit of counsel and strength, Spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord. He will breathe the fear of the Lord; He will not judge on appearance; He will not pronounce on hearsay. But he will judge the poor with equity, and he will pronounce with righteousness on the unfortunate of the earth; He will strike the earth with his word as with a rod, and with the breath of his lips he will cause the wicked to die. Justice will be the belt of his flanks, And fidelity the belt of his loins.

If we take the translation in the sense of the scepter, then this word represents the imposition of a king, like that of a great Lord, more or less self-centered and superior to all others, whereas the kingship of Jesus is in the humility of a simple Brother, respecting each person's free will, in the image of the humility of God our Creator. The word scepter therefore seems irrelevant in itself since it will be neither gold nor platinum, and not even silver, but one of the most common metals, iron. It is in this that the rod or even stick, seems more just and in the image of what was the "stick" of Moses, for a use which will not be in the sense of martyrizing the sinner either. It will mark the value of the testimony that the Lord God left through Moses in Numbers 20, which we have already mentioned in the first paragraph of the fourth chapter. If we have already seen that God used rock and not a man to testify to the wrong way of acting, this will be all the truer with regard to the Rod with which Jesus will reign, for He will not risk stooping to strike the human, whoever he may be. Divine power is not that which crushes the human to break him into a thousand pieces, for as we mentioned in our first lines, the Lord God did not stoop to fulfill this function himself, but used a repressive angel, himself of animal nature, so as not to be a bad witness for us today. It was because of Moses' misinterpretation, related to that which he had received from Pharaoh, himself considered god, that he did not keep his staff in his hand by commanding the rock to let out the water in the name of the Lord God, but struck the rock with his stick twice. If it was his exasperation towards the people who constantly demanded a sweeter life, his misunderstanding, linked to his emotional structure, nevertheless prevented God from entrusting him with the conquest of Canaan, the land of the promised land. It will not be the same to Jesus, since he will already be in this promised land and it is he who gave his life for the forgiveness of every sinner who repents.

If Moses did not reach Canaan, it was not as a punitive measure that it was so, but because of his vocation to bring the perfect fulfillment of the crossing of the desert and the basis of the establishment of Israel, in order to open the gates to the conquest of Canaan by passing the baton to Caleb and Joshua. It is also the reason why God made him see Canaan from the top of Mount Nebo before he died.

This is the spiritual stage we reached in 1967/68, after the Six Day War, experienced as a divine miracle, marked the divine care of Israel in its new dimension. It was also this dimension that opened to each one the right to the individual spiritual fulfillment of his own conquest of his "holy land" which is divine Love.

If the Lord God used Jericho to demonstrate to everyone the new way of acting in the close presence of the Ark of the Covenant, the result to remember was the defeat of Ai in which Acan's lack of integrity was highlighted. If during the Old Testament he was eliminated to bring the whole people to holiness, the action carried out by Jesus during this millennium will lead to the repentance of the person, which will eliminate the part of nature still animal in it, in an attraction to God. In this, Acan represents this animal part that must die, and not the human of today, for whom Jesus paid with his life on the Cross, for every sinner who repents.

If the rod will be firm and soft at the same time, it is because contrary to the image we possess of iron, this metal is very flexible when it is pure, as Jesus will be. It is because iron is confused with steel, that dictators believe they can rule in the name of God by power, with a rod of violence, as was the case with Stalin. His real name was not Stalin, which translates to the Man of Steel, as we have already pointed out, but that of Iossif Vissarionovich Djougachvili, which in itself is much less representative of the confusion in which Satan wanted to lead the world towards the hardness of steel and not the warmth and the flexibility of Love. Given that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin today derives his spirituality from this little father of the peoples, who was so self-conscious about his size that he had to put wedges under his shoes to look tall, it is not surprising that today his spiritual descendant, himself complexed not to have become a great spy, takes himself for the chosen one, while he represents only this fallen angel, called to disappear. What they probably did not know is that if iron is one of the most flexible metals, it is because as soon as it has some impurities of carbon, resulting from its extraction of the ore, it then becomes extremely hard and rigid, to the progressive detriment of its flexibility, unless it receives cold water treatments bringing it an even greater hardness and a spring effect, which refers violence to the one who employs it.

These are the most widespread images of iron, which provide an interpretation of intolerance and hardness, where iron carries in its purity a capacity of magnetic attraction of the strongest, without making it a magnet from which we cannot separate. Still in its purity, iron retains no perverse afterglow, which we could equate with emotional resentment or excessive possessiveness, as is the case when it is impure and retains magnetization. Unlike a dictator who wants to dominate the world to keep every human being under his supervision and dominion, Jesus was not given by God to keep us permanently dependent on Him, or even His definitive tutelage, as was the case with Satan, but to give us the freedom to do the will of our "Heavenly Father" and that is why we can give Him glory forever.

The iron "Rod" of Jesus will therefore not possess all that today repels the human to come to God, such as having to defeat Satan, through the respect of the rules for fear of rebuke, before being able to access the divine nature and the abundance of heart promised by Jesus.

The emotional system of the human of tomorrow at birth will be the one that no human will have managed to obtain since the crucifixion of Jesus, except of course the one or those who have opened the door to this new world.

This is also why today we must not take up Satan's weapons against Russia, so as to crush it into a thousand pieces, so that it never rises from the ashes. On the contrary, we must not want to leave anything as rights to Satan over Russia, both humanly and spiritually, so that it may forever be rid of the system that today dominates it in the place of God, drawing it to God in repentance in Jesus Christ and no longer in Stalin's demonic glory.

It is in this that Jesus will reign with a scepter, which will not be a scepter, and which will be of iron, but not of steel.