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Satan hides behind the word of God unguided by the Holy Spirit

6 – 3 – The differentiation of the emotions of the Small Brain of the Heart

After Satan's tutelage will have been overcome by a total renewal in the Holy Spirit over a tiny portion of mankind born under his tutelage, and he himself will have been defeated in his attempts to dominate the world, the church will no longer exist on earth as an entity that must resist Satan, since he will have lost his role on humans. This does not mean, however, that there will no longer be a need for congregations, given the need for purification throughout the world of all the idolatrous traditions, acquired under this tutelage. The miraculous removal of the church will therefore have occurred in the image of what it has been for every Christian since the Crucifixion and its "suppression" will be linked to the fact that it will have taken the name "of Bride", even if the assemblies which will constitute it will undoubtedly resemble to be mistaken there, with those of the church of today.

If the human will already be born of the Holy Spirit from the womb of his mother, it will no longer be the basic spirit in the brain that will have to be overcome, but the only feelings still existing, useful for adaptability to the context of life, whose programming for adolescence will have been polluted by the influence of all the old precepts. This is to say that if every human being will be born with an emotional system that can become similar to that of Jesus, not all will have received the same influence as him before their birth and even less after. All will therefore not be capable of the same works as Him, until they can remain in obedience to God, until the crucifixion, which will not be asked of anyone, Jesus having accomplished it once and for all.

Love linked to centuries-old traditions rather than perfectly respectful of the word of God, will therefore always be possible to confuse through the only teaching dispensed within society, and it is in this that the guide, that constitute the "church", as a spiritual entity, will remain within society.

Today we are only at the end of God's sixth day, which means that at the dawn of the day following the victory over Satan, it will only be the dawn of the seventh day, not its end. At the end of this seventh day, it will then be the time when only divine Love will remain on everyone, without the impacts related to the old animal nature, after Satan has been released for a very short time and then defeated again, as we have just mentioned, according to Revelation 20-3.

This implies that during this millennium, because Jesus will reign on earth and in heaven, the individual specificities of each will be put to good use, much better than it has been since all eternity, as we have discussed in chapter 5-3.

If the perception of the Holy Spirit is partly related to teaching and the context in which the fetus and then the child grows, it is above all related to genetics, from which two emotional families have always emerged, that constitute first and foremost man and woman. These two families are not one hundred percent selective in relation to the feminine or the masculine, but constitute a tendency of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in relation to the emotional organ we discussed in chapter four in paragraph three.

This emotional organ was highlighted in 1996, as an independent organ made up of neurons dialoguing with the cranial brain and that is why, since the beginning of these writings, when we speak of the "heart", in relation to this organ, we put it in brackets. This organ, which is generally called the "Small Brain of the Heart", has the utility of managing cardiac accelerations and this is the reason why, from the embryonic state, it is the organ from which the logic of the mind under tutelage is perceived, at which is added from the fetal state, the external perception of the Holy Spirit. As long as this human being is endowed only with logic under tutelage, it therefore emerges from this organ the emotions coming from logic itself, although it is simultaneously added to it that of the Holy Spirit as being external to itself, that is to say with a certain very personal ambivalence according to the individual concerned.  

It is however the impact related to the sum of these two emotions coming out of this organ, and acting by reflection on the genetics of the subject during the fetal period, which brings to the neurons concerned in his brain, the first information that will allow him to act according to his genetics after birth. In order to provide this capacity for action according to a given emotion, all this information must however genetically receive a programming at the period of birth, called apoptosis (see diagram in chapter 9). The perception of the Holy Spirit, not being then an integral part of the logic under tutelage, but of a perception external to the organ itself, makes that some are attentive to it more than others.

It is in this that the XX genetics of the woman becomes globally more sensitive to this kind of perception because of her chromosomes of the same nature, while the male XY chromosomes impact her less and give her better adaptability, but overall less initial emotional stability. The influence of the entourage and a more pronounced sensitivity in some men, however, does not make it an absolute rule towards the perception of the influence of the Holy Spirit, but a tendency concretely verifiable, by the spiritual search of the woman generally more marked than in the man.

Male XY genetics, more called upon to build the adaptability of the couple on the values of the woman, is therefore generally less influenced by the perception of the Holy Spirit initially, but more useful to the survival of the race, in its adaptability to its environment. If these are data whose synthesis is partially personal, they seem relevant when we look at the generality and are confirmed by the biblical comparisons that we will make in chapter 7-3. In all likelihood, it is in this kind of specificity that the couple is attracted to the dimension of the church, and its mode of functioning by domination of its emotional system, while others are attracted to society outside the church, to the search of the divine Love today.

We will not go further in this development for the moment, because this is already sufficient to highlight the need for complementarity with the Holy Spirit, whether in the male/female couple, or at the collective level between the church and society, but also at the still higher level, which is this of Israel among the nations.  

If it is undoubtedly this peculiarity more marked towards the respect of the word of God, which influenced the Lord God to choose Israel as the chosen people to bear witness of its passage on earth to other nations, the fact remains that each becomes the complement of the other and that there are no privileged before God. The same is true of the woman's better perception on this subject, since the logic under tutelage, placed in the same organ as that from which the external perception of the Holy Spirit emerges, tends to bring her a certain ambivalence between the desire for the divine presence and the greatest fear of repression.

If we can bring out a certain synthesis of society today, it is the erasure of this perception of the Holy Spirit on the USSR, which we have evoked since the beginning of these writings, which in all likelihood led to their return to the past. If the human receives a certain influence in its initial construction, that of teaching accentuates or minimizes this perception, to the point of silencing one hundred percent, which then places the person concerned under the perception of his only logic under tutelage, as homo sapiens was and how Russia was reconstructed itself after the USSR, unlike Ukraine.

The Holy Spirit whose perception is felt externally to the initial logic is then in the image of a house that could receive sunlight only through windows, provided however to open the shutters. If according to the genetics of the subject some naturally perceive a certain radiance more than others, it is still necessary that the light shines outside, through the teaching received, to be able to perceive the effects without silencing them and according to the correct interpretation, linked to the "logic" of the Holy Spirit, at least in the church, to ensure its proper implementation.

This is where we return to the ease that the analyzes of our brain, have to silence what comes from this "divine presence", whose perception is more subjective than concrete, as long as we are only endowed with logic under tutelage. Whether it is to guide us at the adulthood, or in relation to the construction of our feelings programmed in adolescence, in either case, the influence of the teaching of the church is therefore fundamental, to give some credit to this organ, whether individually or collectively.  

Thus, in a society that has been educated to close the shutters for fear of being dragged into a divine light, considered demonic, which would lead everyone to perdition and Western arrivisme, as was the case of the former Soviet Union, no one in this society dares to open the shutters or only in secret from any other. This society then no longer having the right to look on the outside nations, no more than on the perception of the divine presence, and even less that of the Holy Spirit from the "heart" through the church sanctified according to God, is then rigidified by the obscurantism of his primary instincts linked to his only logic under supervision, as we find it today in Russia.

The impact of learning is fundamental in this not to give reason to our initial instincts, which have remained at least present in our programming of actions, which are our feelings, and this is just as true collectively. Those who have been almost pervasively brainwashed all their lives of the superiority of a system that protects itself from God, because of the very bad image of God received from the tsars, then close their shutters to the Holy Spirit. They thus stop at the single spirituality of homo sapiens to define the divine, in the image of a dog for his master, which he confuses with his Creator, without adding that of the Holy Spirit, even perceived externally. Their intellect thus completely closes the shutters towards the Love of others, which they replace with the intelligence of the system to which they adhere and which wants to be more humanistic than any other on earth, to the point of representing the human ideal willed by our Creator. Thus, after several generations, everyone becomes completely blind to the Holy Spirit, as their egocentrism has grown collectively, in the dimension of believing each other as righters of wrongs of their descendants that is Ukraine. If some would still like to have faith in God, their brain has remained so inactive in relation to this perception that they no longer dare to trust it, so much their intellect silences the synthesis they fear to see, for fear of which they are afraid to become aware, by worry to be confronted with their own mistakes. They cling to their illusion of being the saviors of the world, through which they were educated by communism, to the same inhuman behavior that led their fathers to fight those they considered necessary to exterminate, to erase forever the heresy of God that they conveyed. They continue the same fight against the God of the West, as their fathers did against the totalitarian tsars, the "haves", then the Ukrainians of the Holodomor, not to mention the Gulags where so many Orthodox Christians perished who refused to submit to the anti-God communist regime, when they were themselves baptized with the Holy Spirit. In this the USSR passed to an even more totalitarian and idolatrous mode of operation than the one they were fighting through the Tsar, with the same ideology of "Great Russia", domineering the entire Western world destined for the perdition, if they do not now put him back on the right path according to Stalin.

The worst thing is that they believe in it, and this is where we find the Russian determination to destroy Ukraine today, because as much as the dominant Russia throughout the Soviet period, was relentless in persecuting the Ukrainians in the name of "Great Russia", the Ukrainians remained silently attached to divine protection and this is what makes it different today. Soviet persecution of Ukrainians actually protected them from the worst, by the attachment they retained to Christ, even though they were often forced to use the Orthodox churches as stables or barns. Ukraine or Poland, persecuted throughout the rise of Bolshevism, then starving during the famines of the thirties, found themselves so happy to receive the rays of the sun in 1991, that they never want to close their shutters to the Holy Spirit, even at night.

It is also in this that we must look at the impact of the Holy Spirit on Ukrainians whose behavioral results lead them blatantly towards a great respect for the human, even a great respect for their own persecutors, compared to what is found in our Western democracies. If slippages are certainly inevitable, they speak much better of their enemies than many people talk about their president of the republic in our Western democracies, yet much older. This is the opposite of the Russians and the majority of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, who give us the impression of going out from another planet. Their values, having lost all moral sense of respect for human life, blatantly highlights the nonsense in relation to their original ideal of bringing the Messiah who would reign over the world with an iron rod. They make it all the easier to confuse with this iron rod and the repressive tutor who already reigned over homo sapiens, since the one they refer to spiritually was called Stalin, that is, the man of steel. All the blatant lies in the eyes of the Western majority are swallowed as a necessity by almost the entire Russian people, because of the veneration that the majority gives to their "dictator president", that they idolize him like a god, the image of the tsars. They reproduced what they fought, as does any combat carried out carnally from the logic under tutelage, which tirelessly reproduces its fears and refusals, whether individually or collectively.

That is why it is important not to stop at the mere personality of their president, in the person of Mr. Putin, because it is easy then to attribute to him all the most degrading, qualifiers by looking at him as a hostage-taker of Russian society. As we have already said from our first pages, it would be looking at the tree that hides the spiritual forest, while this forest becomes the proof of the times in which we live.

This worldwide rise of fundamentalisms throughout the world, whose constant progression has been inexorable for more than twenty years, also confirms the times we are living, because even if we would like them to stop quickly to regain our little comfort of previous decades, it is better to try to understand our own errors so that the Holy Spirit can lead us into the works that he himself has prepared in advance for us.

It is up to us to be attentive to the guide that the Holy Spirit represents, individually and in groups, rather than to our presumptions of knowledge of the work that God wishes us to do in Jesus Christ, for the one who is baptized of the Holy Spirit is not exempt from the same errors of closing his own shutters to the divine will, as if to better serve Him.  

It is in this that our Western societies have so much to receive from the impulse of heart towards God and the resilience that Jesus brings through faith to those who want to follow him despite persecutions as is the case of Ukraine. It is no longer a question of making divine law reign in an authoritarian way, which leads to religious fundamentalism, whether communist, Christian or Islamist, but of living fellowship day and night with the Holy Spirit, as it was in the desert for the Hebrews, through the column of smoke by day and fire by night; just like today's Ukrainians.  

The spiritual world is much more concrete than many imagine, even if it is not always so directly linked to certain syntheses disturbed by superstitions, which some make about the direct consequences between certain errors and their illnesses or accidents.

It is also in this that we must not see the impact of Satan projected on earth through one man, but much more through all fundamentalist movements around the world, whether they come from recognized religions or humanist movements experienced as religions, that everyone is considered to have to support.

If religious fundamentalist movements preaching God are to be feared, because of the excesses that humans can use to support their theories of superiority over the world, the same applies to the hazy theories of freedom, contrary to our genetics.

These theories are due to our good will towards God, not to harass any human being, because of their differences with the whole of society. If the collective attitude that emerges from this is virtuous, it is not necessarily just before God. These theories in fact support the error of the emotional system of the person concerned, in the mismanagement of his genetics, rather than giving him the opportunity for liberation according to God, through the rewriting of the bad emotional programming by Jesus.

This is so, because of the times in which we live, and which some consider to be the times in which humans have already fully entered into the fulfillment of the millennium and of divine Love in their hearts, without going any further. in relation to the entire human emotional system. The restoration of Israel then means for them the spiritual accomplishment of the capture of Canaan, although it only corresponds to the exit from the desert of the Hebrew people, in relation to our emotional system. This restoration of Israel represents, in their eyes, the finality of human spiritual evolution on earth, whose total divine nature is found only in the heavens. This is how Hitler is perceived as the last antichrist, before the “Return” of Christ produces “the rapture of the Church”, without seeing the stage of the conquest of divine Love on earth and his own antichrist, to whom they agree, due to the fact that he uses the word of God, to better conceal his purely repressive nature.

They do not take into account individual accomplishment, the total exit from the repressive tutelage of Satan on earth, other than through the perfect covering of original sin by Jesus, and then enter in the name of Christ, into the same mode of operation towards the human, as the Sanhedrin did towards Jeus. It is in this that, dying on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins, Jesus said “Father, forgive them, they do not know what they do”, because those who put him to death could not understand the necessity of the total individual fulfillment of the law, given by God to Moses, as is the case today with the total conquest of divine Love by humans. It is this future accomplishment which will nevertheless free all of humanity from animal “logic” under the supervision of Satan, just as much as Israel from the testimony of the passage of the Eternal God on earth, received under this animal logic.

It is therefore for this collective spiritual accomplishment that this Millennium will serve, which will occur after the difficult times to go through. He will be sustained by God in Jesus Christ no matter what, because if the human has the presumption of knowing what is good for him, as long as a human believes in this God of Love, he will not let him down. God blesses up to the thousandth generation of those who serve Him, and he who puts all his energy into receiving his divine nature from Christ with integrity will remain supported by Him as long as it takes, if he does not try to go back and appear better powerful in the eyes of his fellow men.

If our democracies have taken two thousand years or almost to emerge from the desert, time will already be halved if we refer to the Millennium announced. The whole of humanity attached to God in Jesus Christ will then reach the dimension of the Kingdom of the Priests for God his Father, and if Jesus said "Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"  it is not up to us to put a single human as being impure to this vocation.

May God forgive us all our wanderings and wars, whether past or no doubt to come!