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1 - The mind under tutelage cannot properly manage the conscience

We all aspire to freedom and yet the adage tells us that the freedom of one ends where that of the other begins, which is perfectly true in our current world.

This will no longer be the case in the next “world”, which will nevertheless ensure everyone’s individual freedom far beyond that which we can experience today, if humans know how to take the right direction. This is how if this world knows how to listen to the Holy Spirit, it will then be perfectly free, but if it prefers too much “interventionist computer supervision”, it will be perfectly slave.

Everything will not have already become perfect in this next world, but it will not be like today, during which the perception of freedom is not perceived in the same way by everyone, which leads to a false freedom, subject to the perception of its good by any other. This is so, because since Adam and Eve, this notion of good is brought to every human through a spiritual logic under tutelage, not intended to properly manage consciousness. This is why God warned our disobedient ancestors not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the "knowledge" of good and evil, which the conscience brings, or they would die.

The conscience is the genetic part that our Creator wrote in the human being, whose openness to perceive the reflection of his errors in relation to his genetic vocation, made Homo sapiens pass from animal nature to that of human, in a progression towards the divine nature. It was not to leave them in error that the Eternal had forbidden them the knowledge of this “conscience”, but because of the logic with which they were endowed to manage it. This logic of the spirit had been placed under the tutelage of Lucifer, to properly manage the animal instinct of Homo sapiens and had therefore perfectly fulfilled its function in the progression of the latter until the times of Adam and Eve. Because of the incitement to disobedience to God of Adam and Eve by this tutor, every human embryo, from its creation, is always invested with this logic despite the fact that it is based on a reward/punishment system, which brings only simple desires too imprecise to properly manage conscience.

This is the reason why the tutor, placed on this spiritual logic, then took the name of Satan, the liar and why the logic/tutor set, defeated by the obedience of Jesus on the Cross, is just about to be put away of the human construction by the Lord God our Creator.

It is this combination, logic/guardian, which is the source of all of our current conflicts and this is why the Lord God undertook 6,000 years ago, the transition of logic over humanity, by revealing himself to first to the world through the Old, then the New Testament. This transition of logic has reached its tipping point, because if since the first Pentecost these two logics cohabit in humans, to train them in the proper management of the new "logic" of the Holy Spirit, it will not be soon not so. The "world" called to disappear will not be that guided by the Holy Spirit, but that which remains structured on the initial logic and its supervision, which are both awaiting the application of the divine sentence.

As he did in the days of Adam and Eve, Satan then uses false truths, which are only false in the context to which he applies these truths. When in the days of Adam and Eve God warned them not to eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, otherwise they would die, God was talking about eternal life on a spiritual level, as well as removing that logic, just like that of the change of logic which requires having to die to oneself, in order to receive divine Love from him. Satan then turned the word of God to his advantage and presented Adam and Eve with physical death which deceived them. Likewise today when Satan suggests that the church will be miraculously caught up to God, he is one hundred percent right, since it has been so spiritually since the Crucifixion. When he adds that the thing will happen during the time of the coming of the antichrist, he is again right, since it will be him, when he will be projected on earth, who will turn against those who have only tried to resist, without trusting God to rewrite their spirit in the divine nature, even if they were called to do it. It is therefore up to us not to be fooled, because Satan then places a particular context as a generality. If today Jesus places the Holy Spirit as a second "logic" in the heart of those who wish to follow him in all truth and sincerity to do the divine will, he wants to go so far as to rewrite in divine Love the ambivalent parts programmed by the first logic in our brains before our birth.

Jesus wants to go much further than simply covering up our original sin, which acts in us like “parental supervision” in computing, of which Satan remains guardian, because he wants to rewrite this part of our brain in divine Love, otherwise our brain only applies a corrective coefficient to our egocentric love, to give it the appearance of divine Love.

Only the Holy Spirit can indeed allow us to manage our conscience with integrity, if our emotional system is perfectly reprogrammed in the divine nature, in all brotherhood with Jesus in heaven. If we are today only in an intermediate situation, in which each one is still called to make the choice to follow Jesus or not, some with their old logic and others more precisely with the Holy Spirit, the time is coming in which the proof will be made that Jesus in heaven, can eradicate any part of Satan in the human emotional system.

Then will come the times during which Satan will have been projected on earth as an angel of light, to make divine law reign by force, as it was before, but which will give way to the beginning of this new "world" in which humans will no longer be born under the tutelage of Satan, because they will be endowed with the Holy Spirit from its procreation. Everything will then remain to be done at the collective level in the whole of humanity in this new world, before the kingdom of Priests, which Jesus prepares for God his Father, fully blossoms.

If this is in that the Christ's calling for mankind, everyone's is to persevere on the path that Jesus has placed before him, but whatever level Jesus uses him at, he must know that he is working at this world in which milk and honey will one day flow on our earth, because Jesus will reign on earth and in heaven.


The present times

The times we live in are those during which the Eternal, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wants to lead humans into true freedom of the spirit, which he has been preparing since Adam and Eve.

After the restoration of Israel in 1948, the end of the implantation of its people, on the values of yesterday's Canaan, marked the opening of the conquest of the Holy Land to humanity.

The hour is therefore no longer to wait for physical death to receive from Jesus his divine nature, for after having placed his Holy Spirit in the heart of those who want to follow him in order to best guide their old feelings, Jesus wants to make him like Him, by bringing to the mind in its brain, a Crown of divine Love.

This is the true Freedom that He offers today, not only to the church, but also to the Church, so that it may take on a nature identical to His own, as will be his "Wife", called to live a world of Peace by his side.

The door to the rewriting of the mind is indeed open today to all of humanity in Jesus Christ and that is why we are now witnessing all this rise of totalitarian systems throughout the world, because the enemy knows that he has only a short time left.

It is therefore up to everyone not to let them be robbed of the opportunity that is placed before them in Jesus Christ, because True Freedom is that which the Holy Spirit will bring to a world in which milk and honey will flow, outside of Satan's tutelage. God indeed promised to put his laws in our “hearts”, but also to write them in our minds.

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