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5 – Perfect Love banishes fear

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. These verses of John 3-16/17

are often subject to limited interpretation due to the fact that their writings preceded the almost 2000 years of the desert, during which any human could aspire to endow with the nature of Christ only in the heavens, which is no longer the case today. It was not yet a question of entering Canaan and the conquest of divine Love already on this earth, in addition to the eternal life  and many are those who remained on this vision of access to divine Love only in the heavens, for lack of having lived the experience themselves or for lack of having been taught it.

This is what brings them fear of this "new world", because of the perdition towards which they believe that it is trying to lead them, from which they want to protect themselves at all costs. It is almost to be afraid of one's own shadow, since this world will only represent the best of what can appear today from our old world, if we know how to bring it the good management supported by the Lord God in Jesus Christ. This is the image that we must keep of Joshua and the elders who did not abandon the conquest of Canaan, by a return to the other side of the Jordan in Joshua 7.

Jesus did not come to judge this old world, as the law gave authority to Satan, but to save it already on this earth, not in a better management of the logic under tutelage, corresponding to the old world that Jesus did not come to save, but to save him through the Holy Spirit, corresponding to the new world.

If the Holy Spirit was not introduced directly into the human in the time of Adam and Eve, it is because of all the stages of learning through which humanity had to pass in order to ultimately obtain the right result. This is how we gradually come to the kingdom of the priests in which everyone will have an emotional system entirely built on divine Love, but for this we need to take the next to last stage during which Jesus will reign over earth and in heaven, after Satan will have been projected to earth as an angel of light. He will then try to make divine law reign, as in his name, but buried in lies, he will try to dominate the world without any regard or love.

If after these supposedly very difficult days, everything will not already have become perfect, it is because many will have only received Jesus into their hearts, whose work of rewriting the mind will not even have begun for many. Their implementation of any action will therefore remain more or less built on the values of the current logic in the brains of many and this amounts to saying that for the generation which will follow these painful days, if everything will have changed, nothing will be really much different.

This new world will therefore not be immediately different and excessive surveillance, linked to artificial intelligence supervised by humans and not by God as is the case with this repressive guardian, will obviously need to be managed by the Wife and no longer the church, but it will be up to each one, with the help of Jesus, to overcome the difficulties that this new world will present, thanks to their communion with the Holy Spirit. What we must remain attached to for ourselves and our descendants, therefore, is not to abandon the faith in the vocation of Christ and the reconstruction in divine Love of all parts of our emotional system not yet rewritten, whose vocation has been before us since 1948, then 1967/68.

As far as everyday life is concerned, it will therefore no doubt be like at the time of each spiritual upheaval that were the times of past dispensations, because if each time God showed his will through a few and often only one, such that Abraham, Moses or Jesus were used, as much the individual work is relatively short, as much the collective work is long and full of vicissitudes. The difference between the life of today and that of tomorrow will certainly not be more visible than in the times of Adam and Eve, which we do not even know how to place historically with perfect accuracy, just as it was of the birth of Jesus and his Crucifixion, when this was the greatest spiritual Victory of all time.

Whatever way we can imagine future times, the important thing will therefore be in the perseverance of trusting in our God of Love, because He will remain invariable. If in the times of Satan's projection on earth, it will be extreme weariness in fighting the good fight, which will be the hardest to overcome, during the centuries that will follow it will be the forgetfulness of God, linked to a certain comfort of life to the detriment of faith, which will require perseverance.

In either case, it is indeed the personal vision that each one will possess of the Lord God which will be the motor of his good reactions in Jesus Christ or of the bad ones coming from the memory of the old logic and of his repressive guardian. It is thus that already today it becomes fundamental in Christ to allow oneself to be led by love and not by fear, not even that of God. If the fear of God is right for everyone, it must never exceed the immense and infinite respect for God that brings the love of the one we love and desire to satisfy, beyond our own interests and all our fears. It is therefore in this that perfect Love banishes fear, because when it is not perfect it leads to fear, either of our future or of the reprimand.

The fear of God is justified for the one who refuses to give reason to the divine Love in Jesus Christ and who prefers the strong method by trying to preserve an appearance of love, either in a form of fundamentalism of the church, or because this one confuses with God, the repressive tutor placed by our Creator on homo sapiens, in order to train him on the respect of his genetics.

This means that whether we are men or women, church or society, or people of Israel among the nations, a day comes when we must know how to respond favorably to God's call to enter our own Canaan and banish fear, all keeping this immense and infinite respect for God our Creator and his creation of which we are all a part.

On the day when everyone will have an emotional system written in the divine nature, which will allow them never to exceed their genetic vocation, there will then be neither man nor woman on earth, and everyone will be free to love, without fear to be abandoned or abused. It will then be the true liberation of woman, not because she will have disregarded her genetics, as we can see in gender theory, but in the perfect fulfillment of her vocation, just as it will be with church and Israel. God will have lifted the respective roles of each since all will be able to fully Love one another and all together give Glory to our God of Love.

This is the hope that will make it possible to go through the times to come, whether it is the difficult times that are coming to the world or whether it is the centuries of perseverance that will follow towards the last stage and the perfect fulfillment of divine Love in every human.

This is why obedience to God through Love will always prevail over obedience through fear, because if fear does not allow one to fully enter into Love, perfect Love brings the right dose of respect, located precisely before the fear and allows managing correctly the conscience in complete freedom.

To God be all the Glory forever and ever! Amen!