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Annotations – The ambivalences between consciousness and our ancient logic

Everyone is perhaps now a little better able to examine and understand the ambivalences that logic under tutelage constitutes with the good management of conscience. As we will see, it is then easy to perceive why the Lord God had forbidden Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, when they had not even the notion of the existence of God, nor of their emotional structure. This must therefore challenge us on the veracity of the contacts that the Lord God was able to have with our ancestors, since 6000 years later, we can today verify the reasons. It is in this that our trust toward the Lord God must be total to face the future, because if he took care of us in times when we ourselves were unable to detect the incompatibilities, his support will be more effective now that it is easier for us to fully advance in his purpose through his firstborn Son.

1 - We must see in the word tutelage, the first inconsistency in properly managing consciousness, because the word tutelage means that the initial logic, based on an egocentric love, is itself incapable of producing the right emotional reference to maintain us in the human genetic vocation, translated clearly through the word of God. The limits responding to the vocation of our genetics are then provided by repressive spiritual tutelage, which acts like “parental supervision” in computer science. From its creation, every human being is thus placed under the control of this “tutor”, because of the logic which produces in him his emotional system and places him from birth, under a surveillance to which he cannot be circumvented.

2 - The second inconsistency between this logical/tutor unit and the good management of the conscience, is in the way of functioning, whose desires produced by the logic with an egocentric character, must be limited by the fear of repression. It is the reprimand which, by retroactive effect, produces in each one, limits which are individualized in his emotional system, whereas conscience can only be correctly managed by a logic bringing to the human emotional system a comparative value by anticipation before its very first act, as it is the Love of others.

This is why Jesus was tempted in vain, because born of the Holy Spirit from the womb of Mary his mother, his emotional system was entirely written in divine logic and not in the language of reward/punishment logic. Any excess on his part, outside of the human genetic vocation, would have given definitive rights to Satan over all humanity and this is why the greatest Victory in all the history of humanity is and will remain in obedience to God from Jesus until death on the Cross.

3 - The third inconsistency between the good management of conscience and our logic under tutelage is the tutelage itself. This is placed on the human, not in order to bring him the solution to his errors, but in order to punish him for his possible errors, without him being able to necessarily make the relation of cause and effect with his conscience, as long as the logic lodged in his "heart" cannot bring the key to his confusions.

The imprecision of this logic can thus lead the human being to have to control more considerably an act programmed in a feeling, to obtain an acceptable result, whereas if the tutelage is activated by what we have called "parental supervision ”, Satan finds himself with right to seek to punish him.

This leads to all our confusion between the Lord God and this repressive tutor, which leads some to excessive self-censorship in the hope that their lives will be pleasing to God, while others unconsciously choose to follow this repressive tutor and then protect themselves from the God of Love, as Adam did.

4 - The fourth inconsistency between the good management of conscience and our initial logic is in the mode of management of the emotion essential to generate any form of action.

The logic under tutelage indeed requires from the concerned person to dominate his emotions to make the choice of a feeling, of which the programmed act will be held within a range that he will again have to master to make it conform to the circumstances encountered; while consciousness requires a logic with a comparative input whose inner peace serves as a guide to select the right feeling, so that the act programmed into it only has to be refined to produce the right value.

This is why the good work obtained by the self-control, better known today under the name of EQ (emotional quotient), masks from the eyes of the person concerned the value of the act programmed in the feeling and masks from the eyes of many the true calling of Christ.

These few inconsistencies are certainly not the only ones, but make it possible to highlight how much in Jesus Christ, the divine will is to bring us logic of the same nature as conscience. We must therefore, before the rewriting of a feeling, be ready to manage the emotion produced by the Holy Spirit in the same way as it will be after its rewriting by Jesus, without correcting the action, because Adoring the Father in Spirit and Truth, implies that no correction can be applied to Heart Truth.