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4 - The Wife of Christ, frees Israel

God wants to act concretely in every human and if we are persevering until the end, the vocation in which the Holy Spirit leads each one does not affect the fact of being saved or not. This is what we can see at the level of the seven Churches mentioned in Revelation 2 and 3, because in each of them only those who have persevered until the end will be saved. The fact of being saved or not is related to our belonging to Christ in obedience to God in Jesus and not to the vocation in which the Lord uses us in order to establish on earth his Kingdom of Priests for God His father.

This is how the vocation of Moses was to establish the best possible bases on leaving the desert, to serve as a support for those called to enter Canaan, but it did not allow him to enter into Canaan. His disobedience of having struck the rock with his stick a second time without addressing to it in the name of the Lord God reveals the character of his vocation in Numbers 20 and not a real sanction. If the fundamental character of the guardian of the law of which Moses had been made by God, which resulted in the transfiguration after seeing God in the face, during the second engraving of the tablets of the law in Exodus 34, it would have been too difficult to him, to have to change of way of functioning to ensure the conquest of the holy land. If God showed him this from the top of Mount Nebo, at east of the Jordan and he appeared with Elijah to Peter, James and John on the mountain, in Mark 9, the transfiguration of Jesus becomes indeed a link between the guardian of the law that he was and the fulfillment of it by Jesus.

God used Moses according to his individual specificities, which made him stronger to bring the whole people out of Egypt in obedience to the Lord God, but it would not have been advantageous for him to take a step in which he would have risked enter into deep disobedience to God and that is why the Lord God took care of him in another way. The vocation of Moses was therefore similar to that of the church, to establish the best possible bases, in a functioning as in the desert, to allow the other tribes to refine their behavior towards God, through this conquest of Canaan. The vocation of the first tribes was in this as well important as that of the second, since it was the men of fighting age, belonging to these first tribes, who supported the second in their installation.

This is how that many who imagine themselves miraculously taken up from the earth to Christ, without taking into account that this elevation of the Church was already for each one of those to be found in Christ since the Crucifixion, of which none of them saw the spiritual death, as Jesus promised the brigand on the cross. If during the death of this brigand, no one saw him ascend as if by a miracle to God, it is very likely that it will be the same on the day of the withdrawal of the church, whose vocation to resist the tutelage of Satan will no longer be necessary, since he himself will be removed. This does not mean that God has not already placed the hope of this rise in the hearts of some, because those called like Moses, not to enter into the “holy land” on this earth, are just as useful as those called to enter Canaan, if they do not retain as at the east of the Jordan, those called to cross it.

This is why it is important to disregard all the fantastic interpretations and at minimum to have one's feet on the ground, to allow everyone free to follow the perception of the Holy Spirit in their heart and that this freedom leads them to eternal life, respecting his divine vocation on this earth. In this vocation, the perfect communion with the Holy Spirit, will cause some to be divinely put aside from the difficult times of childbirth, while those called by Christ to remain in the church, whose vocation will be to bring to the last to know how to resist the tutelage of Satan, will risk  to be exposed to what we can read in Revelation 12-17: And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ, that is the church that will not have "give birth" in the nature of Christ and no doubt a part of Israel.

This is also why everyone must know how to listen to the Holy Spirit to be where he needs to be, because God does not ask anyone beyond his abilities. The one, who on the other hand, has trusted his presumptions and his rivalries more than the Holy Spirit, in the deceptive hopes of unbridled survivalists, will not necessarily be kept or raised as he hopes, but rather as the brigand was on the cross.

If no one should be afraid, everyone should aspire to the best things, and today the best things are to work to the Church of Philadelphia, which will see itself capable of accomplishing what Jesus had no right to do as such suffering Christ, such as bringing Judas Iscariot or Nicodemus into real communion with the Holy Spirit of God.

This is also why, also marvelous and exhilarating the present times of the change of "logic" may be, which all our fathers in the faith would have wished to witness, we must remember that they will be particularly difficult times and prepare ourselves for them. If before these days the Love of the greatest number will have cooled, it will not necessarily be the image that many will have of themselves, of their family or of their society, because they will have confused their egocentric love with divine Love and that they will have wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

Jesus wants to make us participants in his Glory, but it is still necessary that each one experiences himself without bias or individual or collective protectionism, because we are no longer called to become better as in the old world under tutelage, but to advance towards the perfection of the new world which is opening up to us in Jesus Christ.

If on the day of this new world, all will undoubtedly have seen their hearts transformed by the Holy Spirit and that every human embryo will no longer be endowed with the old logic under guardianship, many difficult things will remain to be overcome. This is why our world today must know how to open up to management by love, without however moving away from the word of God, so that it can one day become a world in which only LOVE will stay.

This is also why we must look to Israel if we want to know in what times we are, because if since the first Pentecost the church was used to bring out of Egypt the whole of the people attached to Christ which is the Church and leading it through these nearly 2,000 years of desert, since 1948 and the restoration of Israel, the calling of the church has changed. In its implantation as at the east of the Jordan, it is today placed on the values of the Canaan of yesterday, with the Holy Spirit as guide from the heart. It is therefore this time called to serve as a base for those whose mission is to enter Canaan and to conquer the divine Love which is just as essential to it, to get out of the tutelage of Satan, but inaccessible other than by this part of society which forms with it the Church, as it is with the husband for the wife in the couple. It is not that the church is in this inferior to this part of society, but because just like the woman for the man or Israel for the nations, it is maintained by God on the best values of the mode of functioning of her emotional system by domination, to which she tries to add love under the influence of the Holy Spirit. This divine vocation places her as guardian of the divine precepts, just as indispensable as that of becoming a little child again, to allow Jesus to reprogram what we have called "parental supervision", and whose vocation is entrusted to man, as well as to the complementary society to the church.

It is in this that the six-day war marked the validation of the establishment of the state of Israel by the Eternal, on the bases of yesterday's Canaan and preceded the global upheaval of "Peace and Love" of 1967/68, which marked the crossing of the Jordan by the nations. Since then, Christian nations have therefore been called upon to change their way of functioning by dominating the emotional system of each, to adopt that of the small child, without however moving away from the divine precepts. If this is where the main point of friction, it is because there we find the defeat of Ai after Jericho, as well as all the torments of the conquest of Canaan, in which we must persevere if we want to go as far as to produce "the Wife of Christ" whose emotional system will be of the same divine nature as that of Jesus.

If Christ had to defeat Satan by fulfilling the law unto physical death on the Cross and extricate mankind from slavery, for the sentence which weighs on the first logic and its guardian to be implemented, it is necessary that Jesus in the heavens was able to endow a minimum of humans with his divine Love, in the totality of their emotional system. If by his death on the Cross in obedience to God, Jesus proved that human genetics was capable of perfect obedience to the Lord God, it is up to the one who places his faith in the Son of God, to prove today that Jesus from the heavens, is able to endow the human, men and women, born under the tutelage of Satan, with an emotional system identical to his, which corresponds to the reconstruction of the Temple in the heart and of its square in the brain.

If the conquest of the holy land was not done in a day, so is the work of suppressing what we have called "parental supervision" in the brain, since this is obtained neuron by neuron, feeling after feeling, to one day reach the rewriting of the initial spirit in the value of the Holy Spirit. If we have not used the terms "sanctification" to describe the objective of the work to be done, it is because the erasure of this "parental supervision" is quite fundamentally different from sanctification. Sanctification is addressed to the adult so that he corrects his acts by a better domination of his EQ on the programming already carried out in his feelings, so as not to produce sin, while the erasure of "parental supervision is beyond our ability to act, but only in Christ, if we open the doors to Jesus, like little children, to sin no more.

It is this difference between sanctification and the rewriting of the spirit that led the Lord God to isolate from the church those called to become complementary to it, just as He used the Jordan as a barrier between the two parts of his people. He thus maintains as in deportation the part complementary to the church, so that the base of reference that it constitutes is not too affected, by the inevitable errors of others in their research and fights. There are many people in the world who are in this deportation and without even realizing it, are used by God like little children in search of divine Love. If some move away from the divine precepts, others remain firm on their personal bases more or less close to the divine will and in this we all try more or less to discover what we do not know about God, but sometimes have a presentiment of since our youngest age. Without knowing it, each couple working in this search for divine Love in Jesus Christ, is potentially part of the Church of Philadelphia, according to Revelation 3, if they have been led there by God and each one works in the objective that his "crown" becomes as complete as possible already on this earth. The first who will receive all of it will perhaps be the most discreet on earth, in the most isolated places and a day will come when the fulfillment of the Temple of the Holy Spirit in the heart and His square in the brain of the human, will produce the fall of Satan on earth, coming this time as an angel of light, as in the name of Christ, but in a system by domination and not by love.

What is important therefore is not to know what will be the way in which the return of Christ will take place, which everyone is free to personally imagine are coming, but to participate in it, whatever the circumstances, while remaining faithful to God in the perseverance of his vocation. It is therefore preferable to look at the circumstances that we are all called to have to overcome in order to be able to persevere until the end, because the already very numerous prognoses on the manner in which the coming of the son of man will occur, does not often that divide us.

It is not necessarily the one who is used in a vocation, rigid like that of the oak tree in the image of Moses, who is best able to act like the reed and it is in this that we must make the difference between church and Church. If the church is the one that God wants to use as the wife towards the husband in the couple, the Church with a capital C, represents the couple at the collective level, that is to say the church and the part of the society committed to the same values in Christ as this one. The vocation of this part of society becomes that of seeking management by love, on the values of this church, as was the case of those who were called to enter Canaan, on the values of those who were settled in the east of the Jordan. The couples who are called to this second vocation are then deported from the church so that their fight does not have an impact on the basic values of this one, but they are the two that God sees as his Church and not the only part of society called as guardian of the divine values, lived in the best possible use of the initial logic. When the church sees itself alone seeking the divine will, it thus forgets this part of society which seeks to put into practice the love of Jesus, on the precepts which it preaches and which the Holy Spirit supports in its search for divine Love, in view that one day both may benefit from it, as the husband does for the wife.

The interpretation that is generally made to see in the word "Church" all the churches, leads them to believe that they are already endowed with divine Love, thanks to their self-control, which the churches use effectively in the best possible correction of their self-centered love. This veil from their perception the imperfection of the programming carried out in their brain at the level of the feelings and the spirit by the carnal logic and leaves them the only hope of receiving the rewriting of the spirit and the feelings other than in heaven. If for those who will never be called by God to enter into the Canaan of today on this earth, this interpretation is perfectly true, it veils for many the calling of Christ to generate "the Bride of Christ" already on this earth and to confuse the church and the Wife. This confusion leads them to impose on others their mode of functioning useful to their vocation, while the vocation of others is the opposite of theirs, in order to become complementary to them in divine Love, so that Jesus no longer has to cover the original nature of neither.

They are these confusions that led the redeemed people to war against the Chosen People, since they were placed by God as guardians of the testimony of the Eternal's passage on earth, in the best possible use of the old logic. The accomplishment of the rewriting of the feelings and the spirit in the brain, not yet having been completed as it will be with the Wife of Christ, whose emotional system will be the same as that of the Messiah, the Eternal was therefore forced to support Israel against all odds. Only the real divine nature of Christ can be the complement to Israel to open to humanity the exit from the tutelage of Satan and not that which the church tried to impose on it by coalition with the monarchies or dictatorships according to the time.

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