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Satan hides behind the word of God, unguided by the Holy Spirit

6 - 1 – Where the Holy Spirit generated democracy, he will lead it himself on the right path if everyone opens up to him

Whatever we are inclined to think of our "evolution" in management by "love", so controversial in the world today, it comes from the perception of the Holy Spirit, even if the love manifested does not is not already in an integrity of divine dimension, but only in the process of becoming so.

The demonstration of the importance of this perception of the Holy Spirit is brought to us today by the negative result obtained by the Russian Federation, which was cut off from it for more than a century. After a millennium of Christian life, certainly very idolatrous, she herself was cut off for several generations from the perception of the Holy Spirit, through the Soviet dictatorship. This possessed the hatred of the Eternal God, because of its confusions between the true God and the tyranny of the tsars, who were supposed to represent him, and this is how after 1917 it was rebuilt on the values of its only initial logic under tutelage, in a love devoid of respect for humans. The regressive evolution that we are thus witnessing is there to demonstrate to us the true repressive nature of Lucifer, who has become Satan, whom we must above all not confuse with the demons more violent than him in their bestiality and cruelty, over whom he reigns, if we want to avoid falling into its traps.

If God blesses up to the thousandth generation of those who follow him, he curses the descendants of those who turn away from him, up to the third or even fourth generation, according to Deuteronomy 5-9/10, and everyone can make the finding of this curse today. God does this not to produce the death of the sinner, but so that he returns to him through repentance, as we also have the example through Germany after the Second World War.

If this must therefore be proof for us that today we are indeed in the divine will in relation to this progression, through the change in the mode of operation of our democracies, it must also serve as an alarm for us not to stop on the way to the holiness of God. Only the Holy Spirit can provide an emotional system of a divine nature, therefore different from ours today and not human or artificial intelligence alone.

If the situation of our democracies is very understandable in relation to the need for this awareness, of the need for a search for divine Love, it is not even so just according to God, and will undoubtedly advance towards holiness, through the fellowship of each one with God, growing over time. The changes in society that we call "evolutions" are not necessarily all just in the eyes of God, when they lead us to a loss of the values observed during the mode of operation by domination, in which we were until 1968. If this may seem alarming, or even despairing to some, what we must nevertheless remain attached to is the change in the mode of functioning already acquired, through which God wants us to now acquire the same values as previously, but through true and impartial Love, which he himself wants to put in each of us, so that we bear good fruit collectively.

Without this change in mode of operation we could not evolve towards the divine nature of Christ, but only towards a new societal consensus which could ultimately lead us to a return towards a form of fundamentalism. This is why Jesus covers our mistakes today in order that we will repent of them in due time, so that he can bless us.

Until 1968, the mode of functioning of the whole of society, including the church, was managed through the domination of its emotional system by any human in the image of what the church brought, which was intended to isolate and put pressure on those whose the emotional system had been built differently from the majority. The church, of which the majority of the servants was baptized with the Holy Spirit, was then used to generate a global consensus to keep society, endowed with its only logic under tutelage, out of Satan's repressive rights. Those who were too different emotionally from the consensual rules, found themselves pushed aside more or less to the point of sometimes being eliminated by the most radical.  

Since 1968, humanity has moved on to the second phase that we discussed in chapter three, which allows everyone to move to a mode of functioning by "love", after learning to dominate the old programming devoid of divine Love in our brains and obtaining the result that God expected of us in Jesus Christ. He now wants to guide everyone towards true Freedom, using the couple, each in his mode of operation, without us being forced to respect divine rules by external pressures, through any form of more or less religious consensus linked to sclerotic conformities.

If this is the source of many femicides because of the changes in values mostly misunderstood by the most violent, what these consensuses brought were not wrong in themselves, since they led our Western societies to the restoration of Israel, but generated more or less stereotyped societies, now outdated. God no longer wants it to be the collective conscience born of these global consensuses, which generates a directing guide towards the individual conscience, but that the individual communion of each, with the Holy Spirit, produces a real substantive work at the level of the couple, so that the collective consciousness may come alive in its divine nature.  God now wants to encourage everyone to want to enter into the rules that these consensuses imposed as a normality, not by continuing to impose on oneself simple attitudes that seem right, for the sole purpose of not being sidelined society, but by wanting to receive from Him, the reconstruction of our emotional system in his divine nature, after having done our part ourselves. This does not come obviously about smoothly at the level of the couple, because if the basic values once again become those brought by the woman, as the motor of the couple, as Adam was already saying to God in the Garden of Eden, it is their accomplishment, in the divine nature made by God on man, acting out of love, outside of prior consensual ideas, which is the concrete result.

If individually the Holy Spirit generates the necessary situation through the male/female couple, both attached at the individual perception of this one, it is the same collectively through the church/society couple. As long as our democratic societies are held in rules that respect the love of each other, without going too far from the values of human genetics, then Jesus' work on the Cross covers our progress towards divine Love and we can prosper.

If we have entered into the divine objective of management by "love", we must not lose sight of the fact that in Christ the divine objective is not to make us definitively adopt libertarian values, by the systematic abolition of rules respecting our initial genetic data. Otherwise, we would end up producing a degeneration of our societies and a return to the same result as that of the Russian Federation today. The loss of the values of before 1968, which had been obtained by these societal consensuses, as elaborate as possible, represents our original sin, which does not allow us to fully perceive the true dimension of the Holy Spirit, which we have mostly replaced by a tolerant humanistic teaching considered just. It was then a utopia necessary for this collective awareness of the need for change, but we can see today in our societies, that this teaching does not provide all the comparative bases necessary for societal stability, by the dilution of respect for others sliding inexorably towards partisan insubordination, openly claimed. Societal tensions are in this what should alert our awareness of the indispensable complementarity of the Holy Spirit. If our teaching is not bad in itself, since it has led us to the right mode of operation, it does not change the situation of each person before his temptation to "sin", since as we have seen, it does not bring the comparative basis to our emotional system at the right time, for lack of the right functionality related to the "logic" of the Holy Spirit, essential for the self-management of the conscience. Divine Love whose foundation is the expression of our genetics through the law given by God to Moses is then confused with our initial love, of egocentric nature, placed in the animal logic under tutelage with which we are mostly endowed. Because we have not added to it the perception of the Holy Spirit, we find in it the ambivalence that we highlighted in chapter three and a result that may eventually open rights to Russia over us.

Each one acts in his own egocentrism, where Jesus would like to give individually and to each one, the only motivation to act through the Love of others, starting in the couple, which generates family divisions, failing to understand the difference between the simple respect of the laws imposed in a religious way and the real benefit to receive the intrinsic capacity from God.  

It is therefore the weakness of our democracies that makes it strong, because everyone can understand today the need to receive this baptism of the Holy Spirit to persevere in this mode of operation, to the point of producing oneself the true divine Love on this earth. It is against this Love that Satan fights through Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin today, to make impossible the individual reconstruction of the Temple of the Holy Spirit in the human, in the image of what it was in Jesus.

The love in our democracies is then considered to the first degree, because God loves us all with the same Love, and rather than turning us to the Holy Spirit, so that everyone receives the individual ability to evolve his emotional system towards perfect respect for his genetics, we act in the opposite way by imposing a different look on our genetics, to adapt it to our old emotional system.

Where the Holy Spirit could bring us all these comparative values in relation to a better understanding of our own flaws with integrity, we try to educate our logic under tutelage to unjust tolerance before God, rather than wanting to receive a divine logic leading to fellowship with God in Jesus Christ, to progress one day towards divine Love. This teaching in fact produces only an extension of individual love to the whole of human nature, as a need for collective solidarity, whatever the individual behavior of each one, even if these are acts of which God may have hatred, because of the trap they represent in the long run for humanity.

This is there the source of all our current societal conflicts in our democracies, because in this ambivalence, one prioritizes its love, by confusion with the Love that God wants to bring, while the other prioritizes respect for the word of God, without being able to manage it in the Love that God wants to offer.

This is still the slavery and the human misery that Satan tries to maintain throughout the world, because it was in order to avoid these traps, that God had forbidden homo sapiens, the knowledge of his conscience, since the logic of the spirit under tutelage, which we inherited. This logic under tutelage is the one on which Lucifer had been placed on the sole animal instinct of this homo sapiens, whose ambivalences, preventing the good management of consciousness, were perfectly known to our Creator, reason why he had forbidden the knowledge of this consciousness to Adam and Eve. It is because of human disobedience in following the incitements of this angel, who became Satan, that the Eternal God was forced to gradually include the perception of the Holy Spirit, in the emotional system of the human wishing to follow him, and open to this one, his nature of peace.

The process of removing this tutor was therefore undertaken by the Eternal God from Adam and Eve through the Old, then the New Testament and if today, our Creator wants us to take charge of the functions reserved for this tutor, by another way of functioning that this guardianship required, it is not up to us to adopt as truth and accuracy, the traps that this tutor avoided for humanity for millennia, through punitive repression.

When we adopt an extension to our egocentric love, to make it humanistic, in order to consider it of divine value, it is already much in relation to what we were yesterday, as long as we were maintained by a mode of functioning by domination, but vain in itself, if we do not do it under the real guidance of the Holy Spirit. In the absence of access made possible to modify the emotional system, from the simple logic of the mind under tutelage, it is then given a greater value to the emotional system of the human, than to the respect of his genetics. Divine Love is on the contrary to bring impartiality to the human emotional system, to bring it a value perfectly centered on the genetics of the subject, hence a true individual freedom outside the rights of this tutor or his former precepts, when he will have been defeated.

Without the comparative capacity of the Holy Spirit, we use only the tip of the iceberg of what Jesus came to bring to the human and we are amazed at the bad fruit within our democracies. Jesus was certainly given to bring our emotional system to the freedom of respect for the divine law, but especially not to make friends at the expense of divine rules, any more than by the condemnation emerging from some religious consensus. This transitional stage was certainly essential to go further and that is what we must look at today, without wanting to stop on the way.

The societies that have influenced their populations to cut themselves off from the perception of the divine presence of the Holy Spirit, whether in a perception external to the human or what is all the more serious, after their baptism of the Holy Spirit, have then come back through their only initial logic pre-Adam and Eve. They then adopted, as in the name of God, the mode of operation of Satan, in his vocation as a repressive tutor of the human, and everyone in these societies takes himself for the great vigilante of God on earth. They then support each other in the idolatry of their dictator and regroup in a theocratic way to rule first over their descendants in order to reach the entire Christian world, then reign as masters on earth according to their satanic utopias. Since Adam and Eve, Satan has always made himself prevail over God in the eyes of humans, and in this each of them finds a part that suits them of domination over the other, where God would like to bring his Love as base, to get everyone out of this tutelage limiting any development, in which they all get lost. The simple management by "love" being incompatible with the animal nature of Satan, already seemed to them an apostasy bringing them repressive rights, but the excesses covered by the Victory of Jesus at the Cross, are today interpreted as absolute deviations, from which the Russian Federation has the duty to protect from Nazism its descendants, even against his will.

This must therefore be an alert for us, not to go too far in distancing ourselves from our moral values, without making them a hobbyhorse, to obtain a quick result through more intransigent rules. Our future balance is in our return to God in Jesus Christ, in order to reopen the perception of the Holy Spirit more or less lost to the benefit of teaching. The gap created by the phenomenon relating to the demonstrations of May 1968   on the new generations will then heal itself through the repentance of each person concerned, just like that generated by the differences in cultures and religions imported by emigration.