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2 - The essential change of logic

It is fundamental to dissociate the two parts of verse 16, between putting the laws of God in their hearts and writing them in their minds, because the understanding which humans agree with and which they generally call "me", are being built in his brain, by the reflection on his genetics, of the emotions emitted from his "heart" by this spiritual logic, called the spirit. This is placed in the neurons surrounding the heart of every human ever since his procreation and was lavished by God on homo sapiens, while he still belonged to the animal kingdom. This logic was going therefore provide it with a capacity for action based on a reward / punishment system, allowing him to ensure its survival and reproduction, by domination of its surrounding environment.

Because of the analytical capacities of this new being and in order to maintain it on the values written by its Creator in its genetics, the egocentric desires that this logic was going thus bring to it, were going to have to be limited by a repressive tutelage, placed under the responsibility of the one named Lucifer in some Bible versions. The combined action of the logic and the repression of this tutor would thus retroactively bring it the information of its behaviors situated out off the good use of its genetics, so that for fear of a new correction, it dominates its desires, bringing thus it closer of its Creator by a beginning of equilibrium.

It was not to persecute him that this tutelage was repressive, nor to place him permanently under this surveillance, but to channel him towards what his instincts could understand and begin to educate him. This is how we biblically find, through a few words from the beginning of Genesis, what is generally called the dispensation of innocence and which corresponds to the proper management of the instincts of homo sapiens. The role of this logic under tutelage therefore usefully continued until Adam and Eve and spanned a period between 220,000 and 65,000 years, according to current estimates of the appearance of homo sapiens on earth. We frequently confuse this homo sapiens with the lower Paleolithic hunter / gatherer of two to three million years ago, when genetically this homo sapiens was no different from the human of today. We could besides perfectly procreate with those most distant in time and distance, because our only differences lie in the openness to the consciousness of Adam and Eve.

They themselves lived in an already highly evolved and well-structured society, in relation to the living conditions of the first Homo sapiens and this is why the Eternal manifested himself to them, not to forbid them to become aware of their errors and to stay in total ignorance, but so that they do not try to manage the conscience, from this too imprecise logic, outside the divine guidance.

In the same way as the animal instinct, consciousness is also located in human genetics, but it is the openness to the perception of the human of the fair value of his acts, to be obtained by anticipation and therefore requires an appropriate logic to this way of functioning. As it is always with us, Adam and Eve were themselves endowed only with the old logic, which brought them information by retroactive effect and not by anticipation, in an approximate value, linked to simple desires. God had therefore previously informed them not to eat of the fruit of this "awareness" of good and evil and that is why we are all called to change of "logic" to persevere in eternal life.

If the vocation of this tutor named Lucifer was perfectly useful and wanted by the Lord God, to bring homo sapiens to the stage at which Adam and Eve were, it became detrimental to their progression towards the divine nature, by leading them to manage this consciousness by what he himself had created in them and therefore in disobedience to the order of God.

We can indeed make the parallel of the behavior of Lucifer, with that which we could have today if we tried to subject a pet to our "tutelage" and tried for example, to train it with the best possible respect to kill, only to feed. This joy of eating, interpreted by its animal logic, would easily be transposed into its understanding, the joy of killing, sometimes leading him to kill for pleasure, for glory, or simply for fear of running out of food, as it did may be for us today. If we then tried a more severe repression to dissuade it, we would persecute it on the one hand, because of its not interpretable physical sufferings at his level and its attempts to satisfy us without result, would move it away from us and our values, but also of its Creator, if the notion had been given to it. If therefore we wanted to go too far in this training, as did this repressive tutor, from a situation where we would have been indispensable and perfectly useful towards these animals, we would become harmful intermediaries and bring them the discredit of their Creator, as well as that of the good limits already acquired. It is in this that the tutor, placed by God on this logic, took the name of Satan, the liar, because of his incitement to lead Adam and Eve to disobedience to God, by inciting them to respect the human conscience, only equipped with logic not provided for this purpose.

The transition from this conceptual logic, to another "logic" just as conceptual, but based on the Love of God, had therefore become essential, to allow, in the long term, to bring to every human a perfectly measurable comparative dimension, before any action decision making on his part. This is the reason why, in spite of human disobedience at that time, God undertook to turn the page in the history of the old logic under tutelage. For this purpose the Lord God set up a spiritual procedure, allowing first to use his own free will to better control his desires, to avoid the repressive rights of this tutor, under the Old Testament, before providing the means to erase all traces of old logic in humans, under the New Testament.

This is an inescapable key point, because if Christ reigns in the heavens since his Ascension near God, it is up to us to make Him reign on earth, not by imposing Him by force on the world, but by putting on all of his nature already on this earth. Just as the fulfillment of the law was essential to make Jesus the Savior so that He could take charge of us under an authority superior to that of this tutor, today we need a group of humans, man and woman, born under the tutelage of Satan, has bring the fulfillment of their total liberation from that tutelage, by Christ in heaven, so that the sentence which weighs on Satan be applied on earth. This is the fulfillment that the Lord God is waiting for to revoke definitively, or almost, the one that He had placed as guardian over mankind and opens to Christ in heaven the authority to endow on earth every human embryo from His Holly Spirit. It is to this fulfillment that we must work, for it is the opening of Christ's reign on earth and in heaven.

Since we are all born at the same spiritual level as Adam and Eve, each one is therefore forced to complete all the stages and must begin by wanting to enter into the respect of the divine precepts, so that God baptizes him with his Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ, before learning to follow the guide of the Holy Spirit in his heart, as the Hebrews followed in the desert the pillar of smoke by day and the pillar of fire by night.

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