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Only love will remain

3 - When "the best" becomes the enemy of the good

3 - 1 - As Christians, are we defense counsels of our brothers, of the other churches and other nations?

We do not must  bury our face in the sand,  the error exists in the church, because to date, any Christian entering a church would make it impure if it were perfect, since nobody escapes hundred percent to his carnal nature. We must therefore remain moderate towards each other, without however entering in tolerance to sin, which leads then a humanism of concession established without the help of God, through people full of goodwill despite their carnal imbalances, which generates long-term degeneration of the moral values of the individual, as was the case in the former USSR.

Human "spirituality" is built initially in a carnal dimension related to our animal nature, and that includes any individual interpretation of truth, which will have to disappear to give rise to logic of different nature if we want to let ourselves be guided by God.

In order to represent the human context, we all are thus located on concentric circles whose center is Jesus, with a variable spirituality according to the diameter of our load-bearing circle, but laid out pell-mell on each circle. This means that although few people have to go hundred percent in the same direction in order to approach us of Jesus. This is even more obvious that God almost always uses byways to lead us to a destination and only rarely uses the direct path that we would like to do take the others to encourage them to approach him.

The Church of Christ therefore consists of as many churches that require its needs and the will of God towards it, but nobody has a real right to look into the actions of faith on the other, as long as the very foundations of the search for communion with God remain in humility to recognize possibly oneself sinner, and to repent and whenever this is the case according to Hebrews 6 - 1/3.  

Nobody has real superiority on the other, and God who possesses one of much higher than ours, is well the latter to condemn us in our progress towards him, if we develop a real will to follow Him.

Whoever wants to lead his life according to God in a faith that glorifies God, must remain sincere and true according to his heart, with the risk of having to repent in case of error. It is there the risk incurred by each one, at whatever spiritual level that it is, that he is simple Christian or spiritual guide, because only the faith makes it possible to exceed our carnal nature, and to approach us of God, but faith without the "Cross" is a carnal utopia.

This one who engages in the service of God, must thus remain conscious that the denunciation of its own errors will be used for the education of the others, just like this one who advances should not place this one which guides it in a position already higher than the human one, at the risk to fall into the idolatry. We have all the right to the error, even if God don't approve the perpetual dimension: sin, repentance, sin, repentance.

The quarrels on this level are born owing to the fact this one who works in the service of God does not do it inevitably "with God", but frequently "for God". This one who advances "With God" will does it in the humble hope of a good result got by God and not by itself, and will repent him quickly if he stumble, whereas this one who works "for God" the fact in a carnal hope of a personal valorisation which will often lead it to do prevail its ambitions on the will of God, even most obvious. This one who will work for God, will conduct himself in the majority of his ministry like a mercenary more attached to the apparent "results" than to their qualities.

The person, who in his personal glorification advances for "God", will thus be conduct to reject on the others his bad results, that it is on his own "brothers", the churches of Christ or the nations, which he will reject of the Christian nature, under the fallacious pretext that they does not always give him reason. These are these antagonisms which discredit God Himself on a planetary scale, and which brings of any part,a lot of fundamentalisms descended from Christian bases or no, often by fear of losing an appearance of great man, rather than to repent of its bad ways. The human becomes very easy accuser of all that is different from him, and uses the name of Jesus to become the murderer of his brothers, while Jesus call him to become a lawyer. How long will we continue to give the right to all the fratricidal wars that were the Crusades against the son of Abraham, they call Isaac or Ishmael?

The fear, this true plague of humanity makes us act with presumption, and it is because we give it reason which we react so badly, by giving us the glory of valiant zz.hero… (In French, the fast pronunciation of valiant hero, gives the phonetics of valiant zero.)

We then rediscover the question that we had asked ourselves in the preceding paragraph, namely: If Christian spirituality is of nature higher than other religions, why doesn't it obtain better results? We find the response of the mouth even of Moses in Deuteronomy 32-30 How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up?

The union of two multiplies by ten the capacity of only one, which means that the division of two divides the capacity of a single by ten. The operation is simple in the union two men, two churches, two peoples sustained by God fight ten thousand enemies, but their division does that they no more fight that mile divided by ten, this to say, each one hundred.

To divide our forces by fratricidal wars, we forget the true enemy of our soul, and become all beaten humans, whose fruits are bitterer than those of the carnal religions are.

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