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2 - Christian churches

2 – 2 - If Christian spirituality is from nature higher than other religions, why don't they obtain better results??

This is not because the means put at the disposal of each one is higher, that it is well used. Some of ours would say that the "enemy", also called Satan, the master of our animal nature, attacks them more, because it has more to lose from a divine spiritual circle than from a carnal environment of which he is the master. This is not totally wrong, but not an excuse, because if the desire of those who want to follow God is formal, the enemy always made a work that misleads it, its defeats being used as stepping stone for our spiritual rise. To place itself as victim of the Enemy of our souls is in reality used only to justify our incompetence to use an heart-to-heart with God to do His will, and not ours, but also to promote Satan, that could be regarded thereby, higher or at least equal to God.

It is easy for us to say in words do the will of God, but act only in a simple carnal appearance of good Christian. (FD7) and thus discredit the one we are trying to promote. This is why, this one who advances saying to represent God, like does the church in general, and more particularly any Christian church, is more likely to discredit God, than to justify Him with the eyes of the majority. The more we approach indeed the real "nature" of God, more we are susceptible to discredit Him; not because of him, but of our presumptions.

These presumptions start already in our carnal nature which gives the intellectual impression to us that we can make just as easily, than we are or not equipped with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and whatever our way to manage what teaches us the Holy Spirit himself. This is to confuse our capacities of intellectual analyses accompanied of all our goodwill, and our spiritual nature itself. Attempting to operate the spiritual logic since a carnal logic, it is to try to do read a disc vinyl 33 laps by a CD player or vice versa. Without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it is indeed impossible to enter this new logical, reason for which the Christian churches which do not teach the baptisms of the Holy Spirit on the whole of the subjects, but only on the servants destined for the ministry, maintain the whole of the church in a carnal dimension compelled more or less severely.

Only, those who intuitively will search God in the shape of heart-to-heart will receive without same the knowledge some times, this gift of the Holy Spirit, which will almost inevitably put them in the idolatry of the ministry or in opposite in the conflict. That brings about like a dilution of the Holy Spirit to the favour of the carnal spirit, even if it is wise to remain in balance and to fall into no excess. Fortunately for these, we can say with certainty that God does not wait the man is taught from existence of the Baptism of Holy Spirit for providing him, if this one sincerely recognizes Jesus as his Personal Saviour and Lord of his life.

This lack of teaching is not good, but there is worse: It is to teach or even simply to let suppose that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is an end in itself, a little like if our old nature were transformed instantaneously in the same nature than God, and that more of the Holy Spirit will be going then to do us pass in an almost highest dimension. This is a misunderstanding of ourselves that leads to such interpretations. If the Holy Spirit invades probably the whole dimension of our Little Brain of the Heart, at the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and temporarily brings what is generally called, joy or the fire of the first love, although fundamental, it is only an openness to the rewriting more or less of the carnal mind built previously in the brain to bring us the balance intended by God.

It is surely true that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is an end in itself, for the one who receives it in the conditions of the robber on the cross, but this teaching becomes almost a heresy, and at least a powerful decoy of the enemy, for the one who receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit in his life, in order to work by faith to a renewal as deep as possible to the spirit of human nature, constructed and edify in his brain.

It is dangerous and almost criminal to teach the Grace of the Holy Spirit in a form of Christian superiority, which leads man to believe happened before to be gone. It is at this time as one who gave reason to education making the conflation of two opposite situations, as can be the death of the robber on the cross and the life of every day, will use the name of God in vain, and will become guilty towards the third commandment of God. It's like support on a newborn's head in his bathtub, and lead him to confusion between faith and presumptions, carnal desires and will of God, see pride and supremacy of God, is like usurp the glory to God. God will certainly always be there, to try to open the eyes to the sincere person in error, but many wars and bad testimony could be avoided. Misfortune is certainly not too large, when the error is addressed to unknown men, but can become the source of many disasters if it concerns a weak person whose power is large among the nations.

The Holy Spirit is never in our hearts in order to enable us to show our superiority on the other men, attitude that Jesus never had on earth, but quite to the contrary to help us to surpass our carnal behaviours with softness and truth. It is an additional grace granted by God to the man, so that we can enter in the nature even of God of Serenity and Love. After each step of faith, which give to us the victory on our old nature, we discover ourselves, that the law of God in report to "his" victory in us, is then registered all at the bottom of our heart and our intelligence, according to a wonder of good sense which becomes obvious then.

God wants to do become us participatory at his glory, but in humility only.

Undoubtedly you then understood without having to spell things out, if the superiority of Christ is not more often highlighted, compared to the religions idolatrous or carnal, it is because of our presumptions and our pride, therefore from our human nature. Thus, those who act with much less assets than us, obtain sometimes better results, because often motivated by the only carnal reward.

God forgives us!

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