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I was floating on my small cloud

Where was I going?

Did I know where I was going? Certainly not!

The next morning, that is to say, a few hours later, we went to this breakfast of the "Full Gospel Businessmen" in Meudon. We heard very beautiful testimonies, but nothing particular happened for each one of us.

Nothing had to happen to me more than I could have received, since it had happened to me a few hours earlier, even though I still had no understanding of it.

What I had received, of course, had nothing to do with what I expected, but how could I have expected it, since I did not know it. How had could I also imagine how my life would be turned upside down from that moment, when I had not lived it yet, although I had known it since three weeks. Apart from this immense happiness and these few words that I had been about to pronounce and not to understand, what had changed for me, who did not know the word of God on this subject? On this Saturday, certainly even a little out of sorts, to have gone to bed late, I saw absolutely nothing changed, any more than of sponsor. Did I know that there was really something changed in me?

The following Monday, two days later, Marie-Claude went to work for the morning shift, and according to our habits, I went to meet her in town at her bus stop in the early afternoon. There were a lot of people that day; maybe even there was some kind of party, because I remember that there was particularly back and forth when I arrived in the pedestrian street. Usually, when I was coming to this place, even if I was looking for Marie-Claude, I always was taking the opportunity to make a quick overview, in case a pretty woman to watch or to follow would have been in around. The "good" days, I usually was going a roundabout way or change of sidewalk, in order to find me in front of one of them, to have the opportunity to make eye contact with her, a smile...

I was then forty two years old, you think how much I knew perfectly my way of doing things, and there, nothing was opposed to me so that I act differently. It was not because of guidelines or rules that one or the other would have taught me. It would have been enough that one or the other advises me so that I react to the opposite. No! I am seeing again myself that day, arriving quite banally on the sidewalk opposite the Uniprix store at the time, when suddenly, once again to my immense astonishment, I became aware that I saw the men and women of the same way ! As happy to see them living one as the other! I had suddenly lost the desire to follow women, or even to meet their gaze or I don't know what other.

So, that!!! I can tell you that it was a real miracle for me. Me who until then, had always been forced to "try to pick up"! I, who preferred to leave my children at home, when I went down to the city on Saturday to do some shopping, for fear of meeting some pretty woman that I will not be able try to seduce... Me ! I was then feeling the wonderful happiness of simply seeing people live, watching them live, in a happiness that I had never known before.

If someone had previously asked me if I knew happiness, I would have replied annoyed: "But quite obviously, for whom do you take me"? And so, however... Just to watch these people live, I felt more happiness than anything I had ever known before...

I lived these moments like on a cloud. I could not really understand this transformation, nor even to do the parallel to what did I not know yet. I did not know indeed that I was really baptized from the Holy Spirit. Did I know at that moment what that meant? No! I do not believe that!

It was in fact only three weeks later, that I began to realize it, when Marie-Claude was herself baptized from the Holy Spirit. We were going then living many stages, many difficulties, many fights, but also, and most importantly, many happy moments. In this we lived a lot of experiences which sometimes seemed to us wonderful, sometimes happy, sometimes difficult, sometimes very difficult, but which all from day to day revealed to us a little more the Love of God in Jesus Christ.

We received teachings sometimes excellent, sometimes very good, sometimes good, sometimes correct, sometimes questionable..., but here again, when we have put to the test without calling into question, but in order to understand and act according to the Spirit of God and His Word, the Lord, or confirmed us, or warned us not to give reason to the error, or bring us to repentance.

We have nothing exceptional about it, for God is the same yesterday, today and forever for each of those who want to follow Him, and agree to put His precepts into practice. God bless you!

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