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3 - The faith confirms science, but establishes its current limits.

3 - 1 Science remains limited to emphasize the components of our nature, not necessarily to correct them.

Some believe that the human creation is coming from the chance of nature, according to the extrapolation of the Darwin's observations, whereas for us Christians, we believe in a Creator. Some of us adhere to a form of "evolution" created and renewed by the hand of God, while others, most fundamentalists are convinced of the existence of spontaneous generation. This document does not seek to prove a thesis more than the other, since we agree on the existence of a creator. However, we must clarify one thing because if Charles Darwin was in fact demonstrated natural selection as phenomenon being part of life, and by extension, that one of the current human nature in his "Theory of Natural Selection" or in his first drafts "the phylogenetic tree", it does not especially sought to prove by a "theory of evolution" a creator does not exist, him, who never proclaimed himself atheist.

Contrary to this wise attitude, many others who followed him made ​​use of his findings and deductions to  make prevail  their atheism, giving to randomly of the nature the place of God,  while claiming to belong to the theory of this one whom had never said it. In the history of Darwinism, the most treacherous however, is what the majority of the collective memory preserved of him, and amongst other things that the man is descended from the apes. Not only himself never envisioned it, but they are the absurdities that his religious detractors of the time tried to use to discredit it with the eyes of crowd, which remained like coming from him.   

Our creator is however not called Mother Nature, because He did not cease giving prophecies of which we are spectators today, on the outcomes of our civilization which does not want Him. If those which give reasons to a form of “Darwinism” of the random consider that Mother Nature corrects its own imbalances, how can they explain why she predicts them before to have observed them? For the older of us, we were all spectators also physical changes in our own generation, whose average size rose several centimeters in few decades. So we are forced to admit the evolution that has been done during a single generation, although it is not there a genetic evolution, but simple changes related to differences of society. This is fundamental not to confuse the stable genetic modifications on several tens of thousands of years and changes visible on a human scale.

The word of God being sufficient to itself since millenniums thus enables us to consider the true human nature since God has started to appear to the man by his Spirit. We can thus look at the need for a complementarity between science and the religions, rather than a division and a fierce combat based on our human presumptions to believe that we are the only ones to hold the truth. These presumptions often lead to the pride, itself generally conditioned by the only fear of losing the face. This is why as Christians, we would not like especially to start a protestor polemical of the scientific benefits, who would arise with the advantage of any religion or reciprocally. These religions, those give to much a giant nettle rash, of the only name of God, rather than to give the aspiration of Him.

We will thus take advantage from this site to thank all these researchers and scientists, all these professors and doctors of the complementary work to that of God whom they can bring to whole humanity. We will not forget however, the religions that are often necessary to stop the impetuosity of certain too carnal men, who they are scientists or not.

In this frame of mind it is then easy for us to perceive how the attitude of a psychotherapist joined the image of Pasteur, or of a priest, when in similar motivations, each one tries to emphasize the bad “card” encrusted to deepest of certain human brains. The man is certainly beautiful in itself, but what to then say from this humanity to so miserable appearances, when we become spectators of all his misdeeds all over the world?

The limits of the science of today make it possible to emphasize the components of our nature, and it is already enormous, but it is not there to withdraw to the man his free will or to create a new identity of robot to him. It cannot thus transform our “heart”, the deontology not allowing him. It would be otherwise to involve itself in the life of others, and it is for that, the faith and science have to remain complementary.

The faith can take over from science indeed, not because it knows, since the definition even faith contained in Hebrews 11-1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the sign that the things not seen are true.

So if faith can take over from science, it is that it is not either to the image of the religions that say to know God. The faith is the insurance that one does not know yet what we are ensured to discover with the assistance of the Holy Spirit of God accompanied by his Word. It is not the man who achieves according to his precepts to be pleasant to God, but God who guides him to achieve what makes victorious the man, and for this reason only the faith is pleasant to God. For this reason any researcher and any scientist should even more believe in a God, whom he always hopes to discover something that he pressing, but cannot explain yet.

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