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Since logic under tutelage, to manage instinct, to divine logic, to manage conscience.

1 - The spiritual logics

Because our synthesis is of a spiritual nature, we will use as little as possible terms that could seem off-putting to some. In this we will therefore use here the common name "logic", more used in everyday language than the word software, even if the latter would perhaps be better suited to the description of the functionalities of our brain.

The sense in which the word logic is used here does not represent a simple ideology which we can make coherent at will, because it is used in the sense of a "concept" which produces a resultant action, relative to a given context and which echoes the type of language used for its own construction.

If there is one “tool” that computer scientists are familiar with, it is the design languages of any form of “logic”. Through two identical results at first glance, one will be of an egocentric nature, as is the case of our initial logic or in the Love of his neighbor, as is the case of the Holy Spirit, divine in nature.

These base logics make it possible to establish databases of actions in humans, in relation to the genetics of the subject and his emotional state. This provides the person concerned with a capacity for action subject to a certain consistency, to which are added the variables of use of each of them, linked to the EQ (emotional quotient) of the person concerned. This emotional quotient then acts to accentuate or diminish the action previously programmed in the data concerned.

The form of language used as the conceptual basis of this logic is therefore paramount in determining a correct result. It is certainly always possible to conceive equivalences of language, in an attempt to obtain a purpose more or less resembling that sought in relation to Jesus, but it remains in the initial imprecision, to which is added the imprecision of the 'equivalence. This is how everyone can produce in all sincerity, results very far from those requested by our Creator while having tried to let themselves be led by Him.

This is the case with all human being in his presumptions of truth, which we do not escape and that is why everyone must remain modest in their assertions.

Many are those in whom the error is often perceptible, by the confusion they make between a simple Christian ideology and the work of God. An ideology emerges from a philosophy to which all must adhere in the same way from their original spirituality, while the work of God in Jesus Christ is there to bring to humans a spirituality of a nature different from their own.

Those who adopt a Christian philosophy, therefore use their original unsuitable logic, in an attempt to equate the word of God, but enter into a taking of sides towards what they blindly give reason. They try to use a bad individual starting point, of an egocentric nature to which they bring a corrective coefficient to make it look like the Love of their neighbor.

It is the programming accomplished by our initial logic of a carnal nature that our Creator wants to rewrite into the divine nature and no longer just educate the old, through a better application of our EQ. What was right as an objective under the Old Testament for the Hebrew people, or as it was with the help of the Holy Spirit for the church and society until 1948, remains a simple step which we must realize today.

As a first step, this way of educating the old nature is not wrong indeed and remains essential to go further towards the rewriting of our "heart" and our brain, but as we have just said and that we we will see later, it only constitutes one stage.

The logic with which we are initially endowed was put in place in homo sapiens to ensure its survival by instinctive self-protection, in its various contexts of life, while that of divine nature is designed on the language of the Love of our neighbor. This is why the divine "logic" of the Holy Spirit makes it possible to manage any conflicting situation out of rivalry and fear, and therefore out of any domination over the other, if we know how to trust the perceptions coming from our heart. God Loves us all with the same Love, which is why divine logic banishes the fear brought by self-centeredness.

It is therefore quite obvious that the result is not the same if we adapt our initial logic, programmed in our brain, to produce an equivalence to the divine logic, even if, to achieve our ends, we work in communion with the Holy Spirit of God in our heart. We then sincerely produce acts that resemble as closely as possible the interpretation we have of the word of God, but they remain marked by the bad imprint of our initial logic, which are fear, egocentrism or any other form of fleshly drift. We do not necessarily know how to discern its origin at the individual human level, but God who knows everything, necessarily detects it, in the same way that monitoring social networks sanctions prohibited expression. Where God therefore asks for wisdom, some correct their fears as best they can, to make it look like divine wisdom, while others see it as an attack on their freedom, because of their presumptions which refuse this correction of fear. They then see in wisdom only a form of carnal bullying that does not conform to love, which is why some go so far as to reject the God of Love in favor of their lying tutor.

After having baptized us with the Holy Spirit, Jesus does not ask us the impossible. He only asks us to become aware of the ambivalence between our expected results in his presence and those we see after putting them into practice, in order to repent of them. Only the Love of our neighbor generally differs and it is in this that the Love of others remains as the only guide to the good practice of the Law, which leads to God in Jesus Christ.

As we alluded to in the cover summary of this book, Jesus wants us to give Him the voluntary opportunity to reprogram our brains. The time and perseverance, to achieve the right result, will certainly not be the same whether we simply adapt our old logic to his word or whether we go so far as to give Jesus the rights to this rewriting. The result will not be the same either, because it will no longer be linked to a more or less fair equivalence and that is the whole point of trusting completely in Christ, as we are going to define it as we read.

Throughout this presentation and in order to avoid misunderstandings frequently encountered, with regard to spirituality, we will therefore keep as much as possible the term spiritual logic, "carnal or divine", even if the Holy Spirit represents a lot more than a simple logic.

If we want to fight effectively against our carnal logic, it is indeed fundamental to look at it at its true spiritual value, even if this spirituality is of a nature lower than the Holy Spirit.

Whoever refuses to look at the spirituality of its carnal logic, is led to fight against his own flesh, its own emotional system which it calls "me". It therefore tries to do violence to itself in order to overcome with severity what its fear produces, itself contained in this carnal logic, even if the person concerned does not know how to discern it. If, on the contrary, this person looks at its carnal logic, as being a bad spirituality, of which it nevertheless remains responsible for the good use, it can then fight against it, with the help and authority of Christ. This person can then fight the good fight of faith against this repressive tutor who has spiritually swindled it, by imposing on it the use of an emotional system in the foundations of which he has placed spiritual error, in order to better dominate the human.

This is why, we will look in the next chapters, how this first logic is structured in us during the fetal period, even embryonic. This remains the one with which homo-sapiens was endowed and the one that Jesus, born of the Holy Spirit from the womb of Mary, conquered on the Cross by his obedience to God.

 After this short preamble, we are therefore going to quickly fly over the history of human spirituality, in order to understand in what dimension of spirituality, the Eternal, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wants to bring forth the human in his divine nature already on this earth.

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