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From logic under tutelage, to manage instinct, to divine logic, to manage consciousness.

2 – Human servitude is in his spirituality

To better invest ourselves towards the fulfillment that God is preparing for humanity, we must look at where we come from and what was the journey of this humanity, so as not to be tempted to go back, giving reason to the Antichrist, by carnal self-protections and dominations or uncontrolled liberalisms.

The Bible is there to guide us towards the understanding of our spirituality, from the moment God began to call the human: "man". It was therefore after God began to reveal Himself to the human, both through supernatural situations in his eyes, and through his conscience, that He held him responsible for not remaining faithful to his precepts.

Access to consciousness is not the fact of becoming aware of an attitude or behavior to adopt through some form of learning, but the opening to an intuitive ability to compare our genetic data with the results produced by our emotional system.

The biblical writings tell us only very succinctly about the millennia preceding the opening to this consciousness, during which man existed only under the name of homo sapiens, in his strictly carnal nature, not to use the offensive term animal. This term would certainly not be completely false, but also not the most accurate, because although of an animal nature, homo sapiens was already in a dimension in which no animal today would really be comparable to it.

In many parts of the world, six thousand years ago, the one we call here "homo sapiens" was already intellectually capable of building tools, weapons, as well as sites of life structured and governed by very hierarchical societies. The logic under tutelage of which we have just spoken, had thus allowed him the progression that we know, since around this period, he had already begun to extract certain metals such as copper and had therefore long since passed the stage of hunter-gatherer of the Neolithic. The congeners of Adam and Eve also practiced breeding and growing plants in many parts of the world. Homo sapiens was at that time, much more intellectually and psychologically advanced than any animal can be today, although remaining then in structures of societies and conflicts that may seem basic today.

Neanderthal man, who had himself passed the stage of hunter-gatherer, had already disappeared for about twenty-five thousand years, in the period of Adam and Eve. According to some paleoanthropologists, homo-sapiens, which interests us, existed on earth for at least sixty-five to seventy-thousand years, while others place its presence at about two hundred thousand years before this period, or even much more.

During all this time, of about sixty-five-thousand years at least, this homo-sapiens had thus remained very usefully managed by the spiritual logic of animal nature under tutelage. He was unable to compare his actions with his genetics, either retrospectively after the creation of his ancient emotional system, as is still our case today, and even less by anticipation, as we will talk about again.  Only the memory of his fears of repression, linked to bad past experiences, guided him towards respect for this genetic. This is why this whole period is biblically equated with the pre-dispensation of God, called "innocence" and related only by a few words, which demonstrate its existence.

Then came God's first contact with the human being in the Garden of Eden, from which God called homo-sapiens, "man", because he had begun to reveal himself to him, compared to this consciousness and having set him the limits not to be crossed, without having to bear certain consequences. The Bible then records the rebellion of Lucifer, who then took the name of Satan, the liar. His fall was the result of influencing Adam and Eve himself towards disobedience to God, to preserve his privileges and try to make them master this consciousness, by means of a logic devoid of the functionalities essential to its good management. This barely hatched human allowed himself to be dragged by his lust to become superior and while in the infancy of his awareness of good and evil, God had protected him by prohibition, humanity became rebellious to its Creator, because of the overconfidence it granted to this guardian and his inappropriate logic.  Jehovah God having begun to reveal Himself to them, called them men and women, to differentiate them from what they were before, since they then had an ability to examine their conscience, contrary to what they were previously led by their instincts alone.

Just as consciousness is not what we can learn to become aware of, instincts are not the only instinctive reactions. Everyone knows today that God has placed in the genetics of every living being, an innate behavior, specific to his race, comparable to "his good, and his evil", which is called instincts, as long as the subject is unaware of his actions. This innate behavior is repetitive almost infinitely, which makes it possible to find today breeds with identical characteristics for several million years, always managed by the same initial instincts.

In contrast to these often-basic races, we find races with the same basic instincts, but to which is added a mental structure allowing a more or less high respect for the rules learned, in order to allow them greater adaptability to different contexts of life.

It is in this type of functionality that homo sapiens was conceived by God, with a brain structure allowing him to receive a logic that builds an individualized emotional system, which provides for his need for action and reflection.

We also find this type of structure in domesticable animals, but, although endowed with some capacities of comparison more than others, they nevertheless remain limited in their analyses and their ability to build themselves rules of life in accordance with their instincts. This therefore requires on them a sometimes soft, sometimes rougher training, as man knows how to do to use them. We could say that they have a beginning of ability to correct the data contained in their instincts, without derogating from the conformity of their genetics, although they are far from being able to make a synthesis as it is of the human of yesterday and today. The analyses of humans allow them to assess the apparent interest of using their adaptability to respect or turn away from the precepts written in their genes by their Creator, which is not necessarily the case in animals.

This is why in humans we no longer call them instincts, as in the time of homo sapiens, but "consciousness". In addition to the fact that this consciousness is common to every human by its genetics, we have a certain access to it that allows us to give it a more or less fundamental retrospective value, in relation to our emotional behaviors programmed in our brain, resulting from our initial logic located in our "heart".

As we have just discussed, this emotional structure of a carnal nature is thus created in humans in correlation with their genes and produces in each one an individual structure that we often confuse with ourselves. However, it remains outside of our genetics, since it can correct its impact, which allows everyone to act below or beyond their genetic data. This logic then produces behaviors outside the framework of the good management of this genetic, called in this case "sins".  Satan, the guardian before God of this logic of carnal training, thus possesses a right of rebuke more or less severe, not according to his will, because God remains master of the limits to be granted to him, but in part nevertheless according to his appreciation of the situation of sin. If Satan's guardianship over mankind were not spiritual in nature, it would correspond to ours with our pets, for example. We possess only an impact of individual training, by the interest they find in obeying us, while Satan has an overall spiritual impact on us, by his responsibility for the proper use of the constructive logic of our emotional system, on which he has been placed, and for which he remains responsible despite his disobedience to God.

The logic that is attached to Satan’s tutelage can also lead us to attitudes more despicable than the animals themselves, if we give free rein to the imprecision of this logic, in situations of lust or revenge, to name only a few human shortcomings. Satan then uses these excesses to his advantage, to rebuke some of them more harshly in favor of others, according to the appreciation he makes of each one in his context, without the human being, being able to derive a direct relationship of cause and effect. It was because of the logic under tutelage with which they were endowed, that God had protected Adam and Eve from death, by forbidding to eat the fruit of the tree of this knowledge of consciousness, for every human is potentially part of the final divine goals, which corresponds to eternal life, while Satan is certainly not part of this purpose.  It is the ability to examine our conscience that makes us responsible for the proper use of a logic unsuited to the proper fulfillment of the needs of our genetics and that places on humanity a servitude from which God wants to free us.

What our guardian before God, was called to bring in training on homo sapiens, must therefore today be taken care of by our free will, if we wish to stay away from its repressions. It is what this logic creates in our brain, as an emotional structure indispensable to all action, that keeps us under its repressive tutelage of Satan and thus in rebellion to God. This is why the need for reconciliation with our Creator is indispensable through the desire to put into practice his rules and precepts, so that in Jesus Christ he can first initialize our heart of His divine logic, itself indispensable to the rewriting of our emotional system in our brain.

It was therefore not general knowledge, from which God wanted to protect the human, as some carnal religions try to impose its implementation, but because of his fears or carnal lusts, which would lead the human to many excesses of imagination, after examination of this conscience.  If we took a concrete example of the reasons that led God to warn us, about not eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we could compare this situation to that of wanting to make our computers or mobile phones of yesterday read what we get with those of today. The imprecision would be such that it would then be easy for us to confuse a mouse with a mammoth, or vice versa, both the deformations that these ancient devices would generate if they managed to design an approximate image.

This is also why, in the infancy of openness to the complete revelation of God to the human, we must only see a spiritual evolution of humanity and not a "mutation" related to the theory of evolution, as some might imagine.

We have indeed remained exactly the same as before on the genetic level and this spiritual tipping point, linked to the opening of the consciousness of Adam and Eve by God, must therefore be regarded as the real first dispensation of God to the human. It was certainly only the interlocking of the door to the divine nature, which Jesus finally opened by his obedience to God until death on the Cross, which allowed Him since then to initialize with a spiritual logic of a divine nature, the "heart" of every human wishing to follow him, in order to be able to return one day,  his entire emotional system consistent with his consciousness.

This new logic is indeed directly compatible with our genetics and that is why, in order to close the loop towards complete communion with our God and the exit from Satan's tutelage, we must enter through the door opened by Jesus, but with voluntary respect to stand out of Satan's repressive rights.

Jesus did not come to abolish the Law given by God to Moses, but to fulfill it, in order to make us individually capable of respect according to God, both for our genetics and for the Word of God. Jesus then begins by initializing our "heart" with his divine logic of the Holy Spirit, before writing it in our minds according to Hebrew 10-16. This rewriting then signals the gradual death of our old logic and God no longer "remembers" our "original sin" through these rewritten parts, the traces of belonging to our old logic having disappeared.

It is this death that God was talking about, when he addressed Adam and Eve, since our initial logic is incapable of leading to the perfect respect of our conscience, set up by God in our genes.

It was then easy for Satan to slip into the misinterpretation of the human, to lead him to preserve an outdated logic and to encourage him to try to surpass this logic, which he would then confuse with himself, often going so far as to attack God in relation to his own mistakes. If Satan was so sure of himself through this lie, it is because this logic is of course intended not to be circumvented by the human, which is why a Liberator born of the Holy Spirit from the womb of his mother was indispensable to him.

As we said in the first paragraph about the responsibility for carnal error, man actually attributes to himself, what the enemy of his soul has placed in the foundations of his emotional system, which he calls "me".  That is why, despite all his good will, and even after receiving the Holy Spirit in his "heart", he cannot fully access the Love of his neighbor, without appealing to this Liberator at the right time, so that his free will opens to this Liberator, the rights to the rewriting of what has been programmed in him.

It is because the human remains in ignorance of himself, that he strives to correct as best as possible what is impossible for him to reach without turning in the manner of a little child to Jesus, while Jesus in heaven, is the only one to possess all authority to rewrite what is programmed in any human whatsoever.

God Loves us all with the same Love, but we must never forget that He cannot do anything for us without our full will to follow Him as adults. It is indeed at this period of our life that it becomes possible for us to open the door to Jesus, to free ourselves from the anchor points created in our brain by the logic with which homo sapiens was already endowed, but never without the intervention of the Holy Spirit in the "heart" and that of Christ in the heavens.

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