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2 - The Small Brain of the Heart.

2 - 3 - In John 14-23 Jesus speaking about Him and the Father, said: "And we will come unto him, and make our abode with him!" Was he talking about our house or rather our small brain of the Heart?

In order not to create a controversy that would not occur to exist, we will immediately set the limits of what could be this "antenna", this "little brain of the heart." Some are taken perhaps dreaming of extraterrestrial and others are leaving to war against those who could wear an antenna as a hat. Obviously it's not about that, because then it would open a very large door in spiritualism and why not schizophrenia. The last point we raised in the previous paragraph about looking at this organ as a form of antenna is the magnetic field emitted at the level of this organ, which may surprise some. It is true that preconceptions at this ideas can be linked to the teachings of some Eastern cultures, which tend to explain such a phenomenon in front of the cranial brain, or if we took account of the whole of our body mass as being generating of this phenomenon, this assumption would then locate it at the level of our center of gravity, therefore around the navel. In addition, we must not forget that the neurons contained in our intestines are much more numerous than those placed near the heart and that inevitably, they would accentuate the phenomenon of magnetic field to the bottom of the body, if the neuronal activity not protected by box cranial was the source of this magnetic field. So it is no coincidence that our magnetic field is centered on our Small Brain of the Heart, and that measurable external phenomenon confirms our perceptions related to the activity of this body. Its usefulness seems also multiple as can be our sensory perceptions related to sensations of our 'heart', as for example the perceptions of well-being or ill-being in close presence or not with some people or according to the context and the encountered environment. We must also not lose sight of the importance of our sensations of fullness or not of the heart, which are the personal revealing of our spirituality in more or less close agreement with the Spirit of God.

If we indeed make a link with the biblical texts, when Jesus announces in John 14-23 “If a man loves me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him”, it is easy for us to understand he does not speak more to come live in our heart muscle as a dialogue between the planet Mars and Earth. This biblical verse marks on the contrary, the need for close contact between the two brains, the Spirit of God coming to live in neurons of our heart, through a “software” related to the Holy Spirit. This small brain of the heart then takes over the look of a guide for brain cranial, and that's what does therefore when Jesus has installed its software in our Little Brain of the Heart instead of that or those previously existing carnally, more we leave to it opportunities for guidance, more it brings peace and cardiac coherence in difficult times, but also it brings consistent guidelines in relation to the Spirit of God, to manage our daily life. Of course and according to our experiment lived, the result of this new writing, this new spiritual software located in the neurons of our Small Brain of the Heart, is biblically called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (See chapter 8 Boomerang Effect or France and God).

In order not to shock anybody by the use of this “spiritual” word, also let us recall that the spiritual field is not an abstract thing related to some delirious of religious people, but is firstly in us by what we more generally call the subconscious. As we already saw in chapter 1-4, the beginning of our psychological construction located at the level of the limbic brain is created with the state of fetus by interpretations of the experiments lived within our mother, according to the criteria of our genetics then the antenatal neuronal pruning which follows. It would be perhaps more judicious at this stage, to speak about “our spirits”, because each one knows that a human being does not build itself on only one experiment and only one mode of reaction. If so, we talk about spiritual and antenna, it is no longer necessarily a transmitting antenna receiving radio waves, but rather a complete sensory system, whose function would be a spiritual guide at our disposal which we can give right or not.

Through this approach and our experience lived mainly reported in Boomerang Effect from chapter eight, we may already be convinced that this is the confidence we have in the perceptions emitted by this "organ ", when it is reset according to Jesus, we can move forward in our experiences of faith in communion with God, beyond our carnal logic and let us lead gradually to a complete reconstruction of our mental being. Thus we can live spiritually in the heart that the Hebrews physically lived in their exodus from Egypt (Exodus 13) in the Old Testament, when they had to follow the pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire at night.

If we cheerfully speak about the higher spiritual field that is Jesus, and indirectly thus well-founded of going towards the Love of its next, we should not forget all attractions other human, spiritual or not, towards which the man aspires to advance sometimes more than others. God loves us, and wishes that we "aspired" wholly to Him. How so could He forget to equip us with a system allowing us to be guided to our "aspirations"? We certainly have the possibility to turn us to others attractions than Him, and each one goes towards what he believes is best for him. It is starting from this kind of deduction which we then perceive easily from where we comes this perception to better feel us in an environment than in the other, like in the presence of a person or other. Any matter actually emits a wavelength, as well as any thought, any color, any diseased organ or healthy, and it is likely by this organ, we receive a certain discernment of insecurity or insurance, beyond our intellectual analyses, even if its subjectivity is very random in relation to our other sensory organs.

As any sensory system this one is more or less reliable according to the individual, its motivations, and the spirit in animal matter or the Spirit in higher matter which manages it. Beyond our perceptions visual, auditory, or tactile, it would therefore be of him that we would some perceptions more or less subject to the nature from its software, which transcribe in real life as "a bubble of protection" to some people more than other, in a dimension that is unique to each and often linked with the surrounding context. This protective bubble actually is the distance at which we can allow ourselves to be approached by a person more or less known and more or less in agreement with ourselves, without to perceive us assaulted or taken hostage. We can also notice it in the everyday life by the distance which is more or less necessary for us according to the state of mind in which a person is, whereas in other moments we feel as attracted by it. It would be from that little brain of the heart, beyond our other sensory organs and of our intellectual analyzes, we can place our trust in some people more than others, but also in some contexts more than others. That would highlight besides, after scientific confirmation that the more it is of raised nature, the more it is usable advisedly, and in a good harmony combined with our cranial brain.

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