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The marvels of human procreation

Only two months after the oocyte 2, called zygote, the child of 3 cm and 2.5 grams is already completed more than 90%.

If we examined in detail the first three weeks after fertilization, it was so that everyone can be aware of the system already established in a period where most of the women did not yet really awareness of being pregnant. It is also at this time that is best described this complexity recorded in a cell of only one tenth of a millimeter in diameter, because once past the period in which it has worked almost exclusively in its own self-protection,  it will ensure  from then only the design of the members and organs that we all know.

Through all these scientific explanations, we do not want to lose sight of our true motivation is to make everyone aware that the whole hierarchy of data, were already registered in the first cell as from the moment when we called oocyte 2, as equipped with the 46 chromosomes from the mother and father, before the start of the cleavage. When we see how much, in any mammal, the same protective cycle of this cell is already set up so that it can survive and to develop the few embryonic cells which will give rise to a living being, we see well that nothing is left randomly or at chance in the construction industry of our organization. The list would be long if we wanted to establish it, but to stay in outline, we can already look at the correlation hormonal surges and time that will put the ovum to reach the uterus, the fallopian tubes of length which must allow sufficient development of the zygote cell, but not too long, however, to allow the sperm cells to reach it. Already through the follicular fluid, both protective gel, cruise control and bait into the Fallopian tubes for sperm, should we see only a fortunate chance? No!

On the other hand we can see how the man's obstinacy is great in terms of our human refusal, to recognize the existence of a creator, because already at the only implantation in the uterine endometrium, we saw how science today cannot yet define what is driving the formation of sincytiotrophoblast cells that will originally part of the maternal placenta. Debates remain open, namely if it is the mucous membranes endométriales or the trophoblast cells which surround the specifically embryonic part, which generates the share of this organ. If, despite all the research that we can do in these areas, we cannot define things that we could almost call "simple" for a creator, how a simple chance, by definition without intelligence, could generate such information with as many obligations and prohibitions, without millions of chances which we daily spectators?

However, before answering this question, and look at some aberrations of the chance of the evolution’s theory that has no reason to be for the good of humanity, if not that of discrediting the existence of God, we will take the time to glance through to the end of the embryonic period, during which these different organs are appearing, grow and strengthen. We recall once again that if someone is eager to deepen this subject so interesting that is human procreation, he can do it on sites much more scientific than ours, and we propose below bibliography.

9 – Embryonic development

For the record, the periods indicated below are the days after fertilization and are rendered approximate, by the frequency of the original cell division, variable depending upon the person.

Around 26th day,

H = 1,5 à 2 mm

Around 27, 28th day,

H = 2 à 3 mm

Around 29, 30th day,

H = 3 to 5mm

Around 35, 36th day,

H = 6 to 9 mm

Around 41 to 43td day,

H = 10 to 15mm

Around 49 to 52nd day,

H = 18 to 25mm

Around 56 to the 60th day,

H = 25 to 30 mm, h = 12 to 15mm. Weight about 2.5 g

1) Somites, future vertebrae

2) Cardiac crest

6) Bulges of the ears

7) Nasal crest

8) Development of the mouth

9) Development of the arms

10) Development of the legs

h/H) Around 56 to 60 days after fertilization, the head is almost half the total size (H) of the embryo which then becomes into the definition of the fetus, since 90% of the 4500 structures listed about adults are in place. The sexual organs count among the principal missing structures which will appear around the 12th week, to specialize two weeks later according to the sex. The principal cerebral structures and the spinal cord are on the other hand quite advanced.

Beyond the complexity that we have to watch, although we have only examined a few basics in comparison to the mountain of data included in these tiny cells that are ovum, one-tenth of a millimeter, and spermatozoon, only 3 microns, in order to conclude our demonstration on inconsistencies from the evolution's chance against the idea of a creator we call God, we must indeed look with the reasons of such a determination anti God. Nothing is created alone, and we in mentioned the main reasons at the beginning of this talk, when we talked about the religious fury against the work of Galileo. In order to be constructive and not to act in a simple denigration of much of scientists, we must admit that the religious obscurantism was very often the cause. This eagerness to want to demonstrate the theory of chance, stood up against another obstinacy on denying certain evidences and comparisons. When we persist in wanting to support the unbearable, simply to give reason to some nonsense of the kind "Return to me, don't be swayed by these Satanists scientists, because the earth is flat and if you follow them, you will fall into the abyss without bottom of the perdition", do not give so us reasons only to the "human" fanaticism, in other words "animal"? Is it not such aberration, which they are directed against Galileo, Darwin, or others, which gave reason to the "anti-God" fanaticism and discredit God himself? If we want that God justifies us in his time, we must act in accordance with His rules. If we do not accept to look at the discoveries of others, for fear that erroneous statements that we have spoken as inspired by God, are highlighted and that we will be forced to repent in, that is we prefer to fight unfairly against persons having held the sensible words, for the benefit of our sole present glory, but also of the discredit of God and our perdition. How God he can help us and make us take part to His glory coming up with such attitudes?

The struggles carried out against Darwin are an example as concrete as they were those carried out against Galileo Galilei,  because rather than to concentrate themselves on the problem concretely and to make allowances to emphasize some the best, the religiousness of the time preferred to heap ridicule on Darwin. This is what allowed detractors of the existence of God, to claim the evidence brought to light by Darwin, to prove that God doesn't exist, otherwise through the straying of ignorant fools. We do not bury one's head in the sand as if that had existed only in the remote decades, because still little time ago you could have read on this site and in these pages in particular, a rather sour criticism towards Darwin, having ourselves not escape the amalgam with Darwin and "Hazardous Darwinist" that we had assimilated because of our own ignorance. Because we had not taken the time to verify statements that others had taught us, and had received it themselves from God knows who. What is there in fact of more treacherous than we believed know because resulting from  the collective consciousness, while it was born from hoaxes arrogant and destructive as it was the case of the detractors of Darwin, which they attributed to him words invented from scratch, as the man descended from monkeys?

For ourselves, we believe more in the power of repentance rather than the power to support the heresy against winds and tides.

This is why we must not fight this battle against heretics that we need to "demolish", but rather we repent of having ourselves sometimes given reason by ignorance, to some fights that emerge inglorious today. In a combination of ignorance and presumptions attached to our miserable human nature, yet who believes to be the center of the world, we believe that the time has come to abandon any form of taboos, and to unite our efforts so that neither men nor God be discredited.

For this we must accept to denounce our errors as well as what we estimate the errors of the others, without vanity, knowing that we all are of human for which Jesus paid for our own errors.

God willing, we will can then discern inconsistencies in the statements of some scientists, in the same way that they were able to demonstrate to all religious systems that the Earth is round. In the humility of one who discovers by faith in the face of presumptions of knowledge, so we will briefly addressed a few privileged individuals who believe fight the good fight against religious obscurantism and try to prove that the accident is sole creator of life on earth and not God.

We are going to do this give scientists the right to anteriority of the Earth and the dating of the remains that it contains, since as we already said, according to us, the Bible does not define anything of all that precedes the Garden by Eden, when God began to reveal Himself to the human race, and that he could call it "man."

There are a few lines, we talked about how many millions of "trial and error" would have been necessary for the chance to generate the complexity of a human being, and would be still observable in a daily renewed progress. Does that appear improbable, if we would start from scratch? Is this not what the scientists suggest themselves as part of the evolution of life on earth over millions of years? What to know however is the ambivalence of their deductions when these scientists speak, not of "branch" of hominids, but a "bush" of human origins, so much these branches are many and they would have discovered freshly. When they speak thus, they speak of a few specimens that they assimilate to the human race, that is to say a maximum about twenty for the past seven million years. This would therefore be a stability of at least 350,000 years by species, if they had not lived simultaneously on Earth. Even though these data would be accurate, since we do not have the ability to contradict them, are there not there an enormous ambivalence between millions of needed changes and a few identified?

The indisputable similarity, akin to an evolution in relation to the plants and living organisms, is certainly an easy way to explain these current racial specifications and exclude a creator. We must not forget however, that if homo sapiens to which we belong, exist on Earth for approximately 170,000 to 200,000 years according to some of these scientists, and others consider as being arrived on Earth in Namibia are about 70,000 years, during this same period, no fundamental change has come to transform our Genetics by any chance whatsoever to prevent us from procreating with individuals of that time. Scaled back to the number of individuals present today on this earth and the number of generations that this represents, knowing that each current individual would be able to procreate with any of more distant in time and original geographical distance, how many billion of compatible copies of genetics are we faced? The probability of gaining to the Euro Millions, does not have any more common measurement with such a figure, located in years lights of what these scientists, who call themselves scholars in this case, is attempting to use to demonstrate due changes randomly distributed only about twenty different races. According to some analyses of mitochondrial DNA, it would seem impossible in fact that Homo sapiens could be able to procreate with the Neanderthal that had coexisted yet for several millennia, I.e. between 46 000 to 176 000 years according to the most distant estimates. In their stubbornness, the most fervent defenders of the theory of the chance do not hesitate at this point to add an assumption that they use then like a basic postulate, the fact that the four percent of not easily identifiable genetics between Homo sapiens and Neanderthal, there is impossibility which a share of the Neanderthal man does not exist in Homo sapiens. If they are based on sexual relationships inevitable between the two races, or even a few beings not viable or could never give descendents, no doubt they do it right, but if they are based on the result of the human race today, how can they remain as safe, since we undeniably can childbearing with any human? It is yet at this level that intervenes in these scientists, the same fanaticism than in our religious of Galileo's time. What do they make the different ones indeed? What do they have different one from all the other human ones in front of their doubts and the need for imposing itself by their simple charisma based on their presumptions? Nothing! It is, however, that generates among the most religious of between us the same attitude anti scientific, than the attitude anti God for them. Each one then uses all its charisma for better convincing a maximum of ignorant people, as we all are in front of the miracle of the life, that we are scientists or not. This is why we want to remain humble in our assertions but to testify to our so productive faith of peace and serenity. In this peace we will find ourselves then probably reason to believe in our Creator, because if Pasteur demonstrated the impossibility of the spontaneous generation of bacteria, to introduce the asepsis, why regarding to the first bacteria on Earth, could it be otherwise?

Before closing this reflection on the impossibility of a chance as a source of life, we will open the last parenthesis, for the migration of Homo sapiens on earth. In order to define the origins of a race, paleoanthropologists have fairly recently discovered that closer they get to the original epicenter of a race, more they are a great genetic variety. In the same way more they move away from this epicenter the more they find uniformities genetic, although it does not directly lead to inbreeding. So they define with a rather high precision the migration flows which we are spectators through the human diversity between European, Asian and other. These uniformities generate our General appearances, but do not however prevent to procreate between different lineages, demonstrating our belonging to the same original race, unlike the theses, we just appoint between homos sapiens and Neanderthal.

If we were dealing at chance as generator of life, shouldn't we discover the opposite?  More we would move away from the basic data, similar between them, more it would be indeed logical that the various circumstances of life, food and the various genetic crossings generated much diversity, until exhaustion of the similarities which would make impossible procreation between distant individuals. Is not this the influence of all these factors, the majority of scientists consider generating new races?

In contrast to this chance it is clear that if we add to these data the existence of a creator, who took care of many strains generate consistent with a similar basis from the beginning of every race on this earth, all overlaps then become homogeneous and logical, in accordance with the human reproductive reciprocities that we see in practice, and preservation of one race over several hundred thousand years. Everything is created by this Creator for a race introduced at a given point of the globe is sustainable, by avoiding any consanguinity which would generate its degeneration. We find then all the rules and prohibitions this creator was careful to communicate to the man, who had become able to understand it and put it into practice, from the moment where this Creator had started revealing itself to him through Adam and Eve. Where to place the "disarray" of our Creator, as we often perceive it in the bible; it is precisely in this refusal to accept His rules, who are however the best for our fulfillment. This development, however, cannot be in any way by the adoption of the rules of God managed by our old logic. This attitude which we are unfortunately often spectators, led in its extremes, or carnal extravagance, or to religious fanaticism, and in its "equilibrium" to constant concessions humanistic warmth that God condemns just as much. This is why our Creator waiting for our agreement to follow Him, almost blindly to our scale, for a total psychological rebuilding, and then put his laws in our heart, as well as write them in our spirit. (According to Hebrews 10/16)

This is actually in the refusal of humans to build the rules laid down by God in him, we find this rebellions, because the natural man accomplishes what the Bible says in Romans 7-20: “For the good which I have a mind to do, I do not: but the evil which I have no mind to do, that I do.” The man does wrong he would not do it, because he wants to do according to his own rules. Rules he considers good for him according to his perceptions acquired a share in the womb of his mother, and then more or less corrected in childhood until adolescence. These rules that allow it to keep a share of personal self-protection, out of fear of relying completely on God. This fear, born in his mother's womb led him far beyond what he would like to, but he calls it "him". In his presumptions, he believes he is strong and boasts is often in comparisons that lead him to value to compare himself to the behavior of other human that it condemns easily. He believes to increase himself his success by its differences, while they are generally only weaknesses, which he puts forward as a personal force. Yet it is the same force that, for fear of losing face, fear of losing a loved one, for fear of having to die at what he calls "Him", will make him capable of killing. Sometimes up to kill his best friend. A force which actually represents only its fears and it is by fear, or simple refusal to impose to him the rules that God gave as being the best for humanity, that it rejects this God of Love. He knows intuitively that he is unable to follow them, then he is placed him above the law that vomits it as nonsense. He often knows he is unable to follow because of the manner in which they have been made ​​by men, and the reprimands which would follow from a bogeyman who one call God, if one would not respect them. In his temerity, out of fear of being crushed it then crushes the others to impose himself on them. He does what he always accused others of him having him suffered, and if in his condemnation, he adopts the opposite behavior at all costs, he does not include that extremism leads to the same result of which he blamed others. He especially does not take account that the extremes always end up meeting, in violence that each one rejects for the others, but accepts for itself. He, it is different; it is always for the good cause. In his weakness that he refuses to admit, hatred then comes in him, hatred of God of which he cannot be right, the hatred of all that for him represents God, or who belongs to him. Then the hatred of Israel comes. A visceral hatred that he could not explain, because located in the spirit and not of his analyses, and this is why today we find this rise of anti Semitism, because this is not against the man that turn the grievances of men, but against God. The God in whom they believed but has betrayed them. Because often in his idolatry of the servant of God, the man made one amalgam when he feels rejected, rejected or condemned by a servant of God, and in this amalgam, it is then not to the man that he is caught some, but with God. I know, I was then fourteen years old.

The worst is than the incidence of this impact was going to last many years, because until the age of forty-two years, I was going to remain undoubtedly convinced that God did not exist. I was not abusive to my fellowman, but the only thing I have, however, made the villain to strike, was someone despised me as mentally retarded person, due to the fact that I do not believe in God. All that could represent God me was contemptible, which tends well to prove that my major hatreds, although unconscious, since in all sincerity I did not believe in him, were against this true God whose communion with its Holy Spirit can reshape until our spirit. I was struggling against all these rules that it has established and was trying to prove to the world that I was right and that this was true freedom, that in good personal conscience I was trying to share with as many.

Do not think that what happened to me is lived differently for those who adhered to religions in which the Holy Spirit of God offered in Jesus Christ is not taught, see not even recognized, and in which Jesus is lowered to a simple Prophet quality. That is aware, as is the case for some, or unconscious as was my case, it does not emerge unless the destructive hatred, visceral emerges then from the depths of the human being is against Spirit of this God.

This is why the dimension of our spirit is so fundamental, since even without being at all conscious, it is he who guides us in our reactions against this Creator.

Some people, by sincere human presumption, use its rules to try to educate their animal psychological dimension, their spirit, and that is why there is so much bigotry coming from various religious backgrounds. Others, in humanism quite as similar for the defense of the human carnal spirit, try to convince by alleged scientific data that God does not exist, as I did it. It is not that each and others are not sincere, quite to the contrary, but it is precisely in their sincerity that they fight against the Spirit of God to the profit of their spirit with carnal character, because by not perceiving the difference or teaching having been hidden them by religious fanatics who believe only in bludgeoning human being like source of benefit.

If the fight was not waged against God himself, and that humans have as a representation of his god, how could we explain the fact religions carnality, adopt the rules of God and impose even violence without attempting to bring the Spirit from God, although it is only able to rewrite our basic logic selfish, designed to ensure our survival, in supplanting this logic by the one of love of his neighbor? In the same way for the humanistic combatant the existence of God, how could it receive the opening to this new software, to rebuild its spirit with the assistance of God, since it hopelessly tries to be protected some by denying his existence? Both therefore try to justify the capacity of the human spirit to accomplish, for one, God's rules by the carnal dressage, for other, in order to justify the capacity of man to suffice to himself because of his knowledge and science that all evolved man has. Both believe they can manage all global conflicts with their logic, they consider good enough, whereas it is precisely this logic that is generating these conflicts. This is why, despite their antagonism towards God, these two systems combine so well to unite against the Spirit of the God of Love and all that can represent him. This God, the only true God, our creator, who in addition to bring us the rules we must follow, also provides us the software for the proper management of these rules, if we ask in all humility.

Only the Holy Spirit is indeed able to change the order of things, by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, because there is the initialization of our "heart" (The Little Brain of the Heart) to the logic of the Love of God, but do not think that everything becomes a long quiet river. How much rivers in your opinion take source in broad bay of their mouth, rocked by only the soft undertow the close tides? Much more takes indeed their source in high mountain, from tempestuous torrents, which they have overflowed their banks. This is again a problem of human sincerity, should not be confused with the Truth, because often honestly it is easy, after the baptism of the Holy Spirit, to silence the Holy Spirit in our hearts, for the benefit of our spirit constructs in our brains to the fetal state then in adolescence. This is also at this moment the torrent has overflowed so easily out of its banks, and involves a large number of faithful also sincere, but not more sanctified, to form an another torrent more or less far away from the Love of God. This is to say only after having received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, if everything is acquired in advance, Jesus having everything achieved, however all remains to rewrite in our spirit, but this time with the help of the Holy Spirit of God. Unfortunately, this is where the majority of Christians believe they are arrived, while this is only a start. A start of wonderful adventures, but prevents however never give reason to our old software. This is why we find so many Christians being the war "and everyone in the name of God".

But it would be another story, a story that you can read through "The Boomerang Effect" or "France and God."

Although we have this somewhat remote from our subject on human reproduction, when after the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we can live this daily relationship with God, which makes our productive lives, where it was only disappointment, this still highlight the intervention of a creator? We leave therefore to each draw their own conclusions about the theory of evolution generated by random or a Creator that we call God. We just hope that everyone can more easily conceive, that the Creator could use any form of progress and similarity between different organisms living on earth today, to get to the actual result. If he indeed used a virgin named Mary to give birth to His son Jesus, without spontaneously give rise to adulthood as an angel falling from the heaven, did He not the right to do it for our species we call "human", despite its behavior so inhuman?

On this basis of meditation, knowing that the important thing for each one is to live a perfect communion with the Spirit of God and not to be right of our never-ending arguments on the manner that God used to give us life, we will conclude in the hope that nobody is discredited in itself, and that in its sincerity, any human being can profit from the benefits of this Creator.

To God is all Glory!


We thank all the professors, doctors and other people before us having worked with research and the realization for the information of all, as well on books as on Web sites, and more particularly the Wikipedia site which is a goldmine for any person who wishes to inform herself starting from qualified sources which officiate for the public domain, without forgetting various faculties which, although providing lesson under copyright, allow invaluable information to any person eager to document herself with best the scientific sources of the moment.

This is why we are happy to be able to indicate to our readers these various information sources, with the Internet addresses of their site. We hope and desire to participate in additional training, which will draw some people who would see science in a different light after reading these few pages, and wish everyone a complete success in their scientific fields.


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For those who do not have a Bible

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